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Where's Wally Wallpaper Is The Best Work Distraction

We’ve all got something on our desks we like to fiddle with when work gets boring, be it a traditional Newton’s Cradle, or just the good ol’ internet. But neither can compare to the wonderful waste of time that is a giant Where’s Wally scene filling an entire wall of your office.

Kids Will Happily Eat Anything Using A Pair Of T-rex Chopsticks 

How could anyone, young or old, be picky about what they eat when they’re chowing down on dinner using a pair of easy hinged chopsticks with a chomping T-rex head on one end?

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Goes Off-Road With The RC Wiener Rover

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is easily the most distinct and recognisable vehicle roaming the country. But that fragile fibreglass body means it’s not really designed for off-road adventures. So to spread hot dog propaganda to hikers, campers and picnickers, there’s now a smaller RC version of that iconic wiener-shaped truck known as the Weiner Rover.

This Is What A Monstrous 5.5m Long Millennium Falcon Toy Looks Like

A few days ago it was revealed that Hot Toys was building a sixth-scale toy version of the Millennium Falcon that would match the size of the company’s incredibly detailed 12-inch figures. And today we already have our first peek at the monstrous creation on display at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong.

A Little Red Wagon That Transforms Into A Steerable Go-Kart

Every child should grow up with a little wooden red wagon, but Wishbone Design Studio has found a way to take the classic toy from being just a parent-powered pickup truck, to a gravity-powered go-kart that lets kids take the wheel as they careen down hills.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Lifelike Pepper Potts Figure Is Silently Judging You

As Hot Toys slowly works its way through the Iron Man universe, it was inevitable that after producing action figures for almost every last armoured suit Tony Stark has built, it would eventually get around to turning characters like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts into sixth-scale collectibles.

This James Bond Aston Martin DB-5 Replica Is A $50,000 Toy Car

If you’ve ever wanted to own James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 but could never afford it, try this on for size: a cheaper*, smaller*, Aston Martin DB5* from the prop-masters at Pinewood Studios.

(*compared to a real DB5, of course).

Beach Towel Board Games You Play With Discarded Bottle Caps


A day at the beach usually doesn’t involve board games because the sand will quickly gobble up dice, Monopoly hotels, and Scrabble letter tiles. But since building sand castles gets boring quick, someone’s created a series of board game beach towels that can be played with bottle caps, seashells, or even small rocks.

Seeing Princess Leia As A Mr Potato Head Is A Little Unsettling

If you grew up around the same time the Star Wars movies originally hit theatres, you probably had a childhood crush on Princess Leia. But seeing the character in her Slave Leia costume as a Mr Potato Head will probably leave you feeling a little confused, awkward and with a strange affection towards french fries.

Ride Along On Tiny Trains With A GoPro Strapped To A Model Railroad

No one has ever exclaimed “I can’t wait to take the train!” with an Amtrak ticket in hand — it’s usually just the cheapest solution to your travel needs. But after watching this wonderful GoPro footage, who wouldn’t be excited to ride this detailed miniature model railroad for hours on end?

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