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Lightning Hitting An Aeroplane Wing Looks Like Lasers Shooting Out From It

Video: The weather has been really fun and generous with lightning strikes these days. We’ve seen it destroy trees and gotten an up close view of it striking but this one might be the coolest angle yet: from outside a flying aeroplane window. The lightning hits the tip of the wing and then streaks in a straight line like a laser shooting out. Pretty cool.

A Record-Breaking 172km/h Mobility Scooter Makes Me Excited To Be A Senior Citizen

It’s generally assumed that when you reach retirement age, life starts to slow down. But not for mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine, who spent six months upgrading a 16km/h mobility scooter into a record breaking dragster that officially hit a top speed of 172km/h.

Swinging An iPhone Around Your Head Creates A Stunning Bullet-Time Effect

Video: Drones and GoPros have been responsible for some of the most amazing footage of extreme sports over the past few years. But Nicolas Vuignier has come up with a brilliantly simple way to use his iPhone to capture some truly remarkable footage of him skiing down a snow-covered mountain.

Canon's New 1D X Mark II Shooting At 16 FPS Makes A Wonderful Sound

You probably really want Canon’s new $US6000 ($8475) flagship DSLR. But if you were on the fence, the beautiful noise it makes as its shutter flicks open at 16 frames per second — like a kind of soothing machine gun rat-a-tat-tat — might just convince you.

A Meteorite Explodes Over The Mojave In This Incredible Timelapse Video

Video: It sometimes feels like Mars, Pluto and planets beyond our solar system get all the attention. But let’s be real: Earth is the best goddamn planet period. And in case you’d forgotten it, this brilliant timelaspe of the Mojave desert at night ought to remind you.

RAW And JPG File Formats Are Very Different Indeed

You probably know that shooting in RAW is, for most photography buffs, better than using JPG — but you might not know exactly why. This image should help.

An Asteroid Will Pass Earth So Closely Next Month That We Could See It In The Sky

Let’s be very clear here: There is simply no possibility that Asteroid 2013 TX68 will get close enough to hit Earth when it flies by on March 5. What it may do, though, is come close enough to be visible.

You'd Never Spot This Skimming Device Found At A Supermarket Checkout

Skimmers have been growing ever more advanced in recent years. Do you think you’d be observant enough to notice that this checkout front-plate was about to gobble up your card details?

Sony's A6300 Is A 4K Shooter In A Tiny Mirrorless Package 

Sony’s mirrorless cameras have long been some of the best you can buy. Its new A6300 is positively loaded, and pleasingly compact. And it will cost you.

Reports Of Twitter Changing Timelines Next Week Might Be Premature

The internet has been buzzing angrily after Buzzfeed published a post that indicated that Twitter was moving away from its timeline and towards an algorithm-generated feed next week. That might have been premature.

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