iOS 9 Preview: Well, This Was Long Overdue 

This year’s update to Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t a blockbuster release full of controversial design; in fact, the biggest iOS update of the year, Apple Music, is already out. But that doesn’t mean you should write iOS 9 off just yet.

Watch 18 Minutes Of No Man's Sky Right Now

I’m aching to play No Man’s Sky. The amazing procedurally-generated game made possible by beautiful maths comes out next year, but you can drool over 18 minutes of gameplay footage right here, right now.

Best VPN Providers: What Australians Need To Know

Not all VPNs are created equal. Some keep logs, some cap your traffic, some don’t work on mobile, some don’t work at all. This is what you need to know about choosing a VPN provider, as well as a few recommendations to get you started.

Tetris Blocks Flashbacks Of Traumatic Events Lodged In The Brain

As computer games go, Tetris is one of the most mesmeric. Now, a team of researchers has found that the visual processing required to play the game can help sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder overcome flashbacks — even after the memory of an event is lodged within their brain.

The Biggest Danger From America's Historic Wildfire Season

Wildfires are tearing across Alaska and western Canada at a record-breaking rate this summer. But stands of blackened trees and cross-continental plumes of smoke are only the most visible signs of damage from the 300 or more fires currently raging. The biggest concern may be what’s happening below ground.

How To Get Verified On Tinder

Are you a “somebody” trying to find the love of your life on Tinder? The world’s favourite swipe-based date’n’bang app is introducing Verified Profiles for some reason so you can brag about your achievements via a Twitter-esque blue and white tick. Here’s how to get one for yourself.

How To Transform The Look Of Your Gmail

Unless you’re the rare breed that uses Outlook, or have switched to Inbox, you’re no doubt familiar with the look of Gmail’s web interface. Now, through Gmail’s settings, themes and some selected add-ons, you can easily transform that look to better suit your tastes.

Leica Q: Australian Review

Ever wondered why Leica cameras are so expensive? There is a reason, a very good one — they take amazing photos, whether you want to snap them manually or let the camera do the heavy lifting itself. There’s a new Leica that, in some ways, is the best Leica yet; it’s not the cheapest but it’s also not the most pricey. The Leica Q is a $6000 fixed-lens mirrorless camera par excellence.

Tinder Wants You To Think You'll Boink A Celebrity

At last, no more roaming the streets of your town hoping Cupid’s arrow will guide you to that dreamy B-movie star or hot relative of the mayor. Because thanks to Tinder’s new Verified Profiles, those local celebrities on Tinder will now be verified — which, in theory, means your dream of dating them could come true!

What Google's Dog-Fish And Camel-Bird Can Tell Us About How Our Brains Work

You may have seen some of the “nightmarish” images generated by Google’s aptly named Inceptionism project. Here we have freakish fusions of dogs and knights (as in the image above), dumbells with arms attached (see below) and a menagerie of Hieronymus Bosch-ian creatures. But these are more than just computerised curiosities.

Did An Australian University Just Say Wi-Fi Can Give You And Your Kids Cancer?

Despite the fact that both Australian nuclear advisory bodies and the World Health Organisation have downplayed the link between brain cancer and the radiation emitted by devices like Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones, Monash University yesterday issued a press release that might give parents second thoughts about having Wi-Fi and other wireless gadgets in the home. What gives?

The Latest Google Algorithm Creates Video Based On A Few Still Images

Google’s engineers can do some pretty incredible things with the consumer technology it has developed — from “dreaming” neural networks based on computer vision to an algorithm that can create video from Street View images.

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