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The NBN Debate Will Never Be Over

Opinion: “Let’s quit fussing around.” The chief executive of the National Broadband Network company hopes that we are “past that” annoying war over fibre to the node versus fibre to the premises, and that we can all as a nation just concentrate on getting everybody connected to the NBN. But it’s not that easy.

Chinese Fusion Test Hits 50 Million Celsius For 102 Seconds

Tests at a fusion reactor in China have hit a major milestone. The experiments have created plasma with a temperature of 50 million degrees Celsius — hotter than the core of our Sun — and sustained the state for over a minute and a half.

New And Used Cars Will Get A Lot Cheaper In Australia From 2018, Thanks To Parallel Imports

A big government shake-up for local car importation laws could have massive implications for the way Aussies buy their vehicles. From 2018 onwards, you’ll be able to parallel import brand new cars and avoid tariffs on imported used cars, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars over local dealers.

Volvo XC90: Australian Review

Volvo’s newest car is also the first vehicle built under the company’s new Chinese ownership. The reinvented XC90 may cost a cool $90,000, but that’s a full $20,000 cheaper than the model it replaces, and it packs in some of the most advanced in-car technology in its class. As a big, seven-seater SUV it’s built for families, and it keeps that reassurance of Volvo’s impeccable track record with some smart autonomous braking features and excellent overall safety. Inside, you’re ringed by LCD panels and touchscreens — it’s more like a rolling command center than it is a regular four-wheel drive.

The Last Ever Ford Falcon Has Been Revealed

This is it. The last ever Ford Falcon.

There will be just 1400 of Ford’s final Sprint Falcon models, which includes the XR8 Sprint and what will likely be the fastest production Falcon ever, the XR6 Turbo Sprint.

Australian Birds Deliberately Spread Wildfires Because Birds Are Dicks

Crazy news from the outback, folks. Certain birds of prey are picking up burning sticks from brush fires and dropping them in dry grass. Why? Because then all the little critters will run away from the fire and out into the open, where the birds can snatch them up. Birds are dicks!

Researchers Just Discovered Hundreds Of Galaxies Hidden Behind The Milky Way

Astronomers just uncovered hundreds of hidden galaxies a mere 250 million light years away from Earth — well within our own galactic neighbourhood. But how did they stay unknown for so long? The fault isn’t with them, it’s with our own Milky Way.

LG Is Finally Selling Flat 4K OLED TVs In Australia

LG has been at the forefront of OLED TV development, and it’s still the only TV brand with OLED screens in Australia. After releasing a few curved OLED TVs last year and one pioneering panel in 2014, it’s now just answered the prayers of many a home cinema junkie — it’s now selling flat 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs around the country.

PayPal Is Blocking Payments To VPN Providers

Although using a VPN isn’t illegal, it is getting more difficult. Joining in on Netflix’s attempt to clamp down on viewers breaching terms of service by utilising VPNs to avoid geo-blocking restrictions, PayPal has now begun removing its services to VPN providers.

Voice Control On Apple TV Is About To Get Way More Useful

When the new Apple TV was announced, the inclusion of Siri was a strong selling point — too bad it turned out to suck. Finally, though, Apple is making voice control on the set-top box rather more useful.

Meet The Radical Scientists Who Want To Grow Our Seafood In A Lab

In thirty years, meat that was grown in a laboratory might be a perfectly ordinary sight at your local grocery store. The technology to produce it exists, and it’s getting cheaper every day.

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