Gigantic Wooden Dice Fill Your Yard With Yahtzee

Like giant Koi in a pond who’ve grown larger than their goldfish siblings trapped in a bowl, this set of six over-sized wooden dice is designed to be tossed around in your spacious backyard. They say everything is better when it’s super-sized, right? So playing with Yahtzee with five of these dice might actually come close to being actually fun.

There's A Dollhouse Hidden Inside This Transforming Chair

It doesn’t take long for a child’s bedroom or playroom to become filled with a sea of toys, furniture and playsets, leaving it a perpetual mess. So like with any room in your home, finding furniture that does double-duty can help maximise that space, and this child-sized wooden chair that transforms into a dollhouse or fortress is a perfect accessory for kids.

How They Built That Amazing Groot Swing For A Guardians Super Fan

Remember that epic towering Groot swing that some lucky Guardians of the Galaxy fan had built in their backyard? It was actually created for a new show on the AWE Me YouTube channel called Super Fan Builds that’s finally available online.

Jaust's New Music Video Will Make You Miss Your Slot Cars

Underground street racing isn’t exactly a secret, after all, how many The Fast and the Furious movies have been made about it by now? But underground slot car racing? That sounds like the kind of illegal — but not really illegal — activities we can get behind.

The World's Ugliest Christmas Sweater Includes A Working Toy Train Set

Try as you might to find the ugliest Christmas sweater imaginable, you’re not going to be able to top YouTube’s bd594′s creation this year. It’s got an ugly argyle pattern, a tacky Christmas tree, blinking lights, and the pièce de résistance?: a working toy train circling the gaudy creation.

Avoid Actual Work At Work With This Pen Made Of Magnets

The secret to a really effective desk toy is that it has to blend into your office. A pinball machine in the corner is just going to tell your manager you’re probably not getting a lot of work done. But a pen/tablet stylus made of magnets opens up a whole new world of slacking off, with your boss being none-the-wiser.

Hot Toys' Perfect Commando Figure Is Everything Great About The '80s

At this point we might as well hand over our bank accounts to Hot Toys and get second and third jobs to help pay for everything the company is creating. Its new John Matrix — aka Arnold Schwarzenegger — figure from 1985′s Commando perfectly sums up every action movie from that era. Endless machine guns, endless rounds of ammo and readily-available rocket launchers.

Playtime Can Also Teach A Profession With This Tiny Taco Truck

In addition to physical fitness and encouraging kids to develop a healthy imagination, playtime can also be a useful tool for developing important life skills that could one day help your child land a job. A playhouse might teach the joys of domestic bliss, but a tiny taco truck will let them learn the skills needed to be self-employed.

Even Noughts And Crosses Has Jumped The 3D Shark

It doesn’t take long after learning to play Noughts and Crosses to realise that once you’ve mastered the basic tactics, your games will end in an infinite run of ties. But Pressman Toy has done the impossible and made Noughts and Crosses actually sound interesting again by upping the challenge with the introduction of a third dimension.

You Won't Care That This Stunning Bumblebee Figure Doesn't Transform

Say what you will about Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, in the hands of the talented sculptors at 3A Toys, the re-imagined robots make for some truly impressive action figures. And when the figures look this great in robot form, who would possibly be disappointed that they don’t actually transform?