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The Original Ghostbusters Will Be Playmobil's First Licensed Toy Line

Second only to Lego as one of the world’s most popular toys, Playmobil has always done its own thing instead of creating lines based on hit movies or other popular franchises. But next year that’s all going to change as Playmobil is introducing its first licensed toyline based on characters from the original Ghostbusters film.

The Heath Ledger Joker-in-a-Box Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

San Diego Comic-Con is getting nearer, and day by day we’re getting to see more of the exclusive goodies that will be available at the convention. Sometimes, they delight us. In this case, they scare the living bejeezus out of us.

Hot Toys' Force Awakens Han Solo Is The Grumpiest Harrison Ford Figure Ever Made

Look at that face. That is the face of an action figure that has had enough of this shit.

Japan's New Godzilla Makes For A Beautifully Monstrous Action Figure

We’ve seen the gnarly-looking star of Shin Godzilla stomping about in the trailer and stills already, but this new Figuarts action figure of the monstrous design really gives us our best look yet at the new King of Kaiju. It also helps that it’s a fantastic-looking toy, too.

A 3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen Takes Bubble Baths To The Next Level

Replacing desktop 3D printers with hand-held 3D-printing pens never quite lived up to the promise of letting users turn sketches into real-life objects. And that’s partly because 3D-printing pens aren’t as forgiving as this 3D Foam Pen that swaps melted plastic for soap suds.

Every Wave's A Towering Wall Of Water For This Tiny RC Surfer

Powered by an electric motor and a small propeller hidden beneath the board, this tiny, remote-controlled surfer can hit speeds upwards of 16km/h even without a wave pushing it along. But with a rushing wall of water behind it, Mother Nature decides its top cruising speed.

Cleverly Smuggle Booze By Turning It Into Edible Bubbles

At Toy Fair earlier this year we were surprised to discover that edible lolly bubbles were not only a thing, they were also surprisingly tasty. But why stop at lolly flavours? The next time you find yourself headed to a tedious children’s birthday party, you can now whip up a batch of edible boozy bubbles instead — just keep them away from kids.

Behold, Glorious Saga Action Figures That Will Be Nearly Impossible To Own

There is not nearly enough merchandise based on Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ truly incredible scifi comic Saga out there. But, good news: now there is some, and it’s amazing. Bad news: it’s exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, so it will be goddamn nightmarish to acquire.

LEGO's Second Attempt At A Classic '60s VW Beetle Has Finally Perfected Its Curves

Available starting August 1 for $149.99, LEGO’s new Volkswagen Beetle isn’t as large or complex as its Porsche 911 GT3 RS. But the company’s designers have worked hard to perfectly recreate the curves and contours of the car that help defined the ’60s, even introducing new pieces to help replicate the Beetle’s iconic bulging fenders.

A High-Speed Timelapse Build Of Lego's Giant New Porsche Is 25 Minutes Long

We already knew Lego’s new Porsche 911 GT3 RS Technics set weighed in at a whopping 2,704 pieces, and measures almost two feet long when fully constructed. But the complex build takes so long that even an accelerated timelapse video of it being assembled is still over 25 minutes. But it’s not like you have anything better to do this morning.

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