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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review: What The Future Of Laptops Should Be

The Lenovo X1 Carbon does the impossible. It makes a business laptop — a business anything — cool. Cool because it looks good, sure, but also because it works the way it’s supposed to. And somehow, that’s become one of the bigger compliments in tech.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook: Holy Crap

The Lenovo X1 Carbon arrived at our office a few days ago, and while the full review will be up early next week, we wanted to give you our first impressions of Lenovo’s ruggedised ultrabook. So far: Really good.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon: The Ultralight, Semi-Rugged Carbon Fibre Ultrabook

Tablets may be the next big thing in mobile computing, but don’t count out ultrabooks just yet. At least not until you’ve given Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Carbon — a featherweight, carbon fibre workhorse a closer look. It’s tough, it’s light, and you don’t have to be an office drone to crave it.

Everything You Need If You're A Total Klutz With Your Gadgets

Do you break every gadget you buy, no matter how beautiful or expensive or great, or how careful you pretend to be? Yeah, same here. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be relegated to a life of broken everything and empty bank accounts. Here’s some gear that’ll stand the test of your crippling irresponsibility.

Hands On The Lenovo X1 Hybrid That Quasi-Runs Quasi-Android

I just got some mitts-on time with Lenovo’s new notebook, the X1 Hybrid. What’s interesting about it is that it can boot into a battery-doubling, low-power mode that runs off a snapdragon processor and custom software based on a certain kernel we all know.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1: The Thinnest Core i7 Laptop Money Can Buy

Lenovo refers to their ThinkPad X1 as a crossover computer. Made for the business set, but with features – slim body, Gorilla Glass screen, comfy, spill-proof keyboard – that will appeal to the consumer crowd as well. This wants to go mainstream.

Leaked Lenovo X1 Targets Super Slim Laptop Market

Comparisons to the MacBook Air have already been made of the just leaked Lenovo ThinkPad X1, so we won’t berate you with them here (OK, just one: It’s slim too!). Instead, what’s unique?

This Is Either The Best Mouse Or Worst Controller Ever

The Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 Mouse is just like a regular mouse with 7 buttons and a scroll wheel. Well, until it’s not. Once you flip the mouse over, there’s a full-fledged, Playstation-like game controller underneath. Best of both worlds?

X-2 Housing GIves You A (Relatively) Compact View 75m Underwater

It looks complex, but put Inon’s X-2 housing in perspective and you will appreciate its grace. Meant for Panasonic’s micro four thirds GF1, the X-2 adds bulk, but only enough to make your camera around the size of an SLR.

Is This The Full-Frame 18MP Leica M9 And Mysterious Leica X1?

A supposed shot of Leica’s M9—expected to be announced 9/9/09—complete with specs, was found on this Flickr page that’s now locked, and it looks way interesting: a full-frame 18MP CCD sensor. Oh, and what’s this, the Leica X1?

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