We took a quick flight today from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast (then back again) to test out Virgin Australia's new in-flight Wi-Fi service provided by Gogo and Optus.

The service is part of a three month testing period that began last Thursday, available for free on one of the airline's Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Here's how our trip went.


Wekfest is a car show that started a decade ago in San Francisco and quickly spread to places like Japan, Chicago and Hawaii. When tuner Noel Panganiban got an invite to the latter, he knew he had to do it. But what car to build and bring? He weighed his options and decided on his Chrysler Conquest, the twin sister of our beloved Mitsubishi Starion, but had only had a little over two months to do the build.


It seems like every day there's news of another significant data breach, so here's today's: An internal investigation by the InterContinental Hotel Group, which owns Holiday Inn, has revealed that guests at more than a thousand of their hotels had their credit card details stolen. The company identified malware on front desk systems used between September 29 and December 29 in 2016, but that malware may not have been erased until the investigation was completed in March 2017.


Up to the point that I actually did a track day, I really, really wanted to do a track day. I'd played enough Forza to want to do it in real life. And in my eagerness, I completely overlooked the fundamental steps that one should take to prepare for an actual track day. Here is precisely how I fucked up my first one, and how you can avoid doing the same.


Controversial Uber CEO Travis Kalanick received a career retrospective profile in the New York Times today that covers his awkward early years and his propensity to invite conflict. Among the new information that it reveals, there's an enlightening story about the time Tim Cook had to summon Kalanick after discovering that Uber was still tracking iPhones after its app had been deleted.