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These Exquisite Bee Photographs Reveal Every Delicate Hair, Antenna, And Wing

As part of their research into bees, the United States Geological Survey has compiled a drop-dead gorgeous gallery of bees. From flufftastic fuzzballs to sleek torpedoes, the variety of bees is awe-inspiring.

London's New Bridge For Pedestrians Solves A Common Problem With Clever Engineering

It’s by design that most modern cities grew up around rivers or coastlines. But today, those bodies of water pose problems for thousands of commuters who’d prefer to ride or walk — and cities are developing new infrastructure to bridge them.

My Google Alert For 'Hoverboard' Is Officially Ruined

I have Google Alerts for everything. Whenever an article is posted with terms like “flying car,” “time capsule,” and yes, “hoverboard,” I get a notification. But today I can call my Google Alert for “hoverboard” officially worthless. Just take a look at this story from The Irish News.

Scientists Can Now Establish Your Gender From A Fingerprint 

Fingerprints may be unique, but without an existing record they can’t help identify a person. Now, though, researchers can use chemical analysis of the prints to identify the gender of whoever left them behind.

Australian Amongst Winners Of This Year's Dance Your PhD Contest

Science and interpretive dance met once again this year, as PhD students around the world took to the stage to bring their research to vivid life in the annual Dance Your PhD contest.

Clever Physics Explains Why A Dropped Phone Lands Screen-Down

Believe it or not, it’s not Sod’s Law that dictates a dropped smartphone will land screen down: it’s actually the same physics that influences buttered toast in free-fall.

Huawei's Ascend Mate 8 Will Have A 6-Inch Screen, 4000mAh Battery

No word yet on when (or if) this behemoth will be available in Australia, but given the specs, the Huawei Ascend Mate 8 is worth a gander, particularly if you like big phones with even bigger batteries.

Gizmodo Movie Night: Every Good Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Streaming Right Now

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. Tonight, get to the chopper and get your ass to Mars — these are the best Arnie movies on Aussie streaming services right now.

This Page Transforms Live Wikipedia Edits Into Music

If you have data, you can find a weird and wonderful way to visualise it. Take real-time changes to Wikipedia, something that would normally be presented in a rather dry, analytical form, has been transformed into a live musical performance composed of additions, subtractions and new user registrations.

The NSA Will Finally Kill Its Metadata Snooping Program This Weekend

The US National Security Agency is finally shutting down one of its spying programs this weekend.

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