Julian Assange To Be Questioned By Swedish Prosecutors In The UK

Since his arrest in 2010, Julian Assange has been dutifully avoiding sexual assault allegations brought against him in Sweden. Now, Swedish prosecutors have decided to question Wikileaks in London instead.

Google Handed Stacks Of WikiLeaks Email Straight To The FBI In 2012

WikiLeaks is demanding explanations after it has come to light that Google gave the FBI emails and digital data belonging to three WikiLeaks staff members when warrants were served in March 2012. It’s taken almost three years for Google to admit to WikiLeaks that it handed over the data to US authorities.

Julian Assange Is Crowdfunding A Life-Size Statue Of Himself

Julian Assange remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with ailing health and plenty of time on his hands. So much time, in fact, that he’s decided to… crowdfund a life-size statue of himself, presumably so people don’t forget what he looks like?

Australia-US Trade Agreement Proposes Massive Piracy Crackdown, Potential Tech Price Hike

Forget the Australia Tax. We’re about to enter a new world of restrictions and geoblocks that might see us pay more for tech and get busted hard for piracy if a document leaked by Wikileaks is to be believed.

Teen Tries To Buy WikiLeaks Server With $33,000 Of His Dad's Money

The eBay auction for the server that once hosted the WikiLeaks documents, including Cablegate, has finally come to a close with a winning bid of $US33,000. There’s only one problem: the winner is a 17-year-old boy who used his dad’s account to bid and is in no position to cough up the cash.

The WikiLeaks Server That Hosted Cablegate Is For Sale On Ebay

Shopping for a new server? Want a piece of whistleblower history? Want to piss off Julian Assange? You can do all three of these things at once, if you buy the server that hosted hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks a few years ago. And it still works!

Read This Letter That Bradley Manning Is Sending To The US President

Yesterday, Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for crimes related to stealing government documents and sharing them with WikiLeaks. Now, you can read the letter he’s sending to the US President to state his case.

Julian Assange's Australian Wikileaks Party Is Fast Imploding

With the Federal Election only a fortnight away, now really isn’t the time to be having internal party divisions and accusations of incompetence. That, however, seems to be what Julian Assange and the Wikileaks Party standing in the 2013 Federal Election seem to be dealing with as a key member quits in a haze of irony.

Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for crimes related to stealing government documents and sharing them with WikiLeaks. The sentence, handed down by Judge Denise Lind, is significantly less than the 60 years that the government asked the US Army colonel to hand down.

What Could Be In Wikileak's Giant 349GB 'Insurance' File?

Wikileaks has stirred up its share of trouble in its day, but it might be up to something more. The site has been posting links to a trio of encrypted files pretty insistently on Facebook, and one of them is a whopping 349GB. What’s in there?