Northrop Once Built Planes That Were Just Giant Wings

After World War II, the future of commercial air travel was supposed to be fantastic. There were promises that planes like Northrop Grumman’s flying wing would become the norm for civilian flying. These promises were often made to Baby Boomers — young, impressionable kids of the 1950s and ’60s — like in this cutaway drawing by L. Ashwell Wood for the comic book Eagle.

Why Google Is So Interested In Kenya's Public Transport System

The thousands of graphics-covered minibuses called matatus that zip through Nairobi make up one of the largest (and liveliest) informal transportation systems in the world. This unregulated — some might say renegade — transit keeps the city moving rather efficiently, and, until recently, was an all-cash business. Until Google stepped in.

See How Much Of New York City A Taxi Driver Sees In A Single Day

Everybody’s wondered what it’s like to be a taxi driver. Whether riding in the back of a cab contemplating your existence or watching a Robert De Niro movie, we’ve all contemplated how many passengers it takes to make a day’s wages. Now, thanks to some clever code, you can watch it play out before your very eyes.

1970 Predicts: 25% Of Commuters Will Use Flying Machines By 2000

Dreams of our helicopter future really took off in the 1940s. But they were still alive and well in the 1970s. The old guard couldn’t give up on the commuter aircraft of tomorrow. Like in this edition of the Sunday comic strip, “Our New Age”.

We Should All Be Using Vacant Tram Tracks For Personal Pallet Trains

Trams and light rail trains are great for getting around a city and all, but they’re just sitting there empty a lot of the time, just begging you to trip over them. So why not turn that underused resource into a new form of mobility: A DIY pallet-train for one?

This Is What The Sunken Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Looks Like Now

Remember how the cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground in Italy in 2012? Now, police divers have re-entered the vessel, days before an attempt to re-float it, and this video shows exactly what it looks like two years on.

Flying Car Company: China Desperately Needs Flying Cars

Executives from the flying car company Terrafugia are currently in China looking for funding, leading some in the media to innocently ask if flying cars could ease Beijing’s traffic congestion. As the young folks these days might put it: LOL.

Economy Aeroplane Seats Of The Future Will Be More Like First Class

BAE Systems has taken a break from submarines and warships to lavish attention on the humble cattle-class flyer. Its IntelliCabin, a system that integrates passenger controls into a touchscreen tablet interface for fliers and staff, should make standard class a bit more like first. A bit.

Why The Same Three Typefaces Are Used In Almost Every Airport

Wayfinding signage is an invisible network draped upon our public places. And that network has to work especially hard in airports when we’re lost, hungry and exhausted. Especially when helping us navigate in jetlagged states using strange languages, good wayfinding means sticking to clear, legible typefaces. So how do designers choose?

Elon Musk Wants To Make A Flying Car

“Maybe we’ll make a flying car, just for fun,” Elon Musk told The Independent yesterday. Explaining that he’d “thought about it quite a lot”, the only thing stopping him appears to be every single thing that’s kept the flying car from becoming a mainstream reality in the past 100 years.