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9 Free Web Apps To Replace Your Desktop Software

A few years ago, trying to move to an online-only existence wasn’t a practical option, but now long-serving web apps have grown more powerful and you can now do almost everything in a browser that you can do on the desktop (albeit in more limited form). Here’s our current picks for the best online apps out there.

Your Webcam Feed In ASCII Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today

Say goodbye to the rest of your day. Because after playing with this web app that turns your webcam feed into a real-time stream of ASCII art, you’re not going to want to do anything else ever again.

Google's Chrome Apps Have Finally Escaped Their Browser Prison

Up until now, Chrome’s Web Apps have been trapped in your browser, living with the rest of your internet like glorified tabs. Well, Google’s putting an end to that today. A new breed of Chrome Apps is here, and they live on your desktop.

Reporting Lost Shopping Trolleys? There's A Web App For That...

Woolworths has decided to take the fight against trolley theft and misuse to the world of apps, by launching a web app that lets users report lost or stolen trolleys location using their smartphones. So, who’s going to use it?

People Aren't Really Buying Chrome OS Apps

After Google’s big reveal of their Chrome OS platform, it seems people aren’t so keen on paying for web apps. TechCrunch says that the most purchased paid app in the Chrome web store gets about 65 weekly purchases. Ouch.

Google Introducing Chrome OS Netbook Next Week?

Rumours of a Chrome OS netbook first cropped up last December, but it seems as though the wait might be over soon: according to Engadget, Google’s going to make the laptop official Dec. 7th. Though maybe not easy to get.

How To: Turn Your Web Apps Into Real Apps

When you use a site like Gmail, you have to decide: Do I want to use the service’s website, or do I want to use it through an app, like Outlook? Here’s how to get the best of both worlds.

How Nerdy Is Your City, In Dollars?

How much do single mothers in Akron spend on electronics? What about married Chicagoans, without kids, on their phone service? Bachelors, on cable, in New York? If only there was an interactive web app to tell you this stuff!

JooJoo Tablet Strikes Back: Web App Store, Full Production Is A Go

After the iPad was announced for $US499, (a few) people asked, “What about JooJoo?” the other $US499 web tablet, formerly known as CrunchPad. Well, it’s on. JooJoo’s now in full production, and plans to open a web app store.

Unsettling Insider Info: Facebook's Universal Password

This interview with an anonymous Facebook employee spills some beans about the inner workings of the ‘book. One of the juiciest is that there was once a universal password that let them log in as anyone. Chuck Norris? Really?

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