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How To Get Your Xbox Live Gold Membership Refunded

Did you buy a whole year of Xbox Live Gold just to stream videos on your Xbox? Then you were probably miffed to find out that it will soon be free to do exactly that. The good news is that you can get a refund. The bad news is that you have to remember to do it months from now.

Sharing Cuss-Filled Videos On Xbox One Can Get Your Account Suspended

Everyone who’s played so much as a 15 minutes of Candy Crush knows that, aside from mechanics, graphics, and all that other good stuff — swearing is a crucial part of playing games. Swear too much at your Xbox One in gameplay footage though, and your account can get suspended if you upload it.

How Xbox Live's Cloud Computing Could Make Games That Last Forever

At Microsoft’s huge Xbox reveal earlier this year, the company made a big hubbub about the 300,000 cloud servers it would be adding to help speed up GPU and CPU heavy tasks. But in an interview with Gizmodo, Xbox Live Lead Programmer John Bruno detailed how it could change the way we think about gaming in the future.

Why The Hell Are The Xbox One's Best New Features Behind A Paywall?

You don’t buy a Big Mac and pay extra for special sauce. You don’t buy an iPhone and pay extra for FaceTime. So why in the hell is Microsoft putting some of its most heavily promoted Xbox One features behind an idiotic Xbox Live Gold paywall? Because it can. But that doesn’t mean that it should.

Report: Microsoft's Xbox-Like Set-Top Box Is Coming Next Year

The Verge reports today that Microsoft will release a set-top box next year alongside its next generation Xbox. The “Xbox TV” will deliver the popular Xbox Live streaming entertainment services currently available on the Xbox as well as some basic gaming. In other words, it’ll bring you streaming videos and Angry Birds but not Call of Duty.

Yes, Microsoft Paid To Make This Terrible Xbox Live Ad 10 Years Ago

Once upon a time, online console gaming was a novel thing. And a singular, cohesive, online community built around a console was downright mindblowing. Enter Xbox Live, which turns 10 this week.

Get Internet Explorer For Xbox Before Anyone Else [Updated]

Major Nelson just announced that Microsoft is accepting beta testers for the next version of Xbox Live which includes new features like Internet Explorer for Xbox, better search and discovery, an updated dashboard and more. Here’s how to get it.

Update: Aaaaaaand it’s closed. Sorry about that, readers.

If you’re interested and of course you are, you can sign up right here. It’s that easy. [Major Nelson]

Is Microsoft Killing Zune And Windows Live Apps In Windows 8?

Microsoft Zune and Windows Live apps may not be included in the upcoming preview of Windows 8 — at least not the way we’re used to seeing them. Though the brands and apps will be gone, their functionality will be included in other parts of the OS.

This Was The Xbox Problem. Here Is The Solution.

No one ever thinks they will be the victim of a phishing scam or account hacking until it finally happens to them. A hacked Xbox LIVE account is an inconvenience at the very least, but how bad can it get and what should you do if you’re a victim? Read more to find out.

Lunchtime Deal: 14 Month Xbox Live Subscription For $50

Only suckers pay RRP for Xbox Live. Or so a commenter told me the other day, anyway… So why not take advantage of this deal – 14 months of Gold Xbox Live for just $50. It’s a Gears of War 3 promotion, but doesn’t require the game in order for you to take advantage of the great price (although if you haven’t played it yet, you should probably give it a go… [GameCard via OzBargain]