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World's Best Top Gear Forum Hit With DMCA Notice To Take Down Links To Episodes

If you’ve ever wanted to stream an episode of Top Gear, Top Gear Australia or Top Gear US online, you’ve probably swung by the FinalGear forums. As of last week, however, the website will no longer be linking to episodes of the world’s favourite car show following a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

A Top Gear Presenter Is Buying An Electric BMW

A Ferrari-owning presenter from the world’s most famous car show is buying an electric car. To be fair, it’s just the one you’d expect: James May, who famously also owns a little Fiat Panda, is buying one of BMW’s environmentally friendly, planet-saving recycled i3 runabouts.

Jeremy Clarkson On His 'Last Warning' At The BBC

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t have a reputation as the most tactful individual on Earth. He’s notorious for saying stupid things, and people are often silly enough to be offended by them. Clarkson’s bosses at the BBC aren’t laughing, however, with a new report saying that the motoring presenter is on his “last warning” with the broadcaster after his latest racial episode.

Here's Who Won Top Gear's Race To Australia

James May and Jeremy Clarkson decided to make their trip to Australia for the upcoming Top Gear Festival a little more fun than the usual 23-hour flight. They decided to take two different flights and two different routes Down Under as part of a race. Here’s who won.

Jeremy Clarkson And James May Are Racing To Australia Live On Twitter

The next Top Gear Festival is happening in just a few days, and show presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May have decided to race here from the UK on different flights.

This Is What Happened When Google Raced Top Gear In A Street View Car

Street View cars may be packed with technology, but how do they do on a race track? This video shows what happened when the guys at Google decided to go race the folks at Top Gear.

Here's James May Explaining Selfies As Best As He Can

Top Gear‘s James May doesn’t take selfies. Mostly because he believes that machines will change what images look like to fool other people into thinking everything is fine.

Watch A TV Show Use A Train To Completely Obliterate A Car

Pure destruction. Top Gear wanted to see exactly what happens when a train smashes into a car stuck on the railroad tracks so they set up a test of their own: they put a minivan on the tracks and pummelled it with a speeding train. It gets pretty brutal.

Remember When Jeremy Clarkson Said He Wasn't Coming Back To Australia?

Remember when Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson got so shat off with the Australian media that he reportedly swore never to come back to Australia? Turns out he is.

Forza 5 Hypercars With Added Top Gear Is Motoring Excellence Defined

Possibly the best thing about the BBC’s long-running car show Top Gear is the level of technical detail and the depth of story-telling weaved into the car reviews. As a result, Forza developers decided it would be a great idea to get Clarkson, Hammond and May to narrate career mode in Forza 5. It actually sounds really good!