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Etsy Built A Website-Making Tool For Its Sellers

Making handmade goods might be the easy part when you consider all the work that goes into selling those products online. Now Etsy is giving its sellers a new tool for building a standalone website that easily populates with data from Etsy’s own online marketplace, making launching and maintaining an e-commerce site a whole lot easier.

Why US Government Websites Are Going To Start Looking Really Sharp (For Real)

Unfortunately for us, we’ll no longer be able to publish exhaustive lists of the ugliest US government websites. But fortunately for the American people, any url ending in .gov is going to look and function better than it ever has before, thanks to new government-wide standards.

A Rant Against Ello's 'Simple' Design

Have you heard of Ello? It’s a new social network site that is getting a lot of buzz for its anti-Facebook Inc stance. It promises a “Simple, beautiful & ad-free” experience. While it remains ad-free for now, whether it’s simple or beautiful is highly debatable. After all, when it comes to user experience and interface design, is there something that’s unanimously beautiful?

This Beautiful IMDb Redesign Concept Is Long Overdue

IMDb is one of the most useful sites on the web. But it’s also one of the most outmoded. Now, two web designers have taken it upon themselves what an IMDb for 2014 would look like — and the results are great. Here’s how they explain their design.

Can You Guess The Internet's Most Popular Sites Without Text Or Images?

Would you know Reddit or Twitter if you were only looking at their layouts? You might not think so — but you’d be surprised how well you know the structure of your most-used sites. Now, you can take a test to find out.

What Hoefler And Frere-Jones' Breakup Means For The Future Of Type Design

Chances are you’ve looked at the work of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones at least one time today. The type designers are behind many of the world’s most-loved fonts, like Gotham, made famous by Obama’s 2008 campaign. But according to a nasty legal document making the rounds today, the duo has parted ways.

Barley Trades Creative Control For Ridiculous Ease Of Use

You might be building a website because you want to. You have a vision. You’re in the zone. But you might be making a website because you need to, even though you have no idea what you’re doing. Services like WordPress and Weebly offer prefab options for this basic user, but even then it’s easy to get lost in the weeds.

Why This Simple Government Website Was Named Best Design Of The Year

When was the last time you tried to find a government form on the internet? The labyrinth of independent sites you have to visit before finding what you’re looking for is amazing. Bringing the web presence of an entire government under one roof is a Sisyphean task, and the UK has done it with with Gov.uk, a one-stop web shop that launched earlier this year.

Clever Resume Styled Like An Amazon Page Is So Good I Would Buy It

Making your resume stand out from a pile of papers or a bunch of pixels on a screen is hard as hell. How can people who went to similar schools and worked similar jobs and have similar skills differentiate themselves? By being clever. Like Philippe Dubost. He turned his resume into an Amazon product page. It’s brilliant!

Meet The American Who Designed North Korea's Website

Just yesterday we learned that North Korea paid only 15 bucks for its website. Now we get the reaction of Robert Westmore, the unwitting man behind the design.

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