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Google Forking WebKit To Create New Rendering Engine

Google announced last night that it’s going to stop using WebKit — the rendering engine currently used by the likes of Safari and Chrome to display web pages — in favour of its own solution, which will be called Blink.

Google Maps Has Never Been Accessible On Mobile Internet Explorer

Earlier today there was a flurry of rumours floating around that Google is somehow now blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps through Internet Explorer. Well, it turns out that that was totally false and untrue.

You'll Never Believe This Was Made With Just WebKit

Wanna know who’s got the most impressive web visuals we’ve seen in a while? It’s a little site called Acko.net, written by Steven Wittens. Just head over there and slowly scroll down. You’re looking into the web future. Here’s how they did it. [Acko.net via Joel Johnson]

BlackBerry WebKit Browser Trounces iPhone 4, Android 2.1 In Test

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The looks we’ve gotten so far at BlackBerry OS 6 have been impressive enough, but it looks like the real crown jewel might be that WebKit browser. Here’s how it stacked up recently against iOS 4 and Android 2.1.

Burning Brighter: The Future Of Firefox, Browsers, The Web

Remember the Browser Wars of the Aughts? Internet Exploder gripped the web. Firefox 1.0 challenged the king. Six years later, IE is waning. (But still strong.) WebKit rules smartphones. Where does Mozilla, and the web, go from here?

Android 2.2 Dusts iOS 4 In JavaScript Performance

Testing stock browsers found within Android 2.2 (Nexus One) and iOS 4 (iPhone 4), ars technica discovered that there’s no comparison in JavaScript performance. But DoodleJump plays a bit smoother on my iPhone, which is 99 per cent of what really matters. [arstechnica]

BlackBerry Bold 9800 Leaked Pics Show WebKit Browser

Leaked photos of the Bold 9800 aren’t anything new, but photos showing OS 6.0’s WebKit browser? Yes, please.

BlackBerry OS 6.0 Screenshots And Details

If you’re a BlackBerry fan, there is probably not a single thing you have been looking forward to more than what we have right here – screenshots and full details of RIM’s upcoming operating system, OS 6.0.

How WebKit2 Will Fix Your Slow, Crashy Browsers

Ever used Safari? Chrome? An iPhone? Android? Then you’ve used WebKit, the rendering engine that powers most of the best browsers in the world. Up next: WebKit2 with a new “split process model”. it’s going to be awesome. Subtly!

How The iPhone Could End Up In Second Place

Here are the US mobile web traffic figures for iPhone OS and Android, getting ready to collide: Android, on its way up; iPhone, on its way down. So when will Android overtake the iPhone? Try next month.

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