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Extremely Bad Reasons Why Waterless Urinals Were Illegal

We take it for granted that urinals flush. With each pull of the lever, gallons of clean water come to whisk away a few ounces of pee. If you think about it, it’s actually pretty wasteful, and the current drought is convincing facilities to consider waterless urinals. But these waterless bathroom contraptions have had to fight a long, hard road to acceptance.

Would This New Urinal Design Make Men Wash Their Hands?

Here’s a problem about guys: many of us don’t wash our hands after using the restroom. It might be general grossness or everyman laziness or being too trusting your own hygiene or being too drunk or taking on a drive through mentality with a urinal. But if you monitor a men’s restroom, you’ll see many folks skip the sink.

Is This The World's Most Overcrowded Restroom?

This is the male public restroom at Celestial Heights in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong. The room boasts a positively luxurious 2.5sqm of floor space, into which eight urinals are squeezed. Eight urinals, with less than 15cm separating each one.

Men Can't Resist Pissing On Pictures Of Insects In Urinals

According to University of Illinois professor May Berenbaum, men “have a deep-seated instinct to aim at targets” in the urinary sense. Logically, sticking a picture on the back of a urinal will cause men to aim for it like lemmings.

Urinal For Girls Means We've Finally Reached Restroom Line Equality

Not only do girls have to deal with arseholes like us guys, but their bathroom lines are ridiculously long. You know what would make the lines faster? Urinals for girls. I’m serious. It’s a thing.

Water Plants With Your Pee

I’ve peed on a ton of bushes before and I’m pretty sure I scarred those bushes forever. But! If I were to use this filtration system that pumps pee from a urinal to water plants… I’d totally be helping the environment.

Colour The Walls With Your Pee

I’ve seen some crazy urinals in my day but none top the potential addicting awesomeness of this thermochromic urinal.

The Battle Of The Waterless Urinal

On one side, you have a flush-less urinal design that could save immense resources. On the other, you have a few unsuccessful case studies and an army of angry plumbers. It’s an interesting read over at: [Wired]

Frightening Urinals From Around The World

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This montage of silly urinals brings into question one of my most diligently enforced personal rules: Never pee on anything that has teeth.

Trash Can Urinal Is A Disgusting Solution To A Disgusting Problem

Drunk people! They pee everywhere. So what is a town to do, about all this urine? How about they install public urinals, disguised as trash cans? Yes. How about that.

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