All The U.S. Winter Storms Of 2014 In One NASA Time-lapse Video

NASA has released this compilation video of all the winter storms as seen from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES-East satellite, so we can get a bird’s eye view of what’s been wreaking all that havoc over there.

Celebrate The Coming Of Winter Killing Snowmen With Explosives In Slow-Mo

On the first day of spring, Grant “The King of Random” Thompson blew up a snowman to bits and filmed it in slow motion — 150 times slower than real life. It’s oddly satisfying.*

This Town's Hilltop Mirrors Light It Up With Second-Hand Sunshine

Waking up on a dark winter morning is never fun. But imagine if the sun didn’t come up at all. Rjukan, Norway — which is cast into shadow for five months a year — has found a solution. The town is finishing its first winter using a system of mirrors to create an oasis of sunlight during its perpetually dark winter months.

Russians Build A Snow Plow Out Of A Crappy Car - And It Works Pretty Well

Winter came and overstayed its welcome in the Northern Hemisphere. At what point do you make like these Russians and turn your tiny crappy cars into snow plow sleds? I say the next snow. Just hop on the hood of your car and make a friend drive you through and pummel it. Winter is stupid, this type of stupid fun makes it a little less so.

If You Can't Fix Potholes, Use 'Em For Bottle Service

In Montreal, Canada, two artists decided that if potholes are here to stay, they can at least provide a little levity. Photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca took to the streets to transform “the bad into good”, after spending $800 on repairs when their car hit a pothole a few years ago.

A Recyclable Cardboard Snowboard That Redefines Shredding

Signal Snowboards has made a name for itself — at least outside of snowboarding circles — with its experiments using unorthodox materials to make decks. The company’s glass snowboard was surprisingly resilient on the slopes, as is its latest creation which was actually made from recyclable corrugated cardboard.

An RC Snow Plough Shovels The Driveway From The Living Room

This six-wheel-drive remote control robot snow plough is the best thing to happen to snowy mornings since able-bodied kids desperate for an allowance. Powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors, its 52-inch wide blade can clear a footpath in one pass from the comfort of inside the home.

Awesome Dad Builds Giant Luge Track In His Backyard For His Family

When life gives you snow, don’t just make a snowman. Make a giant luge track in your backyard for the whole family! This dad does that every year, and the track is pretty impressive with great slopes, windy turns and expertly designed snowbanks. Just look at his whole family slide down. How fun!

7 Surreal, Towering Ice Castles That You Can Actually Visit

Are you sick and tired of skiing and ice skating? Why not take a trip to see one of America’s mind-bendingly amazing ice castles. It’s like a walking through a frosty landscape dreamt up by Richard Serra but built by nature.

These Bizarre Snow Rolls Were Actually Created By The Wind

Earlier this week, Pennsylvanians woke up to backyards full of curious snow formations. The hollow cylinders varied in shape and size from doughnuts to hay bales to rolled-up carpet. They are snow rollers, making their first appearance in Pennsylvania in 10 years.