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Win! A Massive Captain America: Civil War Poster And Dendy Direct Gift Cards

To celebrate the August 31 launch of Captain America: Civil War, on digital, we’ve teamed up with Dendy Direct to give away a theatrical poster from the movie and a bunch of $10 digital gift cards, so you can watch Marvel’s latest Captain America flick yourself. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

Screwing Up This Incredible Skate Trick Would Be So Very Painful

Dylan Jones came up with a hugely inventive skate trick where he’s able to get his board to 360 degrees horizontally around a rail. Enthusiasts online are likening the new trick to the bizarre stunts pulled off by skateboarding greats like Rodney Mullen and Gou Miyagi.

Director Says It Was Chris Pratt's Idea To Put Kurt Russell In Guardians 2

Photo Credit: Screengrab via Omaze Given that Star-Lord spent the entire first Guardians of the Galaxy searching for his father, it seems appropriate that, for the sequel, he would pick his own daddy out of a line-up.

Someone Made A Miniature Of The Original Iron Throne And Ouch My Butt

The Iron Throne is one of the most iconic images in Game of Thrones, and yet it’s always been a bit, well, lacklustre. Now, someone’s taken it upon themselves to make a throne worthy of the Ruler of Westeros — or, at least, their LEGOs.

What Breakfast Has To Say About Free Will

You forgot to buy milk. Naturally, it’s all the big bang’s fault.

Jason Bourne 3D Is Making People Sick

Shaky-cam is already hard enough to watch. Is it a terrible idea to put it in 3D? Yep, it is.

The Ultimate Guide To Every Science Fiction And Fantasy Show On TV This Spring

It’s almost September, which means it’s almost time to and get ready for the new TV season to begin. Some of these shows even manage without time travel!

Clinton Campaign Embraces Strong Encryption, But Not For Us

Hillary Clinton has yet to offer a definitive policy stance on strong end-to-end encryption, the mathematical algorithms that protect our data, instant messages, and web browsing. Instead of calling for a ban on government mandated encryption backdoors, something computer security experts have universally urged, she’s taken a backseat, supporting a hand waving “encryption commission.”

John Turturro Might Be Making A Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie

John Turturro, who played the memorable role of Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski, is reportedly making a spin-off movie for the side character right now.

Luke Cage Is Stronger Than A Speeding Bullet In First Clip

If there’s one thing you need to know about Luke Cage, it’s that he’s sick of buying new clothes.

All The Sci-Fi, Horror And Other Great Genre Movies Coming To Theatres This Spring

Hollywood generally considers the spring movie season to be awards season. It’s when studios start rolling out their best films as the end of the year approaches. For genre fans, though, we get that and so much more. There are also horror movies for Halloween, big exciting blockbusters, as well as wondrous fantasy for us to enjoy. Here are all the fantastic films opening this spring you should know.

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