The Soothing Art Of Hand-Making Traditional Wooden Skis

It’s the traditional, old school and almost forgotten methods of craftsmanship that always impress me the most. This video shows how traditional wooden skis are made in Norway and you get to see the entire process, the carving, shaving, shaping, bending and even the making of bindings from wood.

A $50 Media Player Is Helping North Koreans Thwart Censorship

A $US50 media player is becoming a threat to North Korea’s oppressive, isolationist regime. Many North Koreans are using cheap, portable Chinese media players to learn about the outside world and watch contraband foreign TV, news, and films.

This Robot Arm's Water Balloon Gripper Is Inspired By A Gecko's Tongue

Five fingers at the end of an arm has turned out to be a fantastic tool for humans, but coordinating so many digits is a lot to ask of a robot. So inspired by the stretchy tongue on a gecko, engineers at Festo have come with a bulbous-looking water-filled gripper that’s just as adept at picking things up as the human hand is.

The Dying Aral Sea Is Like An Abstract Depiction Of Human Stupidity

This beautiful satellite image shows one of the most saddening long-term natural disasters on Earth. The black patch in the upper left corner is the remaining body of the Aral Sea, located on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia — which has lost around 90 per cent of its water volume since 1960 because of Soviet-era irrigation schemes.

This Gorgeous Picture Of A Lonely Cloud Pouring Water Is Unreal

Briefly: I can’t believe this picture is real and not a frame from a movie about a very unlucky guy. It was shot by Australian scientist Huw Alexander Ogilvie when he was flying over the Pacific Ocean back in 2005. You can get a high resolution version here.

Cutting Trees From Newspapers Is The Height Of Irony

Newspaper writers always joke about how their industry is all about selling dead trees. Well, one artist decided to flip that around, making dead trees emerge from newspapers.

Kitty Litter Caused A Drum Of Nuclear Waste To Explode  

A drum full of radioactive waste exploded at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico last February, sparking serious safety concerns about the only longterm nuclear storage site in the US. A year-long government investigation has officially fingered the long-suspected culprit: kitty litter.

A Hanging Garden That Floats Through Space To Meet Your Nose

Gardens are beautiful and all but they’re almost always inconveniently located on the ground. Instead of stooping to smell the roses, this garden comes to you: a suspended, living arrangement of 2300 flowers which rises and fall around viewers as they move through the space.

US Department Of Defense Security Clearances Are Down 15% Since The Snowden Leaks

The number of security clearances issued by the US Department of Defense has plummeted in the past two years. The big question: Is it because of the Snowden leaks or just because US military spending is down? Yeah, you read that right. Military spending is down.

Short Film About Using The Microwave Makes Fun Of Something We All Do

Video: You’ve done this. I’ve done this. We’ve all done this before. Daniel Koren completely nails the hilarious truth about using the microwave late at night and how our initial goodwill for silence is negated by our stupidity and desire for hot food. We all start out as a do good superhero and end up as his goofy klutz of a sidekick.