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Turn An Old Drill And Bicycle Wheel Into An Impressive Frisbee Launcher

Video: Try as they might, some people just never seem to master the art of throwing a frisbee. If you’re one of them, in this video La Fabrique DIY shows you how to turn a bike wheel and an old drill into a frisbee launcher with impressive range.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Laser Measure With This Tiny Headphone Jack Accessory

iPin was the first company to use the iPhone’s headphone jack as an accessory port for a compact laser pointer. And not to diminish the fun you can have with a laser, but the company’s latest product is considerably more useful since it turns your smartphone into a full-on laser measure.

Black+Decker Put A USB Port On Its New Bluetooth Batteries To Charge Your Phone Too

You need a lot of extra batteries to keep the cordless tools on a construction site working all day, and to make it slightly easier to manage them, Black+Decker will soon introduce Bluetooth connectivity on its rechargeable tool batteries so a smartphone and an app can keep tabs on every last one.

Packed Full Of Bush Survival Tools, This Card Is More Useful Than A Visa

If your holiday has you visiting one of the world’s great cities, your credit card is probably the most valuable tool in your pocket. But if the great outdoors is your preferred way to relax, this Wilderness Survival Card is far more useful in the event of an emergency.

You Can Now Customise The Performance Of Milwaukee Power Tools Through An App

Milwaukee isn’t the first power tool maker to connect its hardware to a smartphone app for automatic inventory tracking. But the company’s One-Key app now goes a step further allowing users to precisely tweak the torque and speed settings of their power tools for the specific task at hand.

I Am Drooling Over This Electronics Toolkit Right Now

iFixit makes the greatest tech tool kits out there, and now they have updated their bestselling Pro Tech toolkit for the next generation of gadgets in your life. And it’s just beautiful. I want one.

Dremel's New Rotary Tool Is Cheap Because It's Powered By A Vacuum Cleaner

They normally sell for $100 and up, but Dremel has found a way to make its rotary multi-tools a lot cheaper for anyone who already has a workshop full of equipment. Instead of having its own motor inside, the company’s new VRT1 is powered by the suction from a vacuum.

How A $300 Fiat Inspired The First Leatherman Multitool

Today, they’re ubiquitous, but would you believe Tim Leatherman struggled for years to find a buyer for the first-ever multitool? He was inspired to invent it after a 20-country drive through Europe on a shoestring budget.

Black & Decker Just Solved Streaky Windows

At one time the only way to get a truly clean windshield was to enlist the help of an urban professional working on a downtown street corner. But now that Black+Decker has attached a squeegee to a Dustbuster, streaky windows are no longer a plague on society.

I Really Want This Impossibly Complicated Wrench

Between adjustable wrenches and socket sets, mankind has plenty of perfectly adequate tools to fasten and loosen nuts. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting this (concept) irising wrench all the same.

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