Digits Let You Wear Gloves And Use Capacitive Touchscreens

One of the few disadvantages capacitive touchscreens have when compared to their resistive brethren is the fact that you can't use them while wearing gloves. That's why Brian Shy came up with the idea for Digits - little pin on attachments for gloves which allow you to use your touchscreen device and keep your hands warm.

The concept is composed of a metal pin and a conductive fabric. After you pin the Digits to your gloves, your finger touches the metallic pin and the Digit will conduct the small amount of electrical current from your body to the touchscreen, allowing you to play hours of Angry Birds on your iPhone without your fingers freezing off.

Digits are currently available for pre-sale for $US11.99, and could make a lot of sense this winter if you're thinking about getting an iPad or a new iPhone...


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