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Why You Should Be Looking Forward To Ash Vs Evil Dead

Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Ash vs Evil Dead Day. You can catch this much anticipated reboot from October 31 anytime, anywhere, on Stan. Keep reading to find out why you should be adding Ash vs Evil Dead to your spooky celebrations.

Why You Need To Watch The New Stan Original Comedy, No Activity

No Activity is about to become your new favourite Aussie comedy, available to view anytime, anywhere, on Stan. Keep reading to find out why.

The Side-By-Side Visual Similarities Of Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction

Video: Pulp Fiction basically influences anything that’s good. And Breaking Bad drew influence from a lot of good things before it. But I never realised how similar they were when I was watching and obsessing over Breaking Bad because when you put some scenes side-by-side, you will see shots that clearly pay tribute to the visual style of Pulp Fiction.

This Animation Teaser For The X-Files is So Awesome

Video: This animation teaser for the upcoming return of The X-Files is so good that it totally should be the title sequence. It’s perfect because nothing is as it first seems, things change depending on how close or far you’re looking and what you think is going to happen, doesn’t always happen.

One Season Wonders You Can Watch On Stan

They are the shows that had us hooked, then abruptly ended after one lonely season. And now you can watch them anytime, anywhere on Stan.

Here’s 10 of the best one season wonders, the stories that ended all too soon.

Hilarious Video Does The Impossible And Turns Joffrey Into The Hero Of Game Of Thrones

Joffrey is such a despicable character on Game of Thrones with such a punchable face and hateful personality that it’s pretty much impossible to make him look good. And yet! This video by Blood Blitz Comedy tries its hardest to re-edit the show to make Joffrey look like the true hero he could have been if he wasn’t such a turd.

Here's Star Wars Re-Done In A True Detective Intro Style

The second season of True Detective was a steaming pile of hot plot garbage that smeared itself across our eyeballs and dripped its word vomit dialogue into our ears for 8 weeks. It was nothing like the first season. Well, that’s not true. The intro credit sequence was still fantastic. Here’s something to help us forget about getting dragged through all of LA freeways with people we don’t care about: a Star Wars credit sequence done in the style of the first True Detective credits.

This Trailer For Mind Of A Chef Makes Me Crave Foods I Never Ate Before

Mind of a Chef is one of the best shows about food on television right now and this upcoming season they’re going to feature Gabrielle Hamilton from Prune in New York City. She’s a James Beard award winner so it will be fun to see what influences her and how she works but really, it will just be super cool to see all the food porn.

This Handmade Futurama Title Sequence Is So Much Fun

We’ve seen the Futurama intro done up in stunning photorealistic 3D before. And we’ve seen the normal animation sequence before the TV show so many times. Now here’s an old video of the intro being recreated with hand made cutouts. All the images were drawn and props were put together to re-make the original and it’s great fun.

We're Living In A Golden Age Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV And Movies

Opinion: Guardians of the Galaxy. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. The last couple of years have been very good to anyone who likes sci-fi or fantasy; there are more shows and movies across the entire genre than in the decades before And there are more ways to watch all these great TV shows and movies than ever before. Life is pretty great.

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