Australia, we are in luck. The Geminid meteor shower is making its annual appearance in our skies, and all 41+ meteors an hour (if you're lucky enough to be in the Top End) will be brighter than ever, thanks to the moon taking a hike for the event. Here's how you can watch here in Australia.


The Gifted's ability to shy away from the melodrama and bombast of other live-action comic book adaptations in favour of a more grounded, realistic dystopia is a big part of what's made it so strong, if a bit narratively staid. In its mid-season finale, though, The Gifted finally decided to up the ante with a major death - and the introduction of three classic X-Men villains, too.


Call them content creators, influencers, or maybe just fellow narcissists with a camera, but whether you like it or not, the people you follow on social media are how you get introduced to things such as news, memes or trends. But in an update beginning rollout today, Instagram is trying to change that by letting people follow hashtags for the first time.


I generally don't care for the poetics of life. When I'm walking down the street and something poetic happens - sunlight piercing rainclouds, golden leaves dancing in an autumn wind - I just go "ehh." But human emotion is quantifiable, meaning it can be taught to computers. A collaboration between MIT's Lab for Social Machines and McKinsey's Consumer Tech and Media team want to use film to quantify and "teach" emotions to computers in order to create AI that can tell emotional stories.


At some point in the production of every live-action adaptation of an illustrated franchise, creative teams have to go about the important business of choosing just how closely to hew to the aesthetic style of the source material. Staring into the lead character's disturbingly large eyes, it's safe to say Alita: Battle Angel's director Robert Rodriguez chose poorly.


Yesterday, Gizmodo and other outlets signal-boosted recent statements from former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya saying that social media sites are "ripping apart the social fabric of how society works". Many of his incriminating assessments echoed analysis made a few days earlier by former Facebook president Sean Parker. Today, Facebook responded directly to what Palihapitiya said.

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2017 was stacked with TV shows you did love - Stranger Things returned, Big Little Lies had people talking and I've heard enough about Twin Peaks from our Managing Editor to last me a lifetime. Crazy that with all this great TV, no one talked about Young Sheldon, right?

Here's eight TV shows you might have missed this year (this list definitely doesn't include Young Sheldon).


I'm the first to admit that my YouTube viewing habits are a little limited. I enjoy film analysis (Movies with Mikey, Every Frame A Painting - RIP), some sciency stuff like minutephysics and the International Space Station livesteam, and I force everyone who comes into my home to experience Bondi Hipsters' Pipi Dance.

But you mob. These are your top 10 most watched YouTube videos of 2017, and I'm...I'm kind of impressed.


Ever walked into one of those 'home cinema' showrooms? It's mad fun.

You wander in, sit on those custom leather chairs. Look up at that world class projector and the crisp audio. You imagine yourself kicking back after a long day at work. Ah, this is the life. You sip on a nice cold drink.

Then you look at the price tag and have coronary.

"So how can I do something kinda like this that doesn't cost $AU400,000?"

Uh, good question.