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Watch A Powerful Laser Beam Push A Piece Of Foil Forward

Video: A strong enough laser can burn things, clean things, pop things and, most impressively, move things. Yep. Watch this powerful laser shining into a piece of aluminium foil suspended in a vacuum and you’ll see the foil starting to sway back and forth from the ultra light beam.

What Happens When You Put Marshmallows In A Vacuum

Video: Play with your food. That’s the moral of the story from Crazy Russian Hacker. He put marshmallows in one of those vacuum food containers, pumped out the air, and watched the squishy little white puffs balloon into ginormous monsters. It’s all silly fun.

Happy Hour: I Put The Ultimate Stubby Holder To The Test

Stubby holders. They keep your hand from getting cold and your beer from getting warm — what could be better? One that keeps your beer cold for much, much longer, that’s what.

Here's Liquid Nitrogen Turning Into Solid Nitrogen In An Extreme Vacuum

What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber? It turns solid. And then it snows. As the vacuum lowers the pressure in the chamber, it decreases the boiling point of the liquid nitrogen which means the nitrogen boils faster. But! The boiling liquid nitrogen is also evaporating which cools itself, which turns the liquid nitrogen so cold that it turns into a solid. Solid nitrogen colder than -346 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Happens To Peeps In A Vacuum

We’re all familiar with the classic springtime tradition of sending Peeps to their noble deaths via microwave, but that’s getting a bit old. How about a total vacuum instead?

Dyson's Massive Floating Garbage Vacuum Could Clean Up Our Rivers

James Dyson has an idea for a new form of sucking machine — one so large it requires an entire barge to house it. The idea here is to let a giant water-going vessel free and allow it to “mine” rivers of all the floating junk that’s been tossed away into waterway everywhere since man first invented plastic bottles and tin cans.

Dyson Might Sue Samsung In Australia Over Vacuum 'Rip-Off'

Samsung and Dyson, two giants in the home appliance sector, are both currently warring over alleged patent infringement in the UK courts. Now, you might think, “why do I care when we’re all the way down here?”. You should care because if Dyson wins its action in England, it may end up suing Samsung Down Under as well.

Dyson DC44 Animal Review: The Best Kind Of Suck

Sir James Dyson is a clever fellow. You could easily mistake his latest invention for a replica lightsabre prop, but it’s actually the future of the dustbuster. Is this the future our floors have been waiting for?

Dyson Launches 'High Performance' Cordless Vacuum for Suction Nerds

Good old James Dyson has had his people working on yet another better type of vacuum cleaner, this time coming up with the DC44, or the Digital Super Slim. We’re not entirely sure what’s digital about it, but it looks quite nice, and it’s cordless for all of your super-suction needs.

How To Turn A Vaccum Cleaner Into A Hover Craft

Cleaning is dull. But don’t worry, there’s a solution: turn your Hoover into a hover craft. Not only is it a great displacement activity, it’ll also make cleaning your place easier. Double win.

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