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Vodafone Class Action: Everything You Need To Know

Law firm Piper Alderman is back to fight for disgruntled Vodafone customers with a three-year old class action lawsuit that aims to take the telco for all its worth for alleged bad service in 2010-11. The law firm won’t be officially filing the suit for three months so that new claimants can come on board. Here’s how to get involved, along with everything you need to know.

Opinion: Why It's Not Fun To Kick Vodafone Anymore

People love to complain about their telco provider, but when it comes to no. 3 telco Vodafone, kicking it to death has become somewhat of a national pastime. We now stand two years after the #Vodafail fiasco, and the class-action lawsuit for disgruntled customers has resurfaced. When the case was proposed back in 2011, it was fun and empowering, but now that it’s back in 2013, it feels wrong and cruel. Here’s why it’s not fun to kick Vodafone anymore.

Vodafone Is Finally Being Sued Over Bad Coverage, 23,000 People Registered Already [Updated]

At the height of Vodafone’s “Vodafail” controversy last year brought on by bad coverage, a shoddy network and about the same level of customer service, law firm Piper Alderman decided to get disgruntled customers to sign up to a class action against the telco. Today we got word that the class action is set to proceed.

Conroy Serves Vodafone CEO: You Suck At Regional Coverage

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be verbally slapped by a sitting Senator? Ask Vodafone CEO Bill Morrow. He just got served by Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, for accusing the government of unfairly subsidising Telstra. I have never read a quote that should have contained the word “Vodafail” than this.

Vodafone Galaxy S II Having Some GPS Issues?

Vodafone just can’t seem to catch a break. If it’s not an ongoing campaign against the quality of their network, it’s the fact that the GPS functionality seems to be playing up on one of the best Android phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

You Know You're In Trouble When People Start Singing About Your Terrible Network Coverage

Vodafone’s been doing it pretty tough recently in the customer satisfaction stakes. There are a large number of dissatisfied customers unhappy with dropped calls, delayed messages and non-existant service. But you really have to know you’re in trouble when someone parodies Lady Gaga to sing a song about your network woes…

Vodafone Respond To Network Criticism With Massive Network Upgrade

The recent Vodafail coverage that helps rival telco CEOs sleep well at night, might be finally coming to an end soon – that is, if their latest press statement has any bearing on actual network coverage.

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