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Hack Lets You Play Virtual Boy Games Through Google Cardboard 

The Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s most maligned console flop, is getting a new lease on life thanks to some modern VR technology. Reddit user The King of Spain has modified an Android emulator so that you can play Virtual Boy through Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or other cheap virtual reality setups.

The Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet That Never Existed

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was over before it ever really got a chance to show what it couldn’t do. But that doesn’t mean that someone, somewhere isn’t building an arcade cabinet temple for the aborted console.

Hands On With Sony’s Headman

As part of their prototype demonstrations during yesterday’s press event, Sony showed off the Headman – a personal viewing device that looks a lot like a top-heavy version of Nintendo’s old Virtual Boy. But unlike Nintendo’s failed VR headset, the Headman prototype is like sitting in your own private HD cinema.

Nintendo's Virtual Boy Gets Torn Apart

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was among the first game consoles to display “true 3D graphics” and a cherished part of many childhoods. It’s also the “coolest device” the iFixIt crew has ever taken apart and it’s easy to see why.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Spotted For Sale

Akihabara, Tokyo, October 2010. It’s true. You’re looking at an almost mint boxed and wrapped Nintendo Virtual Boy. Oh how I want it! Sadly it wont fit in my carry on or checked luggage. But how sweet it is. I hankered for one of these when they first came to light around 1994. Back then the idea of putting on goggles that threw you into a surreal 3D virtual world was awesomely amazing, even if it was only a monochrome display that had the tendency to make the user seriously nauseous.

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