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UMID M2 Gets Faster, Cheaper: Windows 7, 1GB RAM For $US500

Intel’s Developers Conference kicks off today, and UMID is showing off its upgrade to the M1 ultra mobile PC. The M2 has the same keyboard and 4.8-inch (1024×600) screen, but will use faster 1.2Ghz or 1.6GHz Atom processors.

OQO Shuts Down Repairs, Discontinues Phone Lines

It’s not a surprise, but ailing UMPC company OQO has just stopped support service and closed down their phone lines, citing “financial constraints.” That’s pretty much the end of OQO. [OQOTalk via Engadget]

OQO Model 2+ Production Is Unlikely, Company Not Doing So Hot

OQO’s pre-order cancellation and recent trouble lead us to believe that the company’s not doing so well, which SVP Bob Rosin confirms by saying that their Model 2+ production is “unlikely”. [BuildYourUMPC via BBG]

OQO Cancels All Pre-Orders, We Come to an Obvious Conclusion

Despite widespread speculation about the company’s health, OQO has been fairly coy about their financial situation. Now, they’ve cancelled all pre-orders for their upcoming Model 2+ UMPC. Sort of like a dying company might do!

Beta Version of Asus T91 Tablet Netbook Gets Touched All Over

Sascha of got to muck around with the beta-version of Asus’ T91 tablet netbook. While the UI is still rough around the edges, it looks to be a promising addition to the tablet family.

Windows 7 Comfortably Scales to 600MHz, 512MB UMPC

We already knew that Windows 7 runs well on netbooks, but to run reasonably well on a 600MHz processor, 512MB RAM UMPC represents a whole new level of scalability.

Some Korean UMPC Has Maybe the Best Box Art Ever

At this point, we could really care less about a Korea-only UMPC, for obvious reasons. Unless the box art looks like this. Take notes, US gadget manufacturers. [Engadget]

Viliv S7 Takes On the Sony Vaio P With a Tablet Twist

Specs for Viliv’s S7 UMPC/netbook/tablet/whatever have popped up, and while the gadget’s guts are similar to other netbooks, the physical design— including a jumbo keyboard and battery and a swiveling touchscreen— sets it apart.

OQO Model 2+ Is +10 Awesome: OLED Touchscreen, Global 3G and Speed UP

Not much left to divulge beyond what leaked already about the OQO Model 02+: It’s newly endowed with a stunning OLED touchscreen, global 3G and faster 1.86GHz Atom CPU. But! It’s only $US1500. And pics!

More Sony Vaio Pocket Leaks: Screens That Sweet Don't Come Cheap

While we knew much of Sony’s new netbook’s specs already, the price was still a mystery. But new leaks put the Vaio Pocket awfully close to the $US1000 mark, which makes it a pricey toy indeed.

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