Crazy Cheap NBN Plans For Cyber Monday 2019

Crazy Cheap NBN Plans For Cyber Monday 2019
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So it turns out Cyber Monday isn’t just for gadgets and home appliances!

The telco’s are also coming to the table and we’re happy to report that there are some pretty damn good deals on NBN 100 and NBN 50 plans on offer right now.

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Superloop is now offering the cheapest NBN 50n and NBN 100 plans in the country, which is good news if you’re happy to go with a smaller provider who is building its reputation for good peak hour speeds and quality of service.

It’s currently knocking $21 a month off its NBN plans for the first six months.

Its unlimited NBN 100/40 plan will give you evening speeds of around 90 Mbps and is only $77.95 a month with typical evening speeds of 90 Mbps.

Here are all of SuperLoops NBN plans:

NBN 50

Here’s how they compare to similar NBN 50 plans in market:

NBN 100

A good option if you’re after the fastest speeds.

Here’s how they compare to similar NBN 100 plans in market:

Any other NBN deals?

Aussie Broadband is doing a $20 per month discount on NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans if you use the promo code BLACK20. This lasts for your first six months with Aussie and the offer runs until December 2.