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The Awesome Wearable That Will Let You Use The Force On Sphero's BB-8

Sphero’s remote controlled BB-8 is already the coolest Star Wars toy around. But the company wowed us once again when they first revealed the Force Band that lets you control the little droid not with an app, but with your mind (OK, swanky motion sensing tech).

A Man's Model Train Hobby Becomes An Artistic Obsession In This Quirky Short Doc

Video: There are hobbies, and then there are lifelong obsessions. Andrew Wilcox’s short documentary Some Kind of Quest introduces us to Northlandz, an astonishingly detailed model-train installation that sprawls across 4830 square metres — and to Bruce Zaccagnino, the man who dreamed it into reality.

Our First Look At LEGO's Upcoming Adventure Time Set Is Missing A Few Characters

Back in March LEGO revealed it was officially putting aBetterMonkey’s Adventure Time LEGO Ideas set into production, after it received 10,000 votes from supporters. Today we have our first official look at the new set, although it appears to be missing a few characters from the original.

Hot Wheels Can Charge Me Whatever It Wants For These TIE Fighter Vs. X-Wing Cars

San Diego Comic-Con hasn’t gotten underway yet, but Mattel may have already won the show. Following the Spock 1964 Buick Riviera exclusive that will be available once Comic-Con starts, today Hot Wheels revealed a new Death Star trench run set featuring fantastic four-wheeled versions of TIE Fighters bearing down on an X-Wing.

We Played With A Perfect Replica Of Deckard's Gun In Blade Runner

Deckard’s sweet gun in Blade Runner was actually built from parts of real guns. Where a lot of prop weapons from films are just resin poured into a mould and then painted, Deckard’s gun looks and feels like a weapon; there’s a genuine heft to it, something inside clicks when you pull the trigger and there’s even a mechanism for loading it with (non-existent) ammunition.

Classic '80s Toy Robots Breakdancing Is A Fun Nostalgia Trip

Video: YouTuber BreaksBricks has created a delightful stop-motion LEGO animation featuring a couple of retro ’80s toy robots having a break-dancing competition — which eventually gets a little over-competitive.

Watch This Tiny Flying SpaceX Falcon 9 Replica Totally Stick Its Landing

Video: You can pretend to be disappointed every time SpaceX’s Falcon 9 crashes during a landing attempt, but deep down you know part of you wants to see an explosion. That’s why this video of a miniature flying SpaceX Falcon 9 drone is both awesome and disappointing, because there’s never going to be a fireball.

Building This Transforming Voltron Is The Only Reason You Need A 3D Printer

With Voltron back on Netflix as a new animated series, there is sure to be a flood of new lion-bot toys hitting the market. But if you have access to a 3D printer and a lot of time and patience, you can download and print Jurica Pranjic’s fully-transforming and assembling Voltron replica for free.

Hasbro Made A Wonky Version Of Mr Potato Head To Help Reduce Food Waste

Picky shoppers only choosing the most perfectly-shaped and blemish-free produce at grocery stores has led to a tremendous amount of food waste. To illustrate how not-so-perfect fruits and vegetables are still perfectly edible, Hasbro has created a misshaped version of Mr Potato Head to serve as a spokesperson.

DC's Heroes And Villains Get Some Sweet (And Adorable) Rides In These Mini LEGO Sets

DC is not only expanding on the big screen, it’s doing it on a smaller scale, too. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are getting brand new Mighty Micros LEGO sets, which will include the debut of Doomsday as a minifigure.

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