Safer Kitchen Knives Inspired By The Tools In Your Workshop

If you think back to the last time you cut yourself using something sharp, it was probably in the kitchen, not your workshop. Given how much more time we all spend in the kitchen, it makes sense that the risk of injury would be higher. So it also makes sense that someone would design a set of kitchen knives that are safer, easier and more comfortable to use.

This Rolling Bear Trap Makes Awkward Flat Materials Easy To Move

A large sheet of plywood isn’t necessarily heavy, but its massive dimensions can certainly make it unwieldy to carry. And since there’s nothing wrong with the whole “work smarter not harder” mentality, this gravity-powered clamping trolley makes it super easy to just roll everything from sheets of wood, to drywall, to basically anything that will fit inside its grasp.

Ingenious Portable Sawmill Lets One Person Turn Trees Into Timber

Not knowing how to turn a tree into shelter is one of those life skills that I’m ashamed not to have — despite the fact that I’ll probably never need to know. To my delight, a Swedish company has invented a sawmill that makes the process almost foolproof.

A Compact Toolbox That Camouflages Itself As A Book On Your Shelf

Hunting down your toolbox and finding the right tool for a quick fix is never really ‘quick’ enough. And it usually leads to an ever-growing to-do list of things to fix around the house. Here’s a better solution: Strelka’s ToolBook lets you hide a basic set of screwdrivers and Allen keys on a bookshelf, so they’re always easily accessible.

This Tiny MacGyver Emergency Toolkit Will Get You Out Of Any Situation

iFixit, the folks responsible for tearing down all of our favourite gear, also sell kits that include all the tools they use. But none will ever be as useful as this tiny $US6 “Action Hero Toolkit” inspired by TV’s most resourceful hero: MacGyver.

There's No Crust Too Thick For A Pizza Ax

Thin crusts pizzas are all the rage now, both for health reasons and probably because they’re a lot easier to slice. But if you prefer a more traditional crust, one that requires some real elbow grease to hack through, you’ll be happy to have this ax-shaped pizza cutter in your kitchen.

You Can Use This Plastic Tape Measure Straight Out Of The 3D-Printer

Maybe the most practical dream of a 3D-printing future is on-demand widgets. Missing Ikea pieces, just a button-press away. But what about instant tools, completely assembled and usable straight from the printer? That future’s almost here.

It Turns Out The Straight Line Isn't The Most Useful Tetris Piece

If someone asked you what the most coveted Tetris piece was, you’d instantly say the straight line, right? After all, you’re always building your stack to leave a thin gap down one side so that when a straight piece does fall, you can clear out four levels at once. But in real life, at least thanks to this multitool, the T-shaped tetromino is far more useful.

These Smiley Face Screws Are Wildly Impractical But Utterly Adorable

If ever there was a product designed to bring joy but ultimately destined to frustrate, it is these smiley face screws. They look beautiful, adorable, fun even. But you will shout and swear and stamp your feet every time you need to tighten them up.

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs For The Evil Sith Grillmaster In Your Life

The Star Wars movies kind of painted the Sith as evil, unredeemable monsters. But between blowing up planets and wiping out the Jedi, even Darth Vader and the Emperor must need some R&R time, and presumably that involves the occasional BBQ where these lightsaber tongs would be invaluable. In a space station the size of the Death Star, there has to be a deck somewhere, right?