A Multi-Function Clip That Hides A Toolbox In Your Hair

A Leatherman multi-tool hanging off your belt is a great way to stay prepared for emergencies, but it means you look like someone with a Leatherman hanging off their belt — and that part’s not so great. This innocuous hair clip is a better alternative. It manages to replicate the functionality of quite a few tools, but will all but disappear when used to keep your bangs at bay.

You No Longer Have To Go To Japan To Buy These Beautiful Blue Toolboxes

Trusco toolboxes have long been an elusive item, something only seen by tasteful travellers who spotted them in Japan. They lusted after them enough to fill a few pages on Instagram. But now Hand-Eye Supply is selling a whole line of these beautiful blue boxes, and they’re surprisingly affordable.

Can Your Multitool Keep Your Pants Up?

Gerbers, Leathermans, and even the classic Swiss Army Knife boast a long list of implements and functionality, but can any of them claim to also keep your pants from falling? Not like the Kool Tool from Bison Designs can.

These Inductive Batteries Keep Your Power Tools Perpetually Charged

It’s almost impossible to think of a time when you had to wrangle a long cord while working with power tools. But as convenient as cordless tools are, they’re useless if their batteries are dead. So, later this year, Bosch will be introducing batteries with inductive charging that simply need to be placed on a base station for the power to flow.

A Pop-Up Toolbox On Wheels Puts All Your Tools In Easy Reach

When you’re working in the garage and find yourself elbows deep in grease, you don’t want to have to paw through everything in your toolbox to find the exact one you need, getting everything dirty in the process. That’s why Hazet’s rolling tool trolley expands vertically, turning into a mobile shelf where all of your tools are easy to find and reach.

Skip Ringing The Bell With This Multi-Purpose Door-Breaching Hammer

Some people keep an extra key hidden under a rock in case they get home and find their keychain missing. But Gerber’s come up with a more entertaining solution, especially if you’re getting home from work feeling stressed. The Ding Dong Breaching Tool is actually designed for law enforcement who need to break down doors, but it seems like just as useful a tool for the home.

Leatherman Made A Multi-Tool For Younger Outdoor Enthusiasts

There’s no wrong age to start teaching kids a little responsibility, but Leatherman’s new Leap, a multi-tool specifically designer for users with smaller hands, is probably best suited to youngsters who’ve already mastered a knife and fork, and certainly know not to run with scissors.

Turn Any Stick Into An Axe With This Multi-Tool Chopping Blade

In a survival situation, with enough determination you could probably chop down an entire tree with the Leatherman multi-tool on your belt. But the effort required would certainly leave you exhausted and unable to fight off bears. That’s why the Klax multi-tool seems like such a better solution, as it can turn almost any old stick into a weapon of ash destruction.

A Guillotine On A Stick That Lets You Play Caesar With Slugs

If you’re tired of your local snail and slug population undoing all the hard work you’ve put into your garden, there’s finally a tool that lets you choose between getting rid of them humanely, or turning them into ironic compost to help your flowers and vegetables succeed.

Adjustable Spanner Keychain Puts A Toolbox In Your Pocket

It can provide everything from weather forecasts to stock quotes, but can that smartphone in your pocket help you unscrew a nut and bolt? Certainly not as well as this $US25 HandSpan keychain that manages to squeeze an adjustable spanner into your other pocket.