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Australia's 'Three-Strikes' Piracy Plan Is On Hold

Remember when copyright holders were planning a “three-strikes” scheme in Australia? You know, the one where Internet Service providers would have to send a letter each time you er, “acquired” the latest episode of Game of Thrones without paying for it? And if you got three in a year you’d be taken to court?

It was supposed to begin in September this year, but has been put on hold until April next year after the ISPs and copyright holders couldn’t reach an agreement on who would be responsible for the costs involved in administrating such a huge undertaking — which includes the letters themselves, contacting offenders and answering the anticipated influx of angry phone calls.

Solar Impulse Has Made It To Pennsylvania

Yesterday, Solar Impulse safely touched down at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania. That’s another 1000km ticked off of its bid to circumnavigate the globe using only solar energy.

Here's What Those Landmark-Hating Aliens Will Be Destroying In Independence Day: Resurgence

You absolutely can’t fault Independence Day: Resurgence for not knowing their audience. What do we expect in an Independence Day film? Famous buildings being destroyed. What do they give us in the new posters? Famous buildings being destroyed.

The 100 Best American Movies In Film History

Video: To make this list — which I’m absolutely sure will be totally definitive, with no need for anyone to ever debate it, right? — critics from around the world were polled by the BBC to name the greatest American movies in film history. I’ll save you some surprises: Citizen Kane was first, The Godfather was second.

Here Are The First And Last Appearances Of Characters From Quentin Tarantino Movies

Video: Spoiler alert, obviously. Actually, are there really spoiler alerts when it comes to movies by Quentin Tarantino? Everybody knows that everybody dies. Room 237 made this really fun video of characters from all of QT’s films, like Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds, showing their first and last appearances. More often than not, that last appearance is when they’re bloodied up and about to die because they got shot or sliced or maimed in some way or another.

Why Certain High-End Golf Clubs Make Such An Ear-Splitting Sound

Back in 2006, Nike introduced the high-performance SUMO 2 golf club driver, specially engineered to help golfers hit straighter shots, even for slightly off-centre hits. There was just one problem: the newly designed club made an unpleasantly loud, tinny sound when it struck the ball — so much so, that most players proved unwilling to tolerate it, even in exchange for improved performance.

Try Not To Smile While This Blind YouTuber Takes A Delightful Rollercoaster Ride

Video: For the past four years, Tommy Edison has vlogged his experience as a blind man in a world full of people who can see. Some of these videos are revelatory, like when he explains how blind people use money, or what his dreams are like. Today he decided to find out what riding a rollercoaster feels like.

This Whiskey Bar Turntable Gets You Loaded On Tunes And Booze

Los Angeles-based custom cabinet maker Luno just combined two great things into one great thing, and I hate my brain for not thinking of it first.

Disney Is Considering A Live-Action Little Mermaid Because It Wasn't Already In The Works, Somehow

It’s actually surprising that it has taken Disney this long to think about adding The Little Mermaid to its giant list of live-action adaptations.

Sports Cameras Are Now Being Disguised As Model Aeroplanes

Image Cache: The so-called spidercam has changed the way we watch sports, allowing camera operators to shoot footage while moving vertically and horizontally above where the action happens. And now they’re being disguised as… aeroplanes?

Furniture That Flattens Into Wall Art Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments

Just because you live in a cramped downtown apartment doesn’t mean you don’t want to entertain. So here’s a brilliant way to keep some extra seating around, without wasting precious floor space once all your guests have left.

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