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At this moment Australians will be lamenting their inability to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Why? Because you could have got free shipping on this $US50 ($66) bucket filled with 13 different kinds of plastic animal poop. Bear, elk, dog, your kids will undoubtedly be overjoyed when they unwrap all the surprises hidden inside this bucket on Christmas morning.


They say parents will do anything for their kids, but surely there has to be a line that gets drawn somewhere after dressing up like Santa, but before having to wear this Piggyback Driver helmet. It lets kids steer where they want mum or dad to go while getting a piggyback ride, but shouldn't kids just be happy that they don't have to walk?


If you were a child of the '80s, Teddy Ruxpin probably blew your mind the first time you saw him chatting away. He was one of the earliest animatronic plush characters you could actually own (without robbing a Chuck E. Cheese's) and quickly became one of the best-selling toys of all time. Now he's back, with upgraded capabilities and a more expressive face.


Grocery shopping when you live in the core of a crowded city usually means carrying all your spoils home in a backpack since driving and parking just complicates the chore. Unless you're at the wheel of a miniature Kombi that you can drive right into the grocery store and down every aisle.