Tangerine Is Offering a $25 NBN 50 Plan Right Now

Tangerine Is Offering a $25 NBN 50 Plan Right Now
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Tangerine, a delicious citrus fruit and an internet service provider that offers some of the best value plans on the Australian market. Tangerine has been around since 2013 and in that time, has offered some pretty solid NBN plans

It isn’t the fastest provider on the market, but it sits nicely in the average range for each NBN speed tier, with the added value of offering some of the cheapest monthly rates.

The provider is currently offering a deal where it will knock $15 off your monthly bill for the first six months you’re with it. That means you’ll only be paying $54.90 per month for its NBN 50 plan until the discount period ends.

However, Tangerine has made this deal even sweeter through an exclusive WhistleOut promotion that will knock a further $30 off your first internet bill. That means your first month of NBN 50 is an incredibly low $24.90.

Here’s what the first month prices for the rest of Tangerine’s plans look like:

  • NBN 25 – now $14.90, down from $59.90
  • NBN 100 – now $44.90, down from $89.90
  • NBN 250 – now $74.90, down from $104.90

This $30 discount offer is only available until April 19. If that sounds like something you’d be keen on you’d better jump on it sooner rather than later.

You can check out Tangerine’s range of plans below:

How does Tangerine compare to other NBN 50 plans?

Even without the $30 discount, Tangerine’s NBN 50 plan offers some of the best value when compared to other providers. With the additional six month discount offer, it has the cheapest monthly rate at $54.90.

It’s typical evening speed is only 42 Mbps, which is on the lower end of this tier, but a decent trade-off if you need a plan on a budget.

Once the additional $15 discount ends, Tangerine’s plan jumps up to $69.90, which puts it on the more expensive end of things. However, this plan doesn’t have a lock in contract, so you can easily give it the flick once that six month discount period is over.

If you’re looking for something a bit faster, SpinTel, another internet provider with pretty good value NBN plans, has recently bumped up all of its typical evening speeds. This means the provider’s NBN 100 connection is now as fast as the one offered by Optus and Telstra – but with a cheaper monthly price. Tangerine’s NBN 100 plan is still cheaper, but not as speedy.