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Qantas And Virgin Will Have Inflight Internet By 2017

Soon enough, you’ll stay connected to your social media even from 40,000 feet as you travel on Australia’s national carriers. A few months after Qantas promised free inflight internet via NBN satellite, Virgin has promised similarly zippy inflight Wi-Fi on both domestic and international flights from the middle of next year.

Linksys Has Three New Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Gadgets

If you’re looking to build a new high-speed wired or wireless network for your McMansion or inner-city penthouse apartment, then you’re flush with choices — and any modern Wi-Fi routers or modem-router will do a very good job. Routers are getting faster all the time, though, and Linksys has a new range that should be more than enough for even the largest and most technologically-advanced home — including a new router capable of wirelessly broadcasting 20 streams of high quality 4K video simultaneously, at a price $150 cheaper than the competition.

An Aussie Science Breakthrough Could Reinvent Wi-Fi

The internet of things is built on tiny, low-power, often wireless sensors that have small and very specific tasks. These devices are usually battery powered, which is convenient at low energy usage levels but which can be an impediment to long-term use when those batteries regularly require replacement. A team of researchers at the Australian National University has accurately modeled how much energy the wireless transfer of information takes from low-power sensors, which is the first step in designing devices that can harvest power from the ambient radio frequency communications in the air around them.

802.11ac Wi-Fi's 'Wave 2' Standard Is Faster Than Ever

The industry body that certifies devices and chipsets as meeting the Wi-Fi standard — that means they can use the black-and-white ‘Wi-Fi’ logo, and that those gadgets will be guaranteed to work correctly with the various wireless frequencies and communication methods that exist — has just signed off on a brand new level of performance that’s more comprehensive than ever. Expect your future smartphones, laptops and tablets to transfer data wirelessly up to twice as fast, with less interference and congestion and massively improved overall network efficiency.

Your Wireless Footprint Can Help Catch Thieves

With billions of wireless devices shipped across the globe every year, it is safe to assume that most of us carry at least one wireless gadget with us much of the time.

Withings' Connected Scale Now Tracks The Health Of Your Heart Too

A record of your progress is a fantastic motivator when you’re trying to lose weight, which is probably why Withings’ connected scale has been popular enough to warrant a fourth iteration already. But the latest version, now called the Body Cardio, adds an additional metric for measuring the health of your heart as well.

These Three Companies Want To Revolutionise The Most Important Gadget In Your Home

Within the last two years, routers have gone from ugly boxes tucked away in shame to well-designed products, complete with a variety of new technologies and user-friendly interfaces. Led by ambitious Kickstarter projects like Eero, Luma and Starry, routers are having a gadget moment — and that could finally help people realise how important the little box really is.

How To Build A Wi-Fi Network That Will Handle All Your Smart Home Gadgets

If you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing one, you have a great opportunity to update and future-proof your home’s wiring — not only for power (like adding USB sockets to your wall outlets) but also for networking. Putting a bit of thought into how you set your home up can save you from the woes of dodgy Wi-Fi connectivity, unwanted buffering and black spots throughout your living space.

New Wi-Fi Chip Is Just As Fast With Half The Antennae

Usually removing hardware means removing functionality. But a team of researchers from Columbia University has created a new kind of Wi-Fi chip that uses just one antenna rather than two — and yet manages to be just as fast.

There's Finally A Good Way To Kill Wi-Fi Passwords

Your wireless network could know exactly where you are. Engineers at MIT have developed a new tool that uses wireless signals to let them calculate your location to within a few centimetres — and it’s so accurate it could help them eradicate Wi-Fi passwords.

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