The $1099 Camera I Didn't Use To Share My Hawaiian Holiday Photos

My wife loves technology. Hell, she spotted the job posting that landed me my first tech writing gig. She also loves sharing snapshots with friends. So when I told her that the Sony RX100 III could sling amazing selfies to Instagram with a tap of her phone, she was understandably stoked. When we packed our bags for a week-long holiday to Maui, it was the only dedicated camera we took along.

Samsung Claims To Have Invented A Way To Make Wi-Fi Five Times Faster

As our home internet speeds increase with the advent of fibre networks and super-fast 4G networks, a new bottleneck is emerging in the quest for speed: our home Wi-Fi connections. Thankfully, Samsung scientists are on the case, and claim to have a technology which can boost Wi-Fi speeds up to 4.6Gbps.

LG Gets Into Multi-Room Audio With Music Flow

Sonos has been the king of multi-room audio for a decade, but Samsung is making quick inroads with its own multi-speaker range. LG wants a piece of that pie too, and has four new multi-room audio speakers, and a wireless receiver to tie it all together, out in a few days.

FCC Fines Marriott $US600,000 For Blocking Guests' Wi-Fi

The FCC wants the Marriott hotel chain to pay up for its slimy practice of blocking and disabling conference guests’ personal Wi-Fi connections. Marriott is accused of jamming personal connections at its Gaylord Opryland location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here's How Much Faster New iPhone Wi-Fi Is Than Your Old iPhone's

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t just bigger and better than ever, they also have some subtle internal upgrades. I’m not talking processors; the new iPhones are the first Apple handsets to ship with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and that gives them a hell of a speed boost, as you’ll see in this handy video by iClarified.

Coke's Making Wi-Fi Enabled Coke Machines Because Of Course It Is

Soft drink vending machines are one of those unobtrusive, inoffensive bits of life that can be placed almost anywhere without anyone noticing or complaining (apart from the occasional anti-obesity protester. Coke’s trying to harness that unseen power (and sell more Coke!) by sticking Wi-Fi hotspots inside some South African vending machines.

Why Your iOS 8 Wi-Fi Is Weird And How To Fix It

A platform upgrade always comes with its fair share of bugs. As seen on Apple’s forums, one of the issues popping up with iOS 8 is slow Wi-Fi. But, fear not, apparently there’s an easy fix.

Share Your Home Wi-Fi Easily Using An NFC Tag Or QR Code

Get your best buddies around for a movie marathon and before you can hit “play” they’re all going to want access to your Wi-Fi. This is the age of the second screen experience after all. You could simply tell them your network’s name and password, but here are a couple of alternatives that might be more convenient and add to your geek credentials at the same time.

Radio Tornadoes Could Deliver Never-Ending Wi-Fi Capacity Some Day

Coaxial wiring — like what runs into your cable box — revolutionised data transmission by drastically widening the wire’s data pipeline. Two years ago, a research team from University of Southern California accomplished the feat using a vortex of lasers. Now, that same team is back with a means of coiling radio waves around themselves that could provide us with theoretically limitless, long-range Wi-Fi connectivity.

How To Make Sure No One's Secretly Stealing Your Home Wi-Fi

Wireless Network Watcher is a free, simple program for Windows XP and above that can take a quick look at the computers and devices connected to your home network. Fire it up and make sure there’s no one on your Wi-Fi network who shouldn’t be there. If you do find a squatter, a password change on your router should be enough to thwart them.

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