Gift Ideas: Cool New Windows And Android Slate Tablets For Christmas

Not everything in the tablet space has to be an iPad: there’s fierce competition between a number of new low-cost Windows 8.1 tablets and their Android equivalents. Whether you’re giving a tablet to someone as a pure fun play, or with more productive aims in mind, there’s a little something for everyone this festive season. Here’s some tablet gift ideas to get you started.

Fitmodo: Food Tracking And The Basic Maths Of Losing Weight

Shaping up for summer? Here are some fundamental tips to inform and inspire you. If you can track it, you can improve it.

Tesla Motors Model S: Australian Review

The Tesla Model S is the most incredible car that I have ever driven.

How To Lock Down Your Internet-Enabled Houseful Of Gadgets

Our houses are quickly filling with an internet of things — smart TVs, DVRs, thermostats, and more all online, all the time. But to a hacker, each of these devices is a digital door or window into your home (network). Here’s what you need to do to keep your devices locked against outside intrusions.

North Korea Wants To Work With The U.S. To Investigate The Sony Hack

In a predictably bizarre move, officials in Pyongyang are now proposing that North Korea and the United States work together on a joint investigation into the Sony Pictures hack. The country says it can prove that they didn’t do it. North Korea also warned of the gravest consequences if the U.S. does not agree to the inquiry.

Hot Toys' Iron Man Hulkbuster Could Be The Greatest Action Figure Ever

Once you accept the harsh truth that adding Hot Toys’ upcoming Iron Man Hulkbuster to your collection probably means there won’t be any money for your kids to go to college, it becomes easier to get excited about owning what is probably the most detailed figure ever created.

Wingsuit Daredevil High Fives Hand On Insane Low-Level Flight

Video: Watch wingsuit daredevil Sammy Rohan jumping from a cliff in Chamounix, France, and flying so close to the ground that he was able to high-five a big yellow hand that his friends were holding on the ground. The stunt was made to raise funds for the Project: Base charity.

Making Candy Canes By Hand Is A Mesmerising Process

Video: One of my favourite things: seeing the process of how things are made from things I’ve never ever wondered how they get made. Take for instance this awesome hand made candy cane, which starts as dark and yellow sugar goop that looks unrecognizable.

Adding Water To Solids Can Actually Make Them Stronger

It may sounder counter-intuitive, but adding drops of humble old water into solid materials can actually increase their strength and changes their other properties in interesting and useful ways.

Adult-Only Lollipops Shaped Into Naughty Kama Sutra Positions  

NYC-based photographer Massimo Gammacurta spiced up the traditional lollipops shaping drips of sugar into sensual Kama Sutra positions. It doesn’t specify the actual flavours but I started drooling thinking about lollipops that taste like ginger, cloves, Sichuan pepper or Spanish smoked paprika. NSFW.

The Definitive Way To Debunk Stupid Conspiracy Theories

People who toss around dumb conspiracy theories and rabble rouse with large gaps in their brain are impossible to be sane and sensible with. Conspiracy theories are silly and fun to joke around with but to take them serious is just insane. But insane people exist! Here’s how to debunk a lot of conspiracy theories.

How They Made The Crazy Visual Effects Of Transformers 4

Video: Skip the terrible movie that was Transformers 4 and let’s just enjoy the awesomeness of this visual effects reel from ILM for Transformers: Age of Extinction. It has all the coolest parts of the movie anyway, which is all the parts with any Transformers transforming and any Transformers causing explosions.

How The Soviet Union Used Nuclear Explosions To Create Giant Canals

I know the Soviets made tons of crazy stuff back in the 20th century, but this is beyond insane: They blasted an entire forest and the adjacent land with the help of nuclear explosions to carve a canal. Atomic terraforming makes so much sense, doesn’t it?