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The Microsoft Surface Studio Is A Beautiful, Super-Powered All-In-One PC

Microsoft just announced a brand new all-in-one PC called the Surface Studio. This isn’t some under-powered plasticky do-your-kids’-homework desktop PC, though: it’s a 28-inch Core i7-powered behemoth with a ridiculously high-resolution screen and a massive amount of computing and graphics power. It’s meant for hardcore creative types, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lust over it as well.

Microsoft's Windows 10 And Surface October Event, As It Happened

In the dark hours of this morning, Microsoft introduced the world to a brand new all-in-one PC called the Surface Studio. It looks incredible. Here’s how that happened.

How To Make Apple Maps Not Terrible

One of the less noticeable changes ushered in with iOS 10 was the introduction of extensions for Apple Maps. Just like the Photos extensions, it lets apps get their hooks deeper into Apple Maps and appear as options that look like integrated parts of the app. Here are the best ones you can use so far.

Catalogue Every Injury Wolverine Has Suffered In This New Logan Photo

You know, in the other black and white Old Man Logan image we got, I thought he was looking better than ever. This new photo pretty much puts that to bed. I guess the future does not come with doctors. At least not doctors Logan can trust.

Hot Rumour: The iPhone 8 Will Not Be All Glass

The iPhone 7 and 7s came out just under two months ago, so you know what that means: It’s time to start speculating on next year’s iteration.

Pauline Hanson Wants To Roll Fibre To Norfolk Island

FttNI might be a reality, if Pauline Hanson has her way.

As you may have heard, Hanson is the latest Joint Standing Committee member for the National Broadband Network. Now she has written to Communications Minister Mitch Fifield asking him to back a proposed 90km fibre optic spur to Norfolk Island from the $US300m Hawaiki Cable that will link the United States, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

Only The Coolest Stuff From Microsoft's October Live Event

Microsoft just wrapped up its October event, and as we expected, it wasn’t wall-to-wall hardware announcements like last year. Nothing from Lumia land. Radio silence on the Band front.

Microsoft Juices Its Surface Book With More Power And 16-Hour Battery Life

Microsoft blew our minds last year when it announced the Surface Book — and its crazy detachable display. This year, the company’s refreshing the product, and claims it has stuffed two times as much processing power and 30 per cent more battery life in the exact same design.

Australians Are Dying Turning To 'Alternative' Cancer Treatments

Every year, thousands of Australians are suffering and dying prematurely because of alternative cancer treatments, according to a special investigation by Dr Paul Willis, director of The Royal Institution of Australia.

The report details the distressingly high number of cancer sufferers who choose to forego conventional treatment altogether in search of an alternative cure.

A Dangerous New Stormtrooper May Appear In Star Wars: Episode VIII

Plus, director Scott Garrison is thinking ahead to the Doctor Strange sequel. Some Batman rumours you didn’t know existed get shot down. We have out first look at Orphan Black‘s fifth and final season. Plus The Punisher TV series and Aquaman. Spoilers, ho!

Apple Delays AirPods 

Back in September, Apple promised us that AirPods would be released at the end of October. Well, it’s the end of October. Where the hell are our AirPods? Not in your ears, that’s for sure.

All The New Features Coming To Windows 10 With The Creators Update

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in New York City today, the company showed the world what’s coming next for Windows. It’s called the “Creators Update”.

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