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Twitter's New Timeline Shows The 'Best' Tweets First

Twitter has just flicked the switch on a new timeline layout, bringing the 140-character microblogging service much more in line with planet-consuming-social-giant Facebook: if you want, it’ll show you the “most important tweets from people you follow” at the top of your timeline when you open the app or refresh your Web browser.

The NBN Debate Will Never Be Over

Opinion: “Let’s quit fussing around.” The chief executive of the National Broadband Network company hopes that we are “past that” annoying war over fibre to the node versus fibre to the premises, and that we can all as a nation just concentrate on getting everybody connected to the NBN. But it’s not that easy.

We Finally Understand How Concrete Behaves At A Microscopic Level

In modern cities, there’s concrete at every turn. So it might surprise you to hear that, until now at least, we haven’t really understood how it works at the microscopic level — despite the fact that we trust it to build huge structures.

Watching A Homemade Tank Get Built Is Totally Awesome

Video: If you have a dream, a workshop, a lot of free time and live in Russia, you can basically make anything with your bare hands. This is what I’ve learned from watching UFO Garage. They made a homemade MS-1 tank (the first Soviet designed tank). It’s totally unstoppable in any weather (look at it plow through that snow and slide through that ice) and looks like so much fun to drive.

We're Entering A Golden Age Of Space Tourism Propaganda

Whether they’re selling tickets to orbit or making sure the science funding keeps flowing, rocket companies and space agencies alike have a vested interest in getting the public jazzed about the cosmic beyond. So it’s no surprise that we’re now entering a golden age of space tourism propaganda — one that’s bringing back the beloved, classic design elements of long-past atomic age propaganda.

Going Down A Ladder Off The Side Of A 280 Metre Tower Is Scarier Than Climbing Up

Video: Don’t look down. That’s the only advice that kind of works when you’re up high on a 280m tall structure. But what if you’re descending down a ladder on the side of said 280m tall structure? You have to look down. But what if that ladder was swaying backwards because it’s very flimsily attached to the side of the structure? You’d be scared to look down again. And yet, the only way out is to go down. So you have to keep looking down.

Amazon Launches On-Demand Sommelier Service In Japan

Wine is slowly becoming popular booze in Japan — it’s even closing in on sake in terms of consumption. So Amazon Japan’s starting a new service to meet the need: On-demand sommeliers who booze hounds can call for wine-buying tips.

Watch Cyclists Get Blown Backwards In A Race Because The Wind Was Too Strong

Video: Everything seems to be going swimmingly in this stage of the Volta La Marina in Benidorm but then all of a sudden the cyclists fall off pace of the car and seem to be slowing down to a legitimate crawl and then basically hit a full stop all at once. What happened? It was the wind. The strong winds pushed against the cyclists stopping them in their tracks and even blowing some backwards. The race was suspended because of it.

The Ambitious $US55 Million Plan To Replace The Lead Pipes In Flint Will Only Take A Year

Today, Flint’s mayor announced an ambitious plan to replace the damaged and dangerous drinking water infrastructure below the city’s streets — and work can begin as soon as next month.

French Town Attacked By Foam, Is Foam Town Now 

Video: The town of Penmarch, on the northwestern tip of France, isn’t famous for anything — yet. But wait until FoamHeads get a load of this. Penmarch is POISED to become the world’s number one vacation destination for fish froth enthusiasts.

Hoverboard Porn Is Exactly What It Sounds Like [NSFW]

Hoverboards are hot right now — so hot, they can’t be brought onto aeroplanes. They have also been banned in cities like New York and London. But thankfully, Brazzers is here to heat up the hoverboard craze even more.

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