Microsoft Surface 3: Australian Review

It used to be that the baby Surface was a compromise. It used to run crappy software, slower hardware and produce a less than spectacular experience. With the Surface 3, Microsoft has performed a radical about-face.

Apple Watch: Australian Review

The next big thing from Apple turns out to be very small, very comfortable and a very smart way of making an iPhone way cooler to use.

How The Tea Bag Was Invented

Legend says that brewing tea dates back to around 2737 BC, when tea leaves fell into water being boiled for Emperor Shennong of China. There does not appear to be any hard evidence of tea being discovered this way, but evidence we do have suggests that brewing tea did indeed likely start in China, first as part of a medicinal elixir. The first documented reference to this is found during the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC to 1046 BC). By the Qin Dynasty in the third century BC, it had become a relatively popular drink using just the tea (camellia sinensis), rather than mixed with other things as seems to have been common when used medicinally. From the beginning until the early 20th century, very little innovation came about in terms of the common method of brewing tea. This all changed in 1901.

Screw Wearables -- Now Wi-Fi Will Monitor Your Body

The business of tracking your health with smartwatches or fitness trackers is oppressively hardware-heavy — all those wires, charging docks, and batteries. But that’s poised to change. Soon, it might be the space around you that do the monitoring.

HP Spectre x360: Australian Video Hands-On

This is it! It’s the flagship 2 in 1 laptop for 2015 from HP and Intel called the Spectre x360. It’s fast, it’s affordable and it’s in our review labs.

Buying Stuff With Smartwatches Is Dumb: Accidental Xbox Edition

There is a limited number of things that smartwatches are good for. As this tech blogger’s accidental purchase of an Xbox One shows, browsing Amazon is not one of those things.

5 Deadly Parasites That Have Crossed The Globe

Global events such as climate change and an international trade have caused a number of dangerous parasites to emerge in countries where they haven’t been found before. The parasites, which can invade and damage vital body organs such as the brain, range from one-celled organisms to relatively large tape worms. Here are five that, though still thankfully rare, have made an appearance in new places.

EA Attracts Legal Attention From Aussie Watchdog Over Refund Policy

Electronic Arts has provided the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) with a court enforceable undertaking today saying that the refunds policy on its Origin digital games platform were likely to have breached Australian Consumer Law.

Top 5: The Best Android Smartphones

Chart: Looking for a new phone? Here are the best Android smartphones available in Australia as of April 28, 2015.

This Is The Biggest Burger That McDonald's New Menu Lets You Make

Over in the US, McDonald’s new Create Your Taste menu lets you make your own completely customisable and *gasp* delicious looking, gourmet McDonald’s burgers. The set up is simple: you hop on a kiosk and select whatever toppings you like on a burger and Maccas will whip it up for you with better ingredients. But that’s not fun! Fun is using that kiosk to make the biggest and most ridiculous burger monstrosity that’s possible. This is it.

Easily Cut People And Objects From Photos With This Camera App

There are plenty of powerful third-party camera apps available for Android if you don’t like the one that came with your smartphone. They offer manual control over white balance, ISO and shutter speed, plus a range of advanced features — like the option to cut out moving people and objects from your photos, available in A Better Camera.

How To Deal With Science Deniers

Science denial has real, societal consequences. Denial of the link between HIV and AIDS led to more than 330,000 premature deaths in South Africa. Denial of the link between smoking and cancer has caused millions of premature deaths. Thanks to vaccination denial, preventable diseases are making a comeback.

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