You Wouldn't Like This Hulk When He's… Wet

Those ‘just add water and watch it grow’ toys have been a staple of kids for years now. But if you thought you outgrew such a childish novelty, ThinkGeek might change your mind with this wonderful desk toy that brings the Incredible Hulk to life with nothing but a container full of water.

A Mechanical Doll That Will Crawl All The Way Into Your Nightmares

The next time your kid complains about not having the latest and greatest toys, just point them towards this photo of what children in the late 1800s had to play with. On one hand they will certainly start appreciating what they have got, but on the other they probably won’t sleep for a week because this thing will haunt their dreams.

Behold The New 3,296-Piece Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler!

This is definitely the Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler I was looking for. It’s not as massive as the fan built vehicle that every Lego and Star Wars nerd in the world wanted, but with all its moving mechanism and seven minifigs, it’s a must have.

A Colouring Book That Puts Kid-Designed Fashions On A Virtual Catwalk

Right Said Fred knew the appeal of the catwalk, and now kids can get in on the glitz and glamor with this new colouring book from Crayola that lets them design custom clothes and then see their creations virtually modelled. And it goes without saying that an iOS tablet or smartphone is required, but not included.

Tackle This 3D-Printed Spherical Rubik's Cube If You Hate Yourself

If you’ve solved a Rubik’s Cube so many times that it no longer offers you a challenge, maybe it’s time to try a new shape? The Marusenko Sphere puts 54 spinning and sliding pieces into a globe-shaped puzzle that comes in five different levels of difficulty.

Watch Wind-Up Toys And Walkmen Create Intricate Mechanical Drawings

Art can happen where you least expect it, which is definitely the case with the work of Echo Yang, who uses small toys and everyday electronics to create detailed drawings.

Teach Kids Frank Lessons About Anatomy With This Inside-Out Anglerfish

If you’re not the type to tiptoe around the truth with your kids, Rachel Ciavarella’s incredibly detailed plush anglerfish ‘toy’ called Morris is the perfect way to give your children a somewhat disturbing crash course in anatomy. The fish turns inside-out to reveal what can only be described as an incredibly accurate representation of what you’ll find inside a real fish.

App-Connected Slot Cars Give You Mario Kart-Like Power-Ups And Damage

Who knew that when Super Mario Kart first hit the SNES so many years ago it would have such a lasting effect on us? Even Scalextric, who have been making slot car tracks for decades, are finally introducing a new accessory that wirelessly connects to an app so you can add SMK-like crash damage, power-ups and even stat tracking to back up your bragging rights.

This Model Tuna Makes Gutting Fish A Much Less Messy Game

It turns out that “fish wholesaler” and “toy designer” are not mutually exclusive professions: Kazuyoshi Watanabe, a Tokyo fish wholesaler, created this wooden tuna to teach people how to properly gut the fish.

The Samson Of Toy Trucks Can Push And Pull Up To 70kg

Jakks Pacific’s new Max Tow Truck may not look particularly special on the outside, but it’s always what’s on the inside that counts. And in this case the insides are hiding a super-strong geared-down electric motor that lets this little tow truck push or pull up to 70kg.