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Sony's New Muteki Wireless Speakers Bring The House Down, Literally

Sony’s Muteki speakers have been around since 2009, and if you’ve ever seen them in person, you’d remember it — the original Muteki was a 7.2-channel surround sound system; that’s a lot of speakers. This year, the overpowered speaker line-up has diversified; there are new Micro, Mini and massive Muteki setups, all of which can knock your socks off.

Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker: Australian Review

There are some pretty great Bluetooth speakers on the market today — the Ultimate Ears Boom and Jawbone’s Big Jambox are my default choices, but even Creative’s new Roar is impressive. They’re all quite expensive, though, so how do cheaper speakers like the Logitech X100 stack up?

Samsung Takes On Sonos With New Wireless Multi-Room Speakers

Samsung is not nervous about dipping its toes into new waters. It pioneered the smart camera and the kid’s tablet; when it as a company sees an opportunity for a bit of market share, it takes it. This, I think, is the story behind Samsung’s new M5 and M7 Wi-Fi speakers, which you can install in seconds and control via your smartphone.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Wireless Speaker: Australian Review

Wireless speakers can be basic and cheap, or they can be fancy and expensive. Features and design flair usually scale with price, usually. The Sound Blaster Roar is solidly built, is chock-full of fancy (and superfluous?) features, and sounds pretty impressive — and it costs a lot less than I thought it would.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Review: Big Sound, Small Package

Portable hi-fi speakers are all the rage at the moment. Syncing with your smartphone or tablet or notebook over Bluetooth, these battery-powered boomboxes are great for picnics, trips to the beach or on speakerphone duties (if you want to feel like Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, at least).

Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Speaker: A Sonos By Any Other Name...

This is the Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker, a $US400 streaming device that lets you play music all over your home or office. It looks like a Sonos, smells like a Sonos, is priced like a Sonos. All that’s left is to find out if it sounds like one too.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $150

Dragging party music to the park or patio doesn’t have to involve so much actual dragging. More party, more easy! You’ve got a gazillion songs on your phone already. And little, portable Bluetooth speakers are getting so cheap. Now, for around $100-$150, you can blast your jams to the high heavens, or at least a 10m radius.

FlOw Wireless iPod Speakers Change Their Tunes Based On Your Movement

Want to change the track or adjust the volume on these wireless flOw iPod speakers? Simple. Just pick them up, turn them over or give them a shake, and the deed is done thanks to the accelerometers housed within.

Mint Studio Multi-Room Wireless Speaker/iPod Dock Review

The Mint Studio is an update of the Mint 220 wireless speakers we reviewed last year. Although the two units look almost exactly the same, the Studio fixes the complaints we had from its predecessor, AND it’s cheaper.

Bose SoundLink Streams Music From Your PC Via USB

Following the trend of pretty much every other audio company, Bose’s SoundLink is their first wireless streaming speaker. But oddly enough, instead of using Bluetooth or wi-fi, Bose opted to go with an RF USB dongle for data transfer.