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Watch Portal Turrets Rise Up Against GLaDOS With Song

When they’re not trying to fill you with lead, the turrets from Portal are actually super-adorable, especially when they have a song to sing. A small team of filmmakers has teamed up to make a new turret anthem and it’s amazing.

Monster Machines: This Auto-Turret Can Kill From Three Clicks

The 4km wide demilitarised zone separating North and South Korea is the most heavily contested stretch of land on the planet. And if the massive contingent of troops, tanks, bunkers and land mines weren’t enough of a trespassing deterrent, this eagle-eyed auto-targeting gun turret should do the trick.

Monster Machines: Death By Joystick With The M153 CROWS Turret

Manning the turret atop an armoured vehicle is among the most essential and dangerous assignments in a military convoy. Gunners must stand exposed through a hole in the vehicle’s roof while taking cover and engaging targets. To reduce gunner casualties, the US military designed a Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station, a joystick-driven killing machine called the CROWS.

Portal Egg Turret Is The Best Geek Breakfast Ever

Everyone here at Giz HQ is kind of Portal crazy at the moment, but it appears that we’re not the only ones. Kotaku reader Zoran sent Serrels over at Kotaku this handy guide to turning your boiled egg breakfast into a Portal turret. Just try and avoid the feeling of guilt as you consume its delicious, delicious internal circuitry. [Kotaku]

DIY Tupperware Turret Is Home Defence At Its Best

If you want to truly protect your family from dangerous home burglars, or alien invasions or the rise of the machines, you’ll build yourself a turret from recycled scraps and Tupperware like Chris from PyroElectro.

DIY Paintball Turret Keeps Kids Away By Firing 38 Paintballs Per Second

I just saw Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino for the first time the other day. This DIY paintball turret would have made the ending… different.

EMT Paintball Sentry Turret Feels No Pain(tballs)

Sure, you could dress up in full camo, pad your body in all the vulnerable places and crawl around in muggy, midsummer heat. Or, you could sit in A/C while pwning all those suckers. This wireless EMT Paintball Sentry Turret allows you to do just that, as long as you’re within range of its A/V feed.

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