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How To Build A Wi-Fi Network That Will Handle All Your Smart Home Gadgets

If you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing one, you have a great opportunity to update and future-proof your home’s wiring — not only for power (like adding USB sockets to your wall outlets) but also for networking. Putting a bit of thought into how you set your home up can save you from the woes of dodgy Wi-Fi connectivity, unwanted buffering and black spots throughout your living space.

New Wi-Fi Chip Is Just As Fast With Half The Antennae

Usually removing hardware means removing functionality. But a team of researchers from Columbia University has created a new kind of Wi-Fi chip that uses just one antenna rather than two — and yet manages to be just as fast.

There's Finally A Good Way To Kill Wi-Fi Passwords

Your wireless network could know exactly where you are. Engineers at MIT have developed a new tool that uses wireless signals to let them calculate your location to within a few centimetres — and it’s so accurate it could help them eradicate Wi-Fi passwords.

There's A New Kind Of Wi-Fi That Uses 10,000 Times Less Power

Wi-Fi is already a very great thing. Problem is — especially for mobile devices — Wi-Fi is also an energy suck. But now, scientists have come up with a way of connecting to Wi-Fi that requires even less energy than a Bluetooth connection.

How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

It’s a heart-wrenching moment when your web browser reports that it’s no longer connected to the internet. But there’s no reason to panic: We’ve distilled the troubleshooting process into five easy steps. Keep this list close by in case your internet suddenly breaks (or pass it on to friends and family the next time they call on your assistance).

This Week's Biggest NBN And Telco News: No More 'Three Strikes', But Site Blocking Is In Courts Now

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy to data retention and the NBN.

Barbie Now Has An Entire Smart Dream House That Responds To Kids' Voice Commands

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of privacy and children advocates having a conniption. Because following up on last year’s controversial Hello Barbie that relied on the internet to have real conversations with kids, Mattel has just revealed an entire dream house that uses a wi-fi connection to respond to voice commands.

The New Wi-Fi Will Reach Twice As Far

Cars, blenders, fitness trackers, doggie bowls — there’s a connected version of basically any object you can name. It’s like the new Rule 34. There’s even a “smart” menstrual cup. Many of these objects rely on Bluetooth connections, but someday, they may run on a juiced-up version of Wi-Fi.

Telstra Is Providing Free Wi-Fi So You Can Instagram Your Holiday

This summer, Telstra will be providing eligible customers with free wi-fi through the Telstra Air network, enabling Australians to post more sun-drenched beach selfies than ever before. The offer starts today and will be available all the way through to June 30 2016, for both mobile and home broadband customers.

WIN! One Of 3x Synology RT1900ac Wi-Fi Routers (And Review It For Gizmodo!)

We’re big fans of Synology’s network gear here at Gizmodo, so we’re excited to give you the chance to win a new $229 Synology RT1900ac wireless router — and review it over Christmas!

Entering is super easy: tell us in the comments how you’d use one!

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