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Just How Many Cigarettes Did Matthew McConaughey Smoke In True Detective?

This is totally silly because it was two years ago but anyone who saw True Detective season one knew a few things to be true. That Matthew McConaughey was going to win an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club because of his performance as Rust Cohle in True Detective and that as foul as cigarettes are, you wish you could enjoy them like he did on screen. How many times did he get to make you jealous? A clean 40. Two packs of on screen inhaling joy.

A Side-By-Side Comparison Of A TV Show's First Scene Versus The Final Scene

Video: Because we’re all so sensitive these days: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched TV shows including Breaking Bad, The Wire, Lost, Sons of Anarchy or Friends, watch out, because this video shows the first frame in the series premiere and the last frame was in the series finale. If you have seen the shows (or don’t scream bloody murder about spoilers), you’ll see the interesting juxtaposition of the beginning and end of a TV show right next to each other. It’s great.

Watch The Movie References Used By The Simpsons Side-By-Side With The Actual Scene (NSFW)

Video: Celia Gomez edited scenes from The Simpsons side-by-side with the movies those scenes are paying homage to and it’s just so much fun. We get to see how the hilarious animators of The Simpsons have repurposed and refashioned those iconic movies to be set in Springfield. That means seeing our favourite characters on The Simpsons turn into set pieces in Raiders of the Lost Ark or Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, as well as seeing how two cupcakes can be creatively used to recreate a NSFW scene in A Clockwork Orange.

Evolution Of Robots In Movies And TV

Video: Science fiction movies and TV shows don’t really count unless they have iconic robot characters. That’s a completely true statement, by the way. Nobody cares how good a story is unless they can pretend living in a reality where sentient robots, awesome droids and fun little machine pals exists. We want to live in the future where Roombas go on adventures with us! Artist Scott Park illustrated all our favourite robots from movies and TV shows — think R2-D2 and HAL 9000 and Optimus Prime and Johnny Five — to show the evolution of these synthetic characters.

This Beautiful Animation For The Wire Is Absolutely Fantastic

Video: The Wire absolutely belongs on the Mount Rushmore of television shows. Its intro sequence was always one of the most memorable both because of the music and how it utilised up close looks at scenes of the season while painting a broader picture of the entire world of The Wire itself. Elliot Lim re-does the intro sequence in animation, which wouldn’t seem like it would work for a TV show as gritty as The Wire but totally does because it captures so much of the shows essence.

Why You Should Be Looking Forward To Ash Vs Evil Dead

Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Ash vs Evil Dead Day. You can catch this much anticipated reboot from October 31 anytime, anywhere, on Stan. Keep reading to find out why you should be adding Ash vs Evil Dead to your spooky celebrations.

Why You Need To Watch The New Stan Original Comedy, No Activity

No Activity is about to become your new favourite Aussie comedy, available to view anytime, anywhere, on Stan. Keep reading to find out why.

The Side-By-Side Visual Similarities Of Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction

Video: Pulp Fiction basically influences anything that’s good. And Breaking Bad drew influence from a lot of good things before it. But I never realised how similar they were when I was watching and obsessing over Breaking Bad because when you put some scenes side-by-side, you will see shots that clearly pay tribute to the visual style of Pulp Fiction.

This Animation Teaser For The X-Files is So Awesome

Video: This animation teaser for the upcoming return of The X-Files is so good that it totally should be the title sequence. It’s perfect because nothing is as it first seems, things change depending on how close or far you’re looking and what you think is going to happen, doesn’t always happen.

One Season Wonders You Can Watch On Stan

They are the shows that had us hooked, then abruptly ended after one lonely season. And now you can watch them anytime, anywhere on Stan.

Here’s 10 of the best one season wonders, the stories that ended all too soon.

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