The Australian Federal Police have accessed the metadata of a journalist without properly complying with Australia's new metadata retention laws, AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin has revealed.

The breach of legislation happened earlier this year, and involved Australian police investigating the phone call records of a journalist without obtaining the correct warrant for the release of that information.


If you've splashed out on a high-end 4K HDR-ready TV, and you're still watching your discs through some crummy $50 Blu-ray player, you're not getting the full picture. Cheap players use cheap video processing chips, stealing detail and dynamic range. Oppo has the solution to the issue you didn't even know you had with the UDP-203, a 4K HDR Blu-ray disc player that has been built with a striking attention to detail and aim for the utmost in picture quality.


With the exploding Note7 battery fiasco, Samsung inadvertently did something that's increasingly difficult these days: It made smartphones interesting for a flickering moment. Super interesting, in fact. Besides the intrigue of the mournful saga of Note7, whose embarrassing recall cost the company billions, Samsung also set up a dramatic release narrative for the Galaxy S8. This wasn't just another smartphone — this was a make-or-break device charged with saving a company in the throes of an existential crisis. A smartphone that screams at the void — yikes!


Studios spend a fair amount of time trying to stop spoilers. Whether it's actors refusing to talk about anything in interviews for fear of accidentally revealing a secret, or the president of Marvel Studios refusing to tell people the title of a film because it itself is a spoiler, secrecy is everywhere. Except for American Gods.


In a study that's already attracting considerable controversy, a research team says it has found evidence of human habitation along the southern coast of California dating back an astounding 130,000 years. That's 10 times older than most estimates, and a complete upending of what we thought we knew about how and when humans first arrived in North America — if it turns out to be true.


The hunt for Planet 9 — a hypothetical, Neptune-sized object beyond Pluto — has stirred the scientific community since last year year, when a pair of Caltech astronomers argued in favour of the idea. Those intrepid scientists — Mike Brown, best known as the guy who killed Pluto, and Konstantin Batygin — are currently spearheading a search for this elusive giant. Recently, a network of citizen scientists have followed suit. The problem, of course, is we still haven't found it. So what's it going to take?


Making your own sailor's hat out of newspaper? Easy. Crafting a 90mm f/2.8 lens from nothing except the raw parts? OK, that might register a bit higher on the difficulty scale. Evidently, Mats Wernersson decided it wasn't beyond his abilities and thankfully for us, he documented his build and uploaded the video.


An Italian neuroscientist who says he's planning to perform the world's first head transplant later this year has told a German magazine that he intends to thaw a cryogenically preserved brain and transplant it in a donor body within three years. It's a preposterous claim given the current limitations of medical science, and a complete misreading of how the fledgling cryonics industry works. It's also a significant credibility fail for a doctor who's already struggling to be taken seriously.


The first three episodes of The Handmaid's Tale are now available on Hulu in the US. Though an Australian broadcaster has not yet been announced, we've already given our thoughts on the series, which remains mostly faithful to Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel of the same name. But there are some changes, some big, some small, that separate the two — and we've broken them down for you here.


Video: Dogs are some of the most loving and affectionate pets you can own, but they do have one sworn enemy: Vacuum cleaners. They will incessantly bark, or run and hide while you're cleaning your floors. But one dog adapted to its owner's Roomba wandering all over the house like it owns the place — it's apparently learned how to turn the damn thing off.


Exploring the far reaches of the galaxy will always be filled with perils unknown. Heck, as Star Trek has shown us, zipping around the Alpha quadrant is dangerous enough without venturing into the Borg-infested parts of Delta. However, if you step back and think about it, just existing on the Enterprise, or any Federation ship in Star Trek, is pretty killer... literally.


It's a scenario many women in the room are all too familiar with: You're sitting in the park, enjoying some R&R, when you spy a leery Y-chromosome carrier lumbering in your direction, clearly looking to test the pickup line he found on Reddit last night. You could run; you could start talking loudly and to no one in particular about your last menstrual cycle. Or, you could do as the female moorland hawker dragonfly does, and pretend to be dead.