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The New Wi-Fi Will Reach Twice As Far

Cars, blenders, fitness trackers, doggie bowls — there’s a connected version of basically any object you can name. It’s like the new Rule 34. There’s even a “smart” menstrual cup. Many of these objects rely on Bluetooth connections, but someday, they may run on a juiced-up version of Wi-Fi.

Telstra Is Providing Free Wi-Fi So You Can Instagram Your Holiday

This summer, Telstra will be providing eligible customers with free wi-fi through the Telstra Air network, enabling Australians to post more sun-drenched beach selfies than ever before. The offer starts today and will be available all the way through to June 30 2016, for both mobile and home broadband customers.

WIN! One Of 3x Synology RT1900ac Wi-Fi Routers (And Review It For Gizmodo!)

We’re big fans of Synology’s network gear here at Gizmodo, so we’re excited to give you the chance to win a new $229 Synology RT1900ac wireless router — and review it over Christmas!

Entering is super easy: tell us in the comments how you’d use one!

Can Christmas Tree Lights Really Kill Your Wi-Fi?

Ofcom, the UK’s independent telephony regulator, has just released a Wi-Fi checker app for your smart phone. At the same time, it warned in its press release that your Christmas tree fairy lights could affect the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.

Sharing Photos On The Go: Connecting Your Camera To A Smartphone, Tablet Or Laptop

Having a portable, powerful digital SLR is a great way to take stunning photos wherever you are. In our hyper-connected culture, though, it’s hard to not want to share the photos you capture straight away, especially if they’re once-in-a-lifetime snaps. Newer cameras integrate incredibly useful features like Wi-Fi and NFC, though, that make connecting to a smartphone or tablet simple, and that make it possible to edit and share photos from anywhere you have a mobile signal.

These Cute Little Wifi Routers Want To Solve All Your Wireless Problems

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a secretive startup is promising to solve every problem you’ve ever had with wifi, from poor connections to ugly hardware or impossible software. This one might be worth a listen, though.

Samsung's Multi-Room, Omni-Directional Wi-Fi Speakers: Now In Small, Medium And Large

If you want music playing in every room of your house, there’s only one easy way to do it: buy a bunch of wireless audio speakers. Samsung is really stepping up its wireless audio game, and the new R1, R3 and R5 speakers are the first salvo in what is set to be a big war against Sonos, as well as other wi-fi speaker competitors like LG and Sony.

Why I'll Probably Ditch My US Telco For Google's Project Fi

One month ago, we tried Google’s experimental cell phone service in New York. It was a disaster. But I guess the second time’s a charm. After spending two weeks with Project Fi in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m just about ready to ditch my old carrier.

Synology's New Router Has A PC-Esque Operating System

Synology is a name that you’d usually associate with network attached storage (NAS) boxes — y’know, the big black hard drive enclosures that you hook up to your router or modem to store your movies, music and photos. Synology does NAS very well — it’s certainly one of our favourite brands — but it’s also extending its reach into another networking device. The RT1900AC is the first router from Synology, and its hook is that just like a NAS, it runs an operating system that you can use to browse through your files, download stuff from the ‘net, and monitor all your network traffic.

Can You Be Allergic To Your Wi-Fi?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. They are a part of our natural environment, produced by the Earth and the sun. But they are also becoming increasingly prominent with advancements in technology, such that we are surrounded daily by many different sources of electromagnetic energy. So what’s all that doing to your body?

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