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Here Is Richard Branson Dressed As A Mermaid

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. And then sometimes, it gives you Sir Richard Branson dressed as a mermaid, gazing happily at the camera as if to say, “My lifelong dream was not, in fact, to become an obscenely wealthy entrepreneur, but rather to bask in shallow waters with my fellow merpeople.”

Good God, What Was Variety Thinking With This Questionable Yahoo Commentary?

Late on Monday afternoon, Variety co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein sent a tweet out into the world. This wouldn’t be a particularly noteworthy action, except that it included an image of what appears to be Variety‘s upcoming cover, depicting Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer as a Christ-like figure carrying a Y-shaped cross. What? Indeed.

Maybe This Ad Makes Sense After A Fujifilm Dietary Supplement

Explore international webcam videos. Apparently, Fujifilm’s heard about this whole “diversification” thing and has expanded boldly into the booming dietary supplement market. Sure! Makes about as much sense as their commercial for it. Which is to say everything about this is totally bonkers.

Israel Buys @Israel Twitter Account From Porn Site Owner

It sounds shadier than it is, but the facts are these: The nation of Israel has finally secured the @israel Twitter account from a Spanish citizen living in Miami, a man who also happens to own a porn site.

209km/h Dining Table Makes Anything Fast Food

Because we’re apparently running out of things to invent, a man named Perry Watkins has concocted a Queen Anne dining table that reached top speeds of 209km/h in a recent track test. No word on how the souffle fared.

Fire Tornado: Scary Weather Or Scariest Weather?

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This is a real thing: fire combines with strong dry winds to create a fire tornado. One happened just yesterday in Aracatuba, Brazil. Here’s the footage, taken by someone much braver/crazier than I’ll ever be.

Don't Forget To Feed The Phone

If I told you there’s a website that posts pictures of people feeding food to inanimate objects, what would you say? Yeah, I’d want to see it too. There’s something awesome about a balloon drinking coffee and a door-eating girl.

Who Will Watch The Watchmen? More Watchmen!

A few things to be concerned with here: First, Google Street View has gone meta. Second, apparently those vans travel in packs. Third, the universe just collapsed in on itself. The end. [Google via Reddit]

Here's A Great Idea: Spinning A Pregnant Lady Around Real Fast So A Baby Comes Out

Patents! They are often completely fucking insane. But here’s my question about this one, “Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force”: It’d work on helping me poop too, right?

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