Here's An AirPlay-Friendly Media Streamer Not Made By Apple

The Xtreamer Prodigy is a mysterious media streamer that hasn't fully revealed itself quite yet, but its makers claim it's a device that not only supports Apple's AirPlay streaming spec, but also Flash, HTML5 and USB 3.0. The 1080p streamer has 512MB RAM, 7.1 digital audio support and can house a harddrive up to 3TB in size.

Xtreamer Prodigy supports a multitude of audio/video/image codecs and formats (including MKV), but also has an Opera web browser plus a DVD-ROM drive with a built-in utility to rip your movies. In addition, it has support for Netflix, YouTube XL, Facebook and Pandora. Who knows how much this thing will cost, and if it will arrive in the US, but there's a countdown timer on its product page that seems to indicate more info is on the way. [Xtreamer via Engadget]

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