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Here's The Official Trailer For The Grand Tour

Video: Guys.. Fast cars. Powerslides. Three idiots cocking about. This is The Grand Tour.

Hammond, Clarkson & May's The Grand Tour Has A New Sort-Of-Stig

Video: Well, sort of. He’s actually the Stig, but not any more. And especially not on The Grand Tour.

Matt LeBlanc Will Host Top Gear In 2017

Ignore that guy in the middle. With Chris Evans out of the picture for the hosting gig for the next season of Top Gear on the BBC, it’s now confirmed that Matt LeBlanc — former Friends star, Episodes star and certified car fanatic — will be the sole host of the next season of the popular UK TV show.

This Is When Clarkson, Hammond And May's 'The Grand Tour' Starts

For those who’ve been missing the Top Gear days of old, Jeremy “Problematic” Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are returning with their own new show. The Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime exclusive, and will kick off on 18 November. Here’s what we’ve seen of it so far.

Amazon's New Top Gear Successor: The Grand Tour, Explained In 186 Seconds

Video: The new home of former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May is The Grand Tour — an original series in development by Amazon, with 36 episodes planned for the next three years with a massive production budget. We don’t know quite when The Grand Tour will launch around the world or when it’ll even become available for streaming in Australia, but we do already have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Chris Evans Steps Down From BBC's Top Gear

After just a single season of the new series of Top Gear, new host and studio anchor Chris Evans has announced he won’t be sticking around for any longer. Evans was criticised throughout the new series’ six-episode run for a number of reasons, including claims of on-set bullying and constant attacks from the British media.

Watch: The Newest Top Gear Trailer Is Here, And It's All About The Cars

In the past, Top Gear was all about the personalities. Now it’s focus is clearly the cars.

In this never-before-seen extended trailer there’s an Aston Martin Vulcan with Chris Harris at the wheel at the Abu Dhabi GP circuit. A McLaren 675 LT. A Ford Mustang driven by Rory doing a glorious, slow-motion burnout. Ariel’s Nomad in Morocco. A Viper and a Corvette with Sabine and Chris inside battling it out with roof-mounted guns.

So There's A New Top Gear Trailer

Watch: Here’s more footage from the upcoming series of Top Gear. There’s some nice cars in it. There’s no, er, problematic Jeremy Clarkson combating the scourge of political correctness taking over society. There’s Matt LeBlanc being a Generally Nice Person™.

There’s sunshine and there’s rain.

Watch: The New 'Top Gear' Trailer

The first teaser trailer for the BBC’s all-new Top Gear series is released today. Including clips from films shot in the UK, US, France, Morocco and the UAE and inevitably features an amazing array of cars including the Aston Martin Vulcan, Ferrari F12 TDF and Ariel Nomad.

The Entire New Top Gear Team Has Been Announced

The entire, six (or seven) person team of the new and re-invented Top Gear has been revealed. Here’s who you’ll be watching.

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