Hasbro Won't Mind If You Design (And Sell) Your Own 3D-Printed Toys

The advent of online file sharing made it easy for anyone to copy and distribute media for free, and many feel — and fear — that 3D printing will eventually do the same for physical products. So it’s surprisingly refreshing to hear that a corporation like Hasbro has decided to embrace 3D printing, and will work with Shapeways to allow fans to design and sell their own toys based on the company’s properties.

Cheap Toys Look Surprisingly Cool Through X-Rays

Aussie Photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick uses both chest X-ray and mammogram machines in his photography, a technique he learned when he had to develop an X-ray like look for a client — it turned out the best way was to use actual X-rays. He told us about his work.

MOSS Robotics Toy Review: The Easiest Way To Build Your First Robot

When reviewing a building toy it’s impossible not to make comparisons with Lego. Not only are its bricks able to build everything from dinosaurs to X-wings, Lego also offers robotics sets that have been used to make some truly impressive autonomous creations. In that latter category, it finally has some competition.

Nerf's Double-Barrelled Rhino-Fire Blaster Guarantees Office Supremacy

Although they’re still designed with kids in mind, who among us doesn’t have a Nerf blaster tucked away in a desk drawer, or hidden inside a carved out phone book? Office warfare can flare up in a heartbeat, but with Nerf’s recently leaked N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster at your disposal, you’ve already won the battle before it started.

Helicopter Lawn Darts Give You Time To Duck And Cover

Remember lawn darts? Unless you grew up during the 1980s, you don’t, because the government decided that people lobbing giant darts with four-inch pointed metal spikes on the end was a terrible idea — so they were banned. But these Copter Darts appear to provide a similar type of gameplay, minus the risk of sending your opponents to the hospital.

You'll Probably Never Own This Retro Egg Chamber Toy From Alien

If you’re running a booth at a convention, there are a couple of things you can do to lure in attendees. Say, having some sort of exclusive item they can purchase that has an awesome rating that breaks the scale. Take San Francisco-based toy company Super7 and its extremely limited run of 250 retro Alien Egg Chambers, which will only be available at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Yes, you guessed right — they can only be bought from Super7′s booth.

This Is An Airfix Kit Good Enough To Eat

Remember the trials and tribulations of assembling your Airfix planes as a kid? Wouldn’t it have been better if there was a more tangible reward at the end of it all, like, I don’t know, chocolate? Well, soon there might be.

Toys Are Even More Fun When You Can Use Them As Weapons In Warfare

Nerf guns, toy light sabers, shooting Spiderman webs, being a kid is awesome. But then kids grow up and foolishly lose their enjoyment for toys even though they’re getting paid to pretend to be an adult.

These Star Wars Metal Model Kits Not Only Look Great, But Are Easy To Build

So, you’ve mastered the art of building TIE fighters from bits of old floppy disks and are looking for a more artistic, yet still Star Wars-themed challenge? Vat19 has a set of four laser-etched metal model kits including R2-D2, an AT-AT and the Millennium Falcon for you to try your (hopefully well-calloused) hands at.

The World's Greatest Water Gun Has Six Spinning, Soaking Barrels

Step aside, Super Soaker. The one-time king of summer fun has officially been usurped by this custom creation from the folks behind Sugru. It looks like something Schwarzenegger used in an action film, but it’s instead designed for mowing down people with a harmless soaking.

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