Pregnant Doll With Foetus Confirms The Apocalypse Is Nigh

Sex education is an important tool for minimising the spread of certain diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but how far is too far? If you've ever asked yourself that question, here's the answer. This Baby's First Baby doll comes with a tiny foetus it's apparently just given birth too. And the doll's packaging boasts that the baby's baby is pregnant too. How horrifically awful.

Not surprisingly, you won't be finding Baby's First Baby on store shelves this Christmas season. It's a one-off creation by UK graffiti artist Darren Cullen, presumably meant to be a commentary on the various reality shows that seem to be cashing in on teen pregnancies. But mostly it's just a commentary on the nightmares I'll be having all weekend. [SpellingMistakesCostLives via Dangerous Minds]


    Only in America... This is just sick, what does it teach a child..?

    Did you read a single thing here? A) It's made by a UK graffiti artist and B) It's a one off item.

      Yer, prolly should have read properly before jumping on it so quick.. my bad!

    Well it's not a one of creation because these things are actually for sale. At a very steep price mind you - oh and it also comes as baby twins with fetuses.

    How delightful

      Sure, I'm replying too late for you to see... but did you read the link you pasted?
      "£950.00 GBP Only 1 available"

      My God, people.

    How did this get past any level of sanity in art ?
    Just saying this is art does not cut it!
    The artist needs to be institutionalised and properly checked !

    this is actually a really cool piece
    but i dunno if the that price is appropriate
    also "baby's baby is pregnant too!" is genius

    Last edited 13/10/12 7:23 pm

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