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Top Gear UK Has At Least Three More Seasons On The Way: Report

Despite the fact that notorious blow-hard Jeremy Clarkson is on very-thin ice at the BBC, it’s being reported that he and his counterparts in cars are about to put pen-to-paper on a new three-year deal with the network.

Top Gear Season 22 Launch: Watch The New Clips Right Here

The Top Gear trio held a live event this morning on YouTube to launch the new season, and fans were spoiled with a series of clips from upcoming episodes as well as interviews with the hosts. Get in here and watch these great new clips, including one from an episode shot in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Watch A Trailer For Top Gear Season 22 Made Entirely Out Of LEGO Animation

You loved The LEGO Movie, so why not LEGO-ify more things? BBC’s motoring extravaganza, Top Gear decided that’s exactly what the trailer for the new season needed.

Top Gear Is Streaming Its Next Series Launch Live On YouTube

The next series of Top Gear is only a few days away, and it’s going to go off with a bang. A preview for the new season, hosted by the show’s three presenters, will be livestreamed on YouTube, so we’ll be able to see footage from the upcoming show at the same time as the rest of the world.

Here's A Tiny First Look At Top Gear's 2014 Christmas Special

Video: Remember when Top Gear went to Argentina and were subsequently chased out of the country? Well, soon you’ll be able to watch it. Here’s a tiny sneak peek.

Top Gear Spotted In Australia's Top End

Image: Getty

Looks like the next season of Top Gear will feature the grumpiest men in motoring visiting Australia’s Northern Territory for an epic Down Under road trip.

Top Gear Crew Violently Chased Out Of Argentina

Top Gear — the motoring show millions love and millions others love to hate — had a hell of a time last week. The hosts and the crew were reportedly chased out of Argentina by an angry mob of protestors after what started as a pretty insensitive joke delivered via a Jeremy Clarkson novelty license plate. Details are beginning to emerge over the conflict, and it sounds downright terrifying.

Jeremy Clarkson Is Staying On At Top Gear, Unless He Is Eaten By Wild Dogs

Jeremy Clarkson is not leaving Top Gear any time soon. Not by choice, at least. Writing in the latest issue of the worldwide hit TV show’s companion magazine, Clarkson says that there is nothing stopping him from sticking around at the BBC until the start of Top Gear‘s 22nd season.

Bungee Jumping In A F1 Car Seems Like A Crazy Thing To Do

Here’s video from Top Gear showing the Stig making a 300 foot bungee jump while strapped inside a F1 car. It’s exhilarating and completely nuts but must have been so ridiculously fun to do. Sometimes, just bungee jumping or just driving an F1 car isn’t enough. You gotta do both at the same time.

James May's Cars Of The People Is On Foxtel Tonight

Are you feeling the effects of the Top Gear drought? There’s a few other shows that should catch your attention. One of those is Cars Of The People, TG host James May’s look at cars that changed the world, built for the people by the people (or sometimes by power-hungry dictators).