Museums And Universities Are Using Forced Labour To Build In Abu Dhabi

The Guggenheim. The Louvre. NYU. All have signed on to build outposts on an island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. And according to a new report from Human Rights Watch today, the development where these institutions will be located is being built with forced labour.

Abu Dhabi's New Park Will Hide A 30-Acre Oasis Below The Desert

The United Arab Emirates has been overrun with a surge of costly and extravagant developments over the past decade including the Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Now, a 125,000 square metre park in Abu Dhabi will join them — but this isn’t your average mega-development.

How The Persian Gulf Is Quietly Building A Railroad Empire

In the US, the arrival of a new tunnel boring machine is huge news, warranting naming ceremonies and Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, in Doha, officials have quietly signed a contract to buy 15 boring machines to build a sprawling new train system. And that’s nothing compared to the massive transit network being built to connect the rest of the Gulf states.

Take A Rare Tour Of Dubai's Crazily Hectic Shipyards

All that cement and steel has to come from somewhere. In an amazing video by filmmaker Brandon Li, we get a chance to stroll through a world not many see: The dockyards of Dubai, where everything from food to construction materials arrive in the UAE city.

The World's Tallest Building May Soon Be Without Lifts Or A/C

Rent at the 163-storey Burj Khalifa doesn’t come cheap. While a one-bedroom “only” costs $US55,000 a year (according to CNN), it’s the $US25,000 service fee that really gets you. Now, a fight over these fees may force tenants to make the climb home on foot.

New Airport Complex Takes Shape In Abu Dhabi

A new airport complex is taking shape in Abu Dhabi, where roughly 12,000 construction workers are on-site daily to finish the massive structure, whose floor area is larger than that of the Pentagon. According to UAE paper The National, it will take 76,000 tonnes of steel to build the structure’s dramatic arches, designed by New York-based KPF.

Gorgeous Windswept Photos Of Dubai's Booming, Bloated Metropolis

Ten years ago, there were more than 800 individual buildings under construction in Dubai at any given time. Today, Dubai and Abu Dhabi suffer from a vast oversupply of real estate: some claim that as much at 40 per cent of buildings are vacant, though plans for more development are in the works.

UAE Opens Biggest Solar Power Station In The World

The Shams Power Company opened its Shams 1 concentrated solar power station this week in Abu Dhabi. The station generates 100MW, and it can power 20,000 homes while reducing CO2 emissions by 160,000 tonnes per year.

Skydiving, Like Everything Else, Is Even Crazier In Dubai

Dubai is full of unbelievable things, like the tallest building in the world and a shopping centre with a ski slope. It’s pretty awesome, but you know what makes it even better? Skydiving over it.

11 Years Of Dubai's Growth Seen From Space

We knew Dubai was growing uncontrollably, but this video demonstrates how absolutely crazy this growth has been. It covers 11 years, from 2000 to 2011. These sheiks and their real estate developers are completely nuts.