Case Solved: This Is The True Colour Of That Goddamn White And Gold Dress

In what may be the biggest case of mass hysteria ever experienced in the history of the internet, everyone in the planet speculated tonight about what’s the colour of a stupid dress. Some people even claimed it changed colour.* Others looked for Photoshop analysis or scientific explanations. None of that matters. Here is the real colour.

Some People See This Dress As White And Gold While Others See Black And Blue

This image is circulating around the internet right now, and it shows a picture of a dress that is so very clearly white and gold to me. But’s black and blue to so many other people. It’s black and blue to Google Image Search. Photoshop’s eyedropper tool says it’s black and blue. But I only see white and gold.

Self-Sealing Water Balloons You Never Need To Tie

A water balloon fight is no fun when kids have to keep running back to their parents to tie the balloons for them. Using tiny elastics the Bunch O Balloons came up with a slightly better way to automatically tie 37 water balloons at once, but these Zorbz appear to have the best solution yet, automatically sealing themselves with just a quick tug on the neck.

NASA Satellite Visualises The Movement Of Dust From The Sahara Desert

Here’s an awesome 3D visualisation from NASA that shows how the Sahara Desert helps fertilise the Amazon rainforest even though they’re on two different continents that are separated by an entire ocean. The Saharan dust is carried over by wind and the phosphorous in the dust is essential to the Amazon.

A Fascinating View Into The US Air Force Boneyards

Video: This documentary by the United States Air Force is long but worth watching if you are an aviation lover. I just find amazing the US stockpiles thousands of planes in deserts around the country. And even more amazing that the military depend on these decommissioned aircraft to keep the active fleet flying.

Watching These NZ Beer Cans Get Made Is Like Seeing A Ballet Of Machines At Work

New Zealand craft brewery Garage Project reveals how it makes its Hops on Pointe beer cans, and it’s like watching a machinery ballet unfold before our eyes. It’s funny to imagine these big honking machines made of metal and wires dressed in tutus, but there is a surprising elegance to the can-making process.

Top Gear Test Drives The Impossibly Fun Crazy Cart XL

They have tested some of the most amazing supercars ever engineered, but recently the folks behind Top Gear’s magazine took Razor’s Crazy Cart XL for a spin around one of the BBC’s parking garages. And with a camera crew in tow the footage proves something we already knew: there are few vehicles on earth more entertaining to drive and drift than the Crazy Cart XL.

Watch How Common Photoshop Tools Were Done In The Darkroom

Editing a photo is as easy as clicking a mouse with the modern magic of Photoshop. But another type of magic dominated when the only option was a darkroom and enlarger. Some of us remember these days well, but for the young’uns out there, this demo shows just how photo editing went down in the film days.

No One Asked For A Flux Capacitor Version Of Yahtzee, But We'll Take It

It’s impossible to improve the gameplay of classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or even Yahtzee. So how do you go about convincing people to buy more copies of a game that stays playable for decades? You re-brand it. Monopoly is already available in about a thousand different flavours, and now it’s time for Yahtzee to get upgraded as a glowing, flashing flux capacitor.

A Firecracker Exploding A Rubber Band Ball In Slow Motion Is The Best

Video: Who knew that rubber band balls could serve as an endless source of entertainment? Slow Mo Lab stuck a firecracker inside one of those balls and filmed it exploding in oh so sweet slow motion. It’s like watching a mummy spontaneously combust right before our eyes.

Hydrofoil Boarding Big Waves Looks Insanely Cool

Video: Watch legendary surfer Laird Hamilton foil boarding huge waves in Raglan, New Zealand. Hamilton is known for being the influence of many surf innovations including hydrofoil boarding. The design of this insanely cool board extends below the water making it raise above the surface when reaching certain speed.

The NSA's In-House Magazine Looks Like A 1970s Punk Zine 

Back in 1976, the NSA started an in-house magazine called Cryptolog that served as reading material for employees of the top secret agency. In 2013, the agency declassified heavily redacted issues of the magazine dating up to 1997… and its design is actually pretty amazing.