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Landing An RC Plane On An RC Aircraft Carrier Is Mighty Impressive

Building your own 4m long remote control replica of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is challenging enough. But what good’s an aircraft carrier without any aircraft? So to further up the challenge, its creators also found a way to land an RC plane on it.

Warpo's Latest Toy Is A Creepy, Cuddly Krampus

We’re getting closer to Christmas — for many, that means presents, and for the young and young at heart, Santa. But now Santa’s fiendish friend from folklore is getting the spotlight in this adorable new plush toy from Warpo — the team behind the retro Legends of Cthulhu figures. And we’ve got an exclusive first look!

This Giant LEGO TARDIS Is A Shameless Ad And I Don't Care

This life-size LEGO TARDIS is not a thing that you will ever buy, or touch, or see. It’s really just a reminder of the hundred-dollar LEGO sets you should probably buy your kids. But I still love it wholeheartedly.

Spaceship Building Blocks For Budding Rocket Scientists

NASA might not have quite as large a budget as it once did for exploring the cosmos, but starting at just $US25 your kids can design and build their own spacefaring fleet with these gorgeous wooden building blocks from Huzi Design.

A Death Star Filled With Plastic Stormtroopers Is A Better Bucket Of Army Men

If there’s one toy that defines cheap and mass-produced, it’s those buckets full of tiny green plastic army men. They really stop being desirable once you turn six, except when those plastic soldiers are replaced with tiny white stormtroopers led by an equally tiny Darth Vader.

Crayola Now Has Its Own Line Of Colouring Books For Adults

Crayola has always been the first name in colouring innovation, so it’s surprising it wasn’t the company behind the recent trend in adult colouring books. But now it’s showing everyone how it’s done with its own line of wonderfully-detailed colouring books targeted at those who are already masters of staying within the lines.

This Breakdancing Alien Is The Funkiest Piece Of Alien Merchandise

In space, no one can hear you scream — and they most certainly wouldn’t hear your perplexed laughter after you came across a breakdancing alien monster menacing your spaceship, either.

There's Finally Battle-Safe Foam Lightsabres That Actually Glow

In the world of Star Wars make-believe you usually have two choices: you can go with a realistic plastic glowing lightsabre, and never actually make contact with your opponent, or opt for safer foam, and battle it out without the glow. A new Kickstarter, however, promises the the best of both worlds.

Relive Star Wars Through All Of The Original 1977 US Toy Commercials

Video: You’ll have a newfound appreciation for the vast selection of Star Wars toys on store shelves these days after spending the next 15 minutes watching every last commercial for the original collection that was available in the US back in 1977 for A New Hope.

This Motorised Halo Needler Replica Is Only Dangerous For Your Wallet

Fourteen years after first appearing in Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox, the Needler still remains a popular choice of weaponry among the game’s fans. And as dangerous as it is to Master Chiefs and Covenant forces, NECA Toy’s new animated Needler replica is an even greater threat to your budget.

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