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LG Is Bringing Magic Televisions To CES

January’s CES will see LG show off its new Smart TV range, starring the latest 3.0 update to its webOS platform with its “magic” features.

LG LF6300 LED TV: Australian Review

When you’re buying a TV, you have to satisfy a bunch of different criteria. Price, size, features, picture quality — all these matter in a different way to different people. You usually have to make some compromises, too, and you’ll usually end up picking something around the middle of the pack. Enter the LG LF6300 — it’s not an Ultra HD or super-luxe OLED TV, but is still LG’s best 1080p LED TV for the year of 2015.

LG's New Smart Watch Is Powered By WebOS

A few outlets have now managed to confirm that LG’s new smartwatch is powered by webOS. The watch has been shown off at CES by Audi, where it was used to beckon a car on to the stage.

You Can Buy LG's New WebOS Ultra HD TVs Right Now

Although they haven’t officially been announced for the Australian market — that’s still a few days away — you can already buy LG’s new Ultra HD WebOS TVs in JB Hi-Fi and other electronics stores across the country. The 55-inch 4K 55UB850T is surprisingly affordable, too.

LG webOS TV Australian Hands-On: Smart TVs Are About To Suck Less

Smart TVs are suffering from the same problem that most phone vendors suffered from when they first got “smart”: the UI and the software usually sucks. Thankfully, LG has resurrected an old soldier to fight the battle for your entertainment dollars. Welcome back, webOS!

Is This LG's WebOS TV?

Rumours have circulated for some time now about LG working on an open, webOS-powered smart TV. Now, a leaked image provides a glimpse at what that might actually look like.

Chubby Checker Can Sue HP Over Chubby Checker Penis-Measuring App

Remember that time Chubby Checker wanted to sue HP over a penis-measuring WebOS app that was also called “Chubby Checker”? There’s more fun to come: ol’ Chubs just got the go-ahead to sue the pants off HP.

The Sleek WebOS Smartphone That Never Was

You’re not looking at a new phone headed to stores any time soon — in fact, you’re looking at the surprisingly sleek, all-touch webOS smartphone developed by HP which (sadly?) never was.

BlackBerry Z10 Australian Review: Old Dog, Mostly New Tricks

BlackBerry is back and it’s making no secret that its latest smartphone contender is a big deal for the future of the brand. So is the Z10 a life-jacket that will just keep BlackBerry afloat, or a jetpack that will propel it to the coveted number-three spot?

LG Acquires webOS From HP To Power Smart TVs

LG has announced that it has acquired the much-troubled webOS from HP. But instead of using it to power smartphones or tablets, it’s planning to roll out smart TVs that will make use of the OS.

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