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Your Star Wars Collection Isn't Complete Without A Life-Size $8,500 Boba Fett Figure

So this is what collecting action figures has come to? Apparently some Star Wars aficionados aren’t content with 3.75 or even 30cm figures in their collection. They demand something grander and even more elite, which is why a life-size Boba Fett action figure can now be had for just shy of $US8,500 ($11,004).

A Racing Game Makes These Tiny Toy Cars Come To Life

Your typical Hot Wheels car is 100 per cent powered by imagination. But we’re at the point where you can cram a lot of technology into a 1:64-scale toy car, which is what the creators of Pocket Racing have done to bring these tiny rides to life as they interact with a new iPad game.

You Can Finally Pilot The Millennium Falcon With These Giant Star Wars Kites

Sometimes you need to pause The Force Awakens and head outside for some fresh air and sunshine, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon Star Wars altogether. Not when ThinkGeek has just revealed a wonderful kite collection full of X-Wings, Death Stars and droids.

No Living Room Is Complete Without A Star Trek Pinball Machine Coffee Table

Your mum always told you to keep your feet off the coffee table, but you’ll finally have good reason to listen to her advice with this wonderfully over-the-top Star Trek pinball machine sitting smack dab in the middle of your living room.

Melbourne Guy Breaks 5x5 Rubik's Cube Record Without Breaking A Sweat

Feliks Zemdegs solved his 5×5 cube at Melbourne Cube Day in 44.837 seconds. And the crowd went not at all wild.

Has It Really Taken This Long For Lightsaber Pool Noodles To Exist?

You’re supposed to use them for lazily floating around a pool on a hot summer’s day, but in no time at all those long foam noodles quickly become a sword you can safely swing around like a samurai, ninja and now a Jedi, thanks to Swim Ways.

A Tiny Death Star Is The Only Reason You Should Buy A Levitating Speaker

An unknown breakthrough in consumer levitation technology has led to an influx of floating speakers that don’t sound any different, but look kinda cool — were this the mid-’80s. Before you write them off completely, someone has managed to find a way to make these novelties genuinely worthy of your desk space, as a tiny Death Star replica.

The World's Largest K'NEX Ball Contraption Was Built From Over 126,000 Pieces

Video: The K’NEX Big Ball Factory was so loved by fans of the building toy that the company decided to bring it back last year, 20 years after it first hit toy stores. But with just over 3000 pieces going into its construction, it doesn’t even begin to come close to Austin Granger’s record-setting K’NEX creation.

Mr Potato Head Joins Both Sides Of The Ghost-Busting Battle

A new Ghostbusters movie enroute is also good news for fans of the original, because it means there’s a renewed interest in the franchise, and in turn, a ton of new merchandise. PPW Toys continues to expand its PopTaters line with a couple of new Ghostbusters Mr Potato Heads, including the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Hot Wheels New Series Of Classic Porsches Were Customised By A Famous Tuner

At first glance, the last thing you’d assume was that Magnus Walker was a prolific Porsche builder and tuner. Muscle cars? Maybe. Porsches? Unlikely. But maybe that’s why he was the perfect choice to help Hot Wheels customise its new collection of classic 1:64-scale Porsches.

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