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After A High-Speed Chase In LA, Suspected Burglars Have Time To Pose For Selfies Before Cops Arrive

It’s not really how anyone expected one of LA’s most bizarre police chases ever to end.

Papasan Convertible Is LA's New Laid-Back Approach To Fighting Traffic

[image url=”” alt=”Papasan Convertible Is LA’s New Laid-Back Approach to Fighting Traffic” link=”lightbox” LA resdients stuck in gridlock have high hopes for the opening of the Expo Line, which will bring rail transit to the western half of the city for the first time in 50 years. But stealing all the LA transportation headlines is another solution for improving the commute — a car made from a papasan chair.

Jerks Are Selling Endangered Species On Facebook

Gibbons, langurs, otters, sun bears. Those are just some of the hundreds of live animals listed for sale on Facebook in Malaysia. Many of them are vulnerable species, some of them critically endangered.

Update: Sydney's Light Rail Construction Road Closures

Construction for the new CBD and South East Light Rail network with start near Sydney’s The Rocks region on 11 March and continue for the rest of 2016, Transport for NSW has announced. This means traffic changes for the area. Here is everything you need to know.

Thousands Of People Are Stuck In This Ridiculous Human Traffic Jam At A China Train Station

People in China have been trying to travel across the country for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday but some — if tens of thousands of people can be considered just some — have been stuck in one of the most insane human traffic jams in the world at the Guangzhou Railway Station in southern China. CNN reports that 100,000 people were waiting earlier this week while 33,000 are still stuck as of Wednesday morning.

Beijing Blames Uber For Its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that is constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber.

This Satellite Antenna Looks Good Enough To Hang On A Wall As Art

It may look like an artistic experiment in geometry that you could find on Etsy, but this is in fact a new satellite antenna developed by the European Space Agency.

Telstra Expects A Record Breaking Day Of Traffic This Christmas

To be more precise: Telstra is expecting us to download twice the amount of data we downloaded last year.

How To Fix Traffic Congestion In Australia

Fixing our cities’ transport woes remains one of the biggest challenges facing policy makers in Australia. Traffic congestion, transport emissions and booming urban populations are increasingly putting more pressures on governments’ budgets to deliver the infrastructure we need to meet our economic and mobility needs.

The Absolutely Insane $700 Billion Idea To Fix LA Traffic? Tunnels!

A few weeks ago LA unveiled a sweeping new transportation vision for the city that will swap car-centric planning with more transit, biking, and walking. But a different plan says getting people out of their cars is not the solution. What we really need, are more places for those cars to go. UNDERGROUND.

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