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The MobiUS Is An Ultrasound Machine That'll Fit In Your Pocket

Windows Mobile may be ancient technology for those using an iPhone or Android handset, but for industry applications like the MobiUS SP1 mobile ultrasound system, the now two-year-old operating system is just perfect.

Fujitsu's Windows Mobile Mango Phone Could Arrive Early

Nikkei is reporting that the very first Windows Mobile “Mango” handset to hit the market could arrive earlier than the purported Fall launch window, courtesy Fujitsu.

That iPhone Is Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

What can we make of this credit card spending by smartphone platform data from Pageonce? That iPhone owners spend like crazy, and WinMo holdouts are probably saving up for a new phone, for starters.

Five Best Mobile Alarm Apps

Smart phone-based alarm clocks have become increasingly sophisticated and featured-packed, and more and more people are ditching their old-school alarms for alarms of the app variety. Here are five of the most popular mobile alarm apps.

iAppalooza: Mobile App Stores Comparison Chart, October 2010

Apple might have been first off the block with its App Store, but two years down the track and the mobile app market is overflowing with apps we love… and apps we love to hate. Here’s an updated look at the app stores we first saw back in April last year.

SMS Replier Automatically Replies To Texts, Knows When You're Driving

Aha! It looks like State Farm’s app isn’t the only app that helps keep you from texting while driving – there’s SMS Replier too. And this app will know when you’re driving.

Telstra Shows Off Its Windows Phone 7 Skin

Telstra is no stranger to customising the crap out of mobile phones. So what will their customised version of Windows Phone 7 look like? Gus over at Lifehacker managed to sneak a peek at the upcoming Telstra integration for WinPho7, and it must be said that it actually looks OK.

Steve Ballmer Takes On Everyone (Microsoft Included)

Steve Ballmer took his turn in the hot seat today at D8, and anybody hoping for a few candid spitballs from Microsoft’s quotable CEO wasn’t disappointed. Ballmer had plenty to say about everyone’s faults – starting with his own company’s:

The War For The Future Of Mobile Phones: It's All About The OS

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve looked smartphones a few times but haven’t really spent much time looking at the different mobile operating systems. Here’s a quick tour of the main players…

iPhone OS, Android And Windows Mobile In Perfect Harmony

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See, a guitar made up of phones isn’t just about the music. It’s about bringing people together. And by “people” I mean mobile operating systems. Presenting two Android and WinMo devices and an iPod touch, united to play Cracklin Rosie.