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You Can Now Play Music Through Dozens Of UE Boom Speakers At Once

Party up. That’s what you can now do if you have two, or three, or four, or six dozen UE Boom or Megaboom or Boom 2 speakers from Ultimate Ears, now that a new software update for UE’s app makes it possible to connect more speakers than any rational person could ever reasonably have.

UE Speakers Get Voice Activation With Siri And Google Now

Ultimate Ears speakers are already super portable, waterproof, sound great and and boast an impressive 15 hours battery life. Now with new Siri and Google Now voice integration on the Boom 2 and Megaboom models, you won’t have to pick up your phone to play DJ.

UE Speakers Now Let Three People DJ At Once

Ultimate Ears make some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy and now they have just added a neat feature which makes them even more sociable: you can now have up to three people sharing songs trough the same speaker at once.

UE Boom 2: Australian Review

Back in 2013, we were blessed with the launch of the UE Boom — a small, portable, waterproof speaker that sounded great for its size and had enough battery life to last a full day at the beach. But that was two years ago, and since then we’ve had the UE Roll and the Megaboom — a smaller speaker and a larger one. Since then, we’ve been waiting for a new Boom. The second incarnation of one of the best Bluetooth-toting portable speakers we’ve ever used is here, and it’s better in every single way.

Dick Smith Is Selling The [Update: All Gone!] UE Boom For $99

Want a great, powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker at an alluring price? Courtesy of a crazy eBay sale, Dick Smith is selling the Ultimate Ears Boom for literally half the price of its $198 RRP.

UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker: Australian Review

Do you ever miss your old Sony Discman? Find yourself longing for that rounded, flat, vaguely ovoid shape? Well, you can have it — in a portable speaker. The new UE Roll is the smallest — and cutest — Bluetooth speaker yet from Ultimate Ears, and it takes over from the already impressive Mini Boom. Despite its small size, it actually sounds pretty damn good.

UE Megaboom: The Best Bluetooth Speaker, Supersized 

Ultimate Ears’ Boom is the best all around portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy. With the new Megaboom speaker, UE takes that superb design and makes it bigger, tougher, and perhaps, even better.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Review: Big Sound, Small Package

Portable hi-fi speakers are all the rage at the moment. Syncing with your smartphone or tablet or notebook over Bluetooth, these battery-powered boomboxes are great for picnics, trips to the beach or on speakerphone duties (if you want to feel like Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, at least).

UE Boom Review: Big Sound Never Looked So Good

You may not have heard of Ultimate Ears, and for that, you can be forgiven. What you should definitely hear, however, is how good their latest speaker sounds.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Review: What Do $US1350 Earbuds Sound Like?

CNET’s Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg unequivocally thinks the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro earbuds, with their six driver setup, are worth $US1350. So, uh, what do earbuds that cost more than most computers sound like?

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