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Vevo: Sorry Our Guests Illegally Streamed An NFL Game On Our Big Screen

The online music video service Vevo has responded to reports that it aired an illegally-streamed football game at Sundance. While the company admits that the illegal streaming and broadcast did happen, they’re denying responsibility.

Vevo Might Find New Home At Facebook

The go-to service for music videos on YouTube could be heading to Facebook of all places. Because we all know how well it works out when social networks become a place for musicians to hang out (*cough* MySpace).

Guy Pranks YouTube Into Taking Down Justin Bieber's Official Video

YouTube is big fat no fun having missy when it comes to copyright rules. They’re so afraid of pissing somebody off (and getting a lawsuit) that they’ll even pull official videos now. Like today, when a prankster submitted a copyright claim against Justin Bieber’s Vevo and YouTube took down his page.

VEVO App Brings 20,000 Music Videos To Your iPhone

VEVO, that sparkly subdivision of the YouTube metropolis that houses all the music videos, now has their own free app for iPhones and iPod touches. It has every video in the VEVO catalogue – over 22,000.

Disco Turns YouTube Into Your Own Personal Music Library

YouTube’s got millions of songs on its servers, and now, thanks to Vevo, a hefty slice of them are totally aboveboard. In Disco, YouTube’s built an official, media-player-like front end for all this music, with a Pandora-like discovery tool.

YouTube's VEVO Music Video Site Launching Tonight

YouTube and Universal have teamed up to create VEVO, a music video site which will host music videos with the blessings of various recording companies. The site is launching tonight and so far the details sound pretty great.

YouTube Is the De Facto Internet Music Video Archive Already, But Here Comes Vevo

Vevo, the collaboration of Universal Music Group and YouTube, is going to be a site that streams videos from various artists like U2, and is designed to make money. What?

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