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Google Is Opening A Detroit Office To Poach Auto Talent

Just few weeks after Google got us all excited about its impending fleet of autonomous Chrysler minivans, the company’s Self-Driving Car project announced that it’s packing up at least part of its operation and moving it to Detroit. Ford, hide your engineers!

Everyone Was Supposed To Own A Yacht By Now, According To Futurists Of The 1950s

According to futurists of the 1950s, people of the 21st century were all supposed to be zipping around in solar-powered cars, watching wall-sized TVs and enjoying holidays on the moon. We were even supposed to all have our own yachts. Well, half a yacht at least.

You Could Pay Your Public Transport Fare With A Tap Of Your Phone

It’s a dream of busy transit riders to be able to quickly and conveniently pay fares with the one thing that we always seem to have handy — our phones. In today’s Android Pay demo at Google I/O, we got to see the reality that Tube-riding Londoners will soon experience.

Why We Don't Crash Our Cars While Daydreaming and Driving

Many of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we’re seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we’re left dumbfounded that we didn’t get into a serious accident. A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absent-minded driving — but that it completely breaks down while texting.

The Physics Of The Hyperloop, Explained

There was lots of exciting news this week about the much-anticipated Hyperloop, a high-speed train that would be able to make the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes.

What's Happening With Hyperloop, Explained

Hyperloop is maybe almost possibly here! But which hyperloop company did that thing this week? And what kind of technology is it using? Does it work? Most importantly, when are we getting one? We have all the answers for you, right here.

Watch The First Full-Scale Demo Of Hyperloop Technology

A hyperloop startup has built the first full-scale test track for the transportation system in the desert outside Las Vegas. Today, Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop Technologies) accelerated a test vehicle down a rail track at speeds of up to 300 mph using the hyperloop’s propulsion technology. It looked like a really fast roller coaster.

Watch The First Passenger Train To Travel From Downtown LA To Santa Monica In 60 Years

Today, for the first time since 1953, a train filled with passengers travelled from downtown Los Angeles to downtown Santa Monica. A preview ride for the city’s brand-new Expo Line extension allowed a few dozen transit employees, journalists, and politicians including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, to experience the ride which opens to the public on May 20.

Uber Is Doing Something Halfway Decent For Its New York Drivers

After angry protests and several lawsuits, Uber is finally letting its drivers have representation from a union. Uber’s 35,000 New York City-based drivers will be represented by a special arm of the International Association of Machinists (IAM). But it doesn’t mean they’re unionised, exactly.

Here Is What Tomorrow's First Full-Scale Test Of The Hyperloop Will Look Like

Tomorrow, in the Nevada desert, one of the companies working to develop a hyperloop will deliver a proof of concept — the first full-scale demonstration of the transportation technology that will be able to ravel at speeds over 483km/h, radically changing the future of transit along the way.

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