LG (currently) has the monopoly on OLED screens, and for good reason - the technology is notoriously expensive and difficult to engineer. But the results? Genuinely the closest you will get to a high-quality cinema experience in the home.

But after spending the night with LG's latest OLED range, I'd say it's even better.


Kurt Russell is known for his iconic roles in countless movies, whether he played a badarse (The Thing, Tombstone, Escape From NY) or a goofball (Big Trouble in Little China, Overboard and so on). He's one of the very rare stars who can be cool and funny simultaneously — and Russell thinks Chris Pratt is like that too, which is why they're the perfect father-son duo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Guppies might look like mindless, mouth-breathing little bastards, but it turns out some of them make better dating decisions than we do. No, really — these tiny fish, with their infinitesimal brains, are somehow more discerning with their mates than us, and we literally invented rockets. And Doritos.


Mads Mikkelsen stepped into the hugely important role of Galen Erso, the man who made the Death Star work. The actor also had the equally Herculean task of keeping all the details about his character secret. Now that Rogue One's out on Digital HD, we talked to Mikkelsen about all those details — and also about how some patrons in his local bar may have learned them a little bit early.