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Vodafone Is Down Across Australia

Vodafone is experiencing problems with data, text and calls across Australia, with users reporting that their phones and devices are unable to connect to the network at all. Vodafone is working to fix the problem as a top priority, but at this point have no ETA for when it will be resolved.

500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked, 'State Sponsored' Theft Suspected

It turns out the Yahoo hack was much bigger than we expected.

How Palantir Is Taking Over New York City

In 2006, then-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg issued an executive order establishing the Office of Special Enforcement, a citywide agency responsible for enforcing “quality of life” regulations — a nebulous, ideologically charged concept that refers to anything from music venues with too many noise complaints to nightclubs that facilitate prostitution to decrepit structures that pose a fire hazard.

A Bitter Ex-Magical Girl Tries To Hold Down A Day Job

When Farah, star of the webcomic Shattered Starlight, was younger, she was able to deal with her problems by hitting them with her magical hockey stick. That’s because she was a magical girl, a defender of Montreal. But now that she’s older, she has to deal with crappy jobs and crappier bosses. And that might be the worst of her problems.

In This Webcomic About A Magical Competition, One Competitor May Not Have Any Magic Powers

In Taylor Robin’s webcomic Never Satisfied, there is one plum job that every young magician wants: to be their city’s magical representative to the king. But in this year’s crop, one competitor has managed to stay in the running without using any magic. What gives?

Negotiations With Aliens This Massive Are Just A Little Bit Trickier

When Scout Zhang spotted the creature scrambling up and away from the wreckage, he took a deep breath. Sure, the thing had just devoured thirty tons of perfectly good salvage, but when it came to first contact, patience always trumped anger.

New Law Forces IMDB To Remove The Age Of Actors On Request

The Governor of California signed a bill into law over the weekend that will make it illegal for entertainment websites like IMDB to post the ages of actors if that actor requests the information to be taken down. Needless to say, free speech advocates are outraged.

Amazingly Gross Predator Toy Accessory Pack Comes With Bloodied Bones And A Skinned Human

You know, most accessory packs for action figures come with things like extra weapons or extra storage options. Maybe even an extra bit of clothing. Rarely, do they come with an in-scale replica of a human being that’s had all of its skin flayed off.

Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy Sandman Slim May Be Coming To The Big Screen

Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim books have always seemed perfectly suited for a film adaptation. After all, they star a tough-talking magician who’s escaped from Hell (and sounds like he escaped from a Raymond Chandler novel) and is out for revenge. And now a movie may be on its way.

"The Final Countdown" Played On 64 Floppy Drives Would Make Gob Bluth Proud

Much like the venerable technology of the floppy drive, Europe’s hair metal classic “The Final Countdown” just won’t die. After floating into laughable obscurity, the synth-heavy anthem was reborn when a magician named Gob made it his theme song. Now, hobbyist Paweł Zadrożniak has fed the tune through the hardware harmonics of his “Floppotron.”

Google Glass Is Dead, Long Live Snapchat Spectacles

It seems like it was ages ago that Google Glass was the future that nobody wanted. The wearable tech had at least one bad design flaw — it seemed to get its early adopters punched in the face because people didn’t like the camera being pointed at them. Now, Snapchat thinks people are finally ready for glasses-mounted personal recording.

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