Aussie Tech Behind New Low-Power, 802.11ad Chip For Mobiles And Tablets

With 802.11n the wireless standard of choice, the market is already gearing up for the deployment of its successor, 802.11ac. Not that Nitero — a company spun off Australia’s ICT research hub NICTA — cares that much: it’s just announced a chip based on 802.11ad, aimed at low-power devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Nest And Friends Are Giving The Internet Of Things A Fresh Start

A consortium of companies just announced a new wireless networking protocol for the home called Thread. It’s designed to help build low-power, wireless mesh networks so that devices can seamlessly connect to form a true internet of things. In a way, Thread promises to create little mini internet for your home.

The Emotional Roller Coaster We All Ride When Wi-Fi Drops Out

Video: In the hierarchy of needs, Wi-Fi is now a staple — so, when it goes down, we all feel it. Hard. In this short dramatic sketch, Julian Smith imagines a brief wireless outage as disaster movie.

Your Next Smartphone Could Have Blisteringly Fast Wi-Fi

How fast your phone can scream along on Wi-Fi doesn’t just depend on your internet speed; you also need a killer connection from your router to the device in your hand. A new acquisition by Qualcomm means the tech in question could be in your next phone.

Why Telstra Won't Be At Splendour In The Grass [Update: Now It Will!]

This year’s Splendour in the Grass music festival looks like it’s going to be missing a key act throughout the weekend: Telstra coverage. Festival organisers said yesterday that Telstra refused to provide its portable base stations for the event, meaning that poor coverage was expected for music lovers on the telco. Now we know where it all went wrong.

Your Local Library Could Soon Let You Borrow The Internet

Forget dog-eared copies of Fifty Shades of Grey: Library visitors will soon be able to check the entire internet out from their local branch.

World Cup Security Team Accidentally Shares Its Awful Wi-Fi Password

What’s the bigger security crime? Having your Wi-Fi password displayed on a big screen, or using tired old internet speak to have “b5a2112014″ as the password for the Brazil 2014 event security team network?

Is 802.11ac Wi-Fi Actually Worth The Extra Cost?

Good Wi-Fi just makes life better — it’s a known fact. You can have the fastest NBN or cable internet in the world, but if you can’t actually access it in every corner of your house, there’s not really much point paying for it. To this end, you need a good Wi-Fi router. But it is it worth paying for an expensive 802.11ac model?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Wants You To Make Your Router Public

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is planning to release software that will allow you to turn a portion of your router into public Wi-Fi hotspot. The kicker is, they say it will make your router more secure.

Linksys WRT-1900AC Router: Australian Review

Fast Wi-Fi is great. Fast, long range Wi-Fi is even better. Like a good pair of shoes, tyres or skis, investing in a powerful router can save you money in the long run and future-proof your home network. For my money, right now, the Linksys WRT-1900AC has no equal in the world of wireless networking.