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Minivans Are The Future

The news that Google’s next self-driving car will be a modified Chrysler Pacifica hybrid has quickly elevated “minivan” from the punchlines of dad jokes to a totally serious solution for our transportation troubles. It’s not surprising at all. Zipping a bunch of people and their stuff around a city safely is exactly what minivans were destined to do. The future of driving — ahem, riding — is the minivan.

Uber: You Can Tip Your Driver But You Really Shouldn't

After settling two big lawsuits where drivers claimed Uber did not allow them to accept tips, Uber agreed to not get in the way of the practice any more. There was even speculation that Uber might start encouraging the act. Today, the on-demand ride app has answered that speculation with an unequivocal middle finger to its drivers: “Tips are not included nor are they expected on Uber.”

Elon Musk Claims Tesla's Autopilot Decreases Crashes By Half

Tesla’s new semi-autonomous Autopilot feature has already saved a few YouTubers from spectacular crashes. But according to Elon Musk, those aren’t the exception to the rule: Autopilot has decreased crashes by 50 per cent in a few months.

Elon Musk Is Working On Some Kind Of Self-Driving Bus

Sure, an affordable electric car can go a long way towards helping Australia achieve energy independence and wrestling its citizens away from fossil fuels. But if Elon Musk really wanted to solve our transportation problems, he’d be designing an electric bus. If his comments at a conference today are true, Musk is doing exactly that.

Can You Guess How Much NYC Paid The Architect Of The Most Expensive Train Station On Earth?

The World Trade Center Transit Hub — AKA The (other) Oculus — has already gone down in history as the most expensive train station, ever. The grand total was $US4 billion, about twice what it was supposed to cost, and more than the skyscraper adjacent to it. But there might be another record-breaking figure associated with this project. I couldn’t believe how much the architect got paid.

London Just Reopened The Entrance To This Underwater Tunnel For The First Time In 147 Years

The first underwater tunnel ever built opened in London in 1843, paving a path for cities everywhere to expand beneath rivers and oceans. Today, the tunnel’s grand entrance hall reopens to the public for the first time in 147 years. The underground event space is part of an engineering museum that celebrates the famous family who built the tunnel — and much of London.

Why The US Need An Autonomous-Only Highway From Canada To Mexico 

Autonomous cars are hot and flashy and new. Roads, by and large, are expensive and shockingly boring. But unfortunately, autonomous cars will only work if some radical changes are made to our infrastructure, and this proposed highway is a good place to start.

This Is The Totally Wrong Way To Think About Self-Driving Cars

I’m no fan of cars, as you might have guessed from some of my previous stories. But I do believe that better technology — namely the kind that will prevent humans from driving them — can make cars, and our world, better.

Paris Is Giving 50 Per Cent Of Its Legendary Roundabouts Back To People

When you think of Paris, you probably think of narrow, tree-lined streets. But consider some of its most famous monuments: They’re ringed by several lanes of busy vehicular traffic. Now the city is promising at least half of that space will go to pedestrians instead of cars.

The Death Star Has The Most Impressive Public Transit System In The Galaxy

After the release of the Rogue One trailer, the internet was abuzz with theories that parts of the new Star Wars film were filmed in a London Tube station. Which is, of course, not true. Everyone knows that the Death Star has an incredibly comprehensive public transit system — possibly the best in the universe.

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