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The New X PRIZE Wants To Save Your Life, Star Trek Style

The X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm are partnering to try to make the Tricorder — Star Trek’s famous health-diagnosing gadget — a reality. They are offering up $US10 million in purse money. This may be the most practically useful X PRIZE yet.

The X-Prize Farce

The $US10 million Automotive X-Prize was billed as a “Revolution Through Competition”, which backers said would promote real-world-capable “safe, affordable and desirable” 42km/L vehicles. The reality is it’s a complete farce. [Jalopnik]

Tricorder X Prize Would Seek Out New Tech, Enhance Civilization

The venerable Star Trek tricorder, often imitated but never actually shown 100% emulating the one demonstrated in science fiction, could net an inventor $US10 million if they’re able to produce the real thing.

Three Teams Split $US10 Million Automotive X-Prize

Of the 136 fuel-efficient vehicles entered into the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize, three 100 mile-per-gallon contenders emerged victorious this week to share in the $US10 million prize. These are their names:

James Cameron To Film Avatar Sequel, Claim X Prize Simultaneously

Director James Cameron is building a submarine that can plunge nearly 11,000m beneath the surface of the ocean. If he can pull it off, he could win a $US10 million X Prize and shoot footage for an Avatar sequel simultaneously.

X Prize Offers $US1m For Oil Clean-Up Solution

The X Prize Foundation, which spurs scientific and technological innovation with the greatest of incentives – a big pile of money – hopes we’ll have a significantly improved method for cleaning oil by this time next year. The carrot: a cool million.

MoonBots Challenge Lets Kids Simulate Lunar X Prize Landing—With Lego

A program called MoonBots will allow children to simulate the conditions of Google’s $US30 million Lunar X Prize—get rover to the moon, snap HD pics, kick ass—but turns up the quirkiness (and the cool factor) by incorporating Lego.

X Prize's Call for Votes in Next Big Crazy Green Idea Challenge

The X Prize Foundation is looking for a new challenge for their next Energy and Environment prize, and they want Gizmodo readers to vote on it. The X Prize is an educational nonprofit prize institute dedicated to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity, like when Burt Rutan built and flew the world’s first private spaceship to win the $US10 million Ansari X Prize. To propose the challenge for the next big crazy green idea, they have selected the best three from 133 videos:

Google Putting $US30 Million Into X PRIZE Robotics Moon Race

Google and X PRIZE are teaming up to offer $US30 million in cash rewards to companies and organisations that can land a robotic rover on the Moon and do a bunch of mission objectives. Their first prize is $US25M, second prize is $US5M, there’s an extra $US5M in bonus stuff to the losers.

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