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DeLorean Trailer Lets You Travel Back In Time With Extra Bags

Please God, if you exist, wherever you are, have mercy and let this be a Photoshop. Thank you. [Thanks Karl!]

The Stupidity Of Wasteful Packaging Keeps Reaching New Depths

This is how Dell just sent 65 screws to Martin Ørding-Thomsen: Each of them inside a huge padded envelope. Does this seem like the work of an imbecile to you? Well, believe it or not, it’s kind of an improvement:

At Last, You Can Send The Yellow Pages To Hell

At bloody last, now you can opt-out of delivery of those useless volumes of bound dead trees and CO2 known as the Yellow Pages. I would rather kill them all, but this is a step in the right direction.

The Gadget That Should Have Never Been Invented

Some technologies have a definitive impact in the progress of civilication that will leave a mark in Humanity forever. This is not one of them. And yes, this woman is just way too happy. [Thanks Karl!]

This Is What 57,000 Litres Of Animal Fat Look Like

Gross, that’s how it looks. This is what happened on the Houston Ship Channel last Tuesday. It had to be closed because a failure in a storage tank holding 57,000 litres of beef fat. No dinner for you tonight. [Buzzfeed]

This Yacht Defies My Wildest Tackiest Dreams - And It's Awesome

Sure, it’s just a concept, but if someone has envisioned this aircraft carrier of stupidity, this 155m epitome of naff, I’m sure it will be built by some Russian or Arab rich guy. And I can only hope I’m invited.

PowerBalance Admits Their Wristbands Are A Scam

I don’t think this would surprise anyone, but PowerBalance—manufacturers of plastic wristbands with hologram stickers on it—have admitted there is “no credible scientific evidence that supports [their]claims and therefore [they]engaged in misleading conduct.” Here’s their statement:

Some People Really Need To Stop Playing Games From Time To Time

We knew that Fleshlights and World of Warcraft go together like strippers and 20-dollar bills. That’s fine. What I can’t understand is this: According to Amazon, customers who buy Adult Reusable Cotton/Poly Snap Diapers are into Call of Duty 4.

Idiots Try To Sell $US33 Artic Ice Cubes To Other Idiots

Two Dutch artists think that they can convince you to pay $US33 for a tiny ice capsule extracted from a large ice chunk stolen from Greenland. Because you must preserve the melting ice caps in your fridge. Really.

This Crazy Kid Is Waterskiing On A Freaking Fountain

This is one of the best great bad ideas in a long while, Marty McFly: waterskiing on a fountain. It looks like it can be a lot of fun, all the way to the hospital.

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