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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Review: Big Sound, Small Package

Portable hi-fi speakers are all the rage at the moment. Syncing with your smartphone or tablet or notebook over Bluetooth, these battery-powered boomboxes are great for picnics, trips to the beach or on speakerphone duties (if you want to feel like Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, at least).

Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Speaker: A Sonos By Any Other Name...

This is the Samsung Shape M7 wireless speaker, a $US400 streaming device that lets you play music all over your home or office. It looks like a Sonos, smells like a Sonos, is priced like a Sonos. All that’s left is to find out if it sounds like one too.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $150

Dragging party music to the park or patio doesn’t have to involve so much actual dragging. More party, more easy! You’ve got a gazillion songs on your phone already. And little, portable Bluetooth speakers are getting so cheap. Now, for around $100-$150, you can blast your jams to the high heavens, or at least a 10m radius.

FlOw Wireless iPod Speakers Change Their Tunes Based On Your Movement

Want to change the track or adjust the volume on these wireless flOw iPod speakers? Simple. Just pick them up, turn them over or give them a shake, and the deed is done thanks to the accelerometers housed within.

Mint Studio Multi-Room Wireless Speaker/iPod Dock Review

The Mint Studio is an update of the Mint 220 wireless speakers we reviewed last year. Although the two units look almost exactly the same, the Studio fixes the complaints we had from its predecessor, AND it’s cheaper.

Bose SoundLink Streams Music From Your PC Via USB

Following the trend of pretty much every other audio company, Bose’s SoundLink is their first wireless streaming speaker. But oddly enough, instead of using Bluetooth or wi-fi, Bose opted to go with an RF USB dongle for data transfer.

Lightning Review: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Speaker System Gets Sound To Every Room Cheaply And Easily

The Gadget: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Wireless Speaker system, which has one base unit that can take either an iPod or anything that can feed into its 3.5mm aux input (wire included). With this one base unit you can feed up to four satellite wireless units up to 45 metres away (or less through walls and floors).

Logitech Adds to Pure-Fi Speaker Range With Bluetooth Mobile Version

Logitech’s Pure-Fi Mobile will apparently “transform your low-fidelity mobile-phone audio into high-fidelity, stereophonic sound.” You leave your mobile phone in your pocket while streaming music over Bluetooth to the speaker module, using A2DP protocol for higher-fidelity sound. With four speakers it should be able to pump out an appreciable volume, and it also has dual mics (one for ambient cancellation, one voice) so works as a speakerphone too. There’s also a standard line-in jack for lower-tech connectivity and its rechargeable batteries will give 12 hours of tunes, with USB power as backup if that’s not enough. Available June for US$149.99. Full press release below.

AU: This will retail for $229 locally and will be available in June.

Concept Stereo Adds Cuddle-ability to the Mix

The base unit in this “Bamboo” concept sound system has a display, CD slot, controls and wireless connectivity, but the clever action is in its detachable speakers. Their curving LED display acts as a music visualiser, and when mated to the base they charge up—but when you unbolt them and connect them together directly, they become a portable unit that is comfy enough to snuggle up to when you’re in bed. At least, that’s the opinion of designer Soohyuk Im—we’d be happy to give the final word on the subject if the concept ever becomes reality. [Yankodesigns]