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Uber Can Actually Make It Easier For People To Ride Public Transit 

Uber’s destruction of the taxi industry is obvious — and NYC cabs are finally fighting back. But how much of a threat is Uber to other modes of transportation? Earlier this week I worried that Uber’s plan to more easily scoop people off city streets might take ridership away from public transit. But a FiveThirtyEight investigation claims that might not be the case.

What The Heck Is A Road Diet?

You might have heard the term “road diet”, which sounds like the dining habits of some asphalt-chomping ogre. And it kind of is! But what does it really mean? Here are four videos that explain exactly what transportation planners are doing when they turn space for cars into space for walkers and bikers — and why it’s good for your commute.

The NYC Taxi Industry Finally Has An App, Only Four Years Too Late

Uber-haters of New York, rejoice! The city’s yellow and green cabs finally got their shit together and launched an app that lets you hail and pay for taxi rides, just like Uber. Except there’s one big bonus: no surge pricing or harassment from a terrible CEO.

9 Things Worse Than Pedestrian Plazas That Should Be Removed From New York's Times Square

Converting a busy street in Times Square into vibrant pedestrian plazas has been one of the most celebrated ideas in New York City’s history — a bold urban move which has been mimicked around the world. Now New York’s mayor and police commissioner want to remove the plazas and restore Times Square back to its original car-congested glory.

Japan Uses Cameras On Train Platforms To Spot (And Save) Drunk People

Here in New York City, subway security is on the prowl for crooks, would-be terrorists, and other unsavoury characters. But in Japan, security cameras are used to detect a totally different type of passenger: Wasted people. And it’s for their own good.

This Was The Motorised Scooter Of 1918

Here in the early 21st century, many parks and zoos offer motorised scooters for people who can’t or would rather not walk around. But it’s far from a new concept, as you can see in this photo from 1918.

I Spent A Day On The World's Most Pointless Transit System

The Detroit People Mover, a monorail forming a 4.8km, 13-stop clockwise loop around downtown Detroit, is Michigan’s longest municipal rail system.

Want To Make Your Commute Feel Shorter? Wait At A Tree-Lined Bus Stop

Trees, what can’t they do? They shelter urban wildlife, improve our mental health, and provide the very air we breathe. And it turns out that just the presence of trees at a public transit stop might be enough to improve riders’ perception of the transit experience — even if the actual service doesn’t improve at all.

Why Are Our Boats And Planes Getting Slower?

Humanity used to have supersonic passenger jets and 112kph car ferries. Now, we have gate-checked bags and the TSA. How did we fall so far? Tom Scott’s video should help explain.

70 Years After The Bomb, An Original Hiroshima Trolley Is Up And Running

Seventy years ago today, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The city was nearly obliterated, but some structures survived. One is this street car, which is back up and running this year, restored and painted fresh as a symbol of resilience.

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