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This Wonderful Time Lapse Walk Captures New York's Holiday Feeling Perfectly

Walking through the New York wonderland during the holidays could be a pretty magical experience. This video, made by Cris Magliozzi, captures that feeling perfectly. It’s a very special time lapse, made while he was walking from Central Park to Rockefeller centre.

This Holiday Choir Is Made Of 64 iPhones—and It's Pretty Good

This is pretty stupid but kind of funny too: Deck the Halls sung by 64 iPhones. It’s kind of amazing that they got them singing in sync. But you know what’s even better? They are donating $US0.05 per view to charity.

Merry Christmas From Gizmodo Australia

As you sit back today and gorge yourself on ham, turkey, prawns and pork crackle (at least, that’s what I’ll be doing), remember that Gizmodo loves you. We hope you’ve had a great year, and we want to thank you for your continued support and constructive comments. Once you’ve digested Christmas, get ready for 2011 – it’s going to be our biggest and best year yet!

What's More Green: A Fake Christmas Tree Or A Real Christmas Tree?

A fake Christmas tree can theoretically be used forever. A real Christmas tree has to be cut, bought, tossed out and replaced every year. So which one is better for the planet? According to the NY Times, the real one.

It Costs $US82,000 To Light The One Million Christmas Lights At This House

The Faucher Family in Delaware have been building extravagant Christmas lights setups for 25 years now. How extravagant? They use 1,000,000 lights. So how much does it cost them to run the lights for a month? $US82,320. Gulp.

HTC Must Wish It Was Christmas All Year Around

What does a business do when it goes through a company wide mobile phone upgrade? What it should do is turn the old phones into a gigantic musical sculpture, like LBi in the UK did last year.

Merry Christmas From Gizmodo Australia

Well, another great gadget year has fallen by the wayside. I’m off until January 4th, but Elly’s still around pushing through the US content every day that isn’t a public holiday. But on behalf of all the Giz AU team, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and an awesome New Year.

This Is God's Thundering Subwoofer

My brother worships two things: God and subwoofers.

Are You Gadgeting It Up For Christmas?

Each and every Christmas, my family enjoys two fully baked dinners, a champagne breakfast and a few bottles of choice wine. And in between opening presents and talking about the year that’s been, for the past few years we’ve also managed to squeeze in a bit of family Guitar Hero action…

Week Three Of The Great Giz Giveaway Winners

Our Great Giz Giveaway is done and dusted. Did you win one of the prizes from last week? Check below to find out…

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