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Columbia Turned Its Clothing Labels Into Stainless Steel Survival Tools

To help reinforce the idea that its clothing is designed for rugged outdoor adventures, Columbia is turning the informational hang tags on some of its garments into stainless steel survival tools that do everything from cut wood, to fix clothing tears, to filter water.

Makita's Robo-Vac Uses Power Tool Batteries To Clean Workshop Floors For Hours

Even the most advanced robotic vacuums are only designed to deal with dust, light dirt and the occasional food scraps. Try to put them to work on the sawdust covered floors in your workshop and you’ll quickly find them clogged and in need of rescue. What you need instead is a robo-vac from a toolmaker like Makita.

Craftsman's New Hammer Uses An Adjustable Claw To Maximise Pyring Leverage

The claw hammer’s design has gone mostly unchanged for over 500 years, but Craftsman believes it’s finally time for an upgrade. The introduction of a pivoting claw on its new Flex Claw Hammer lets you maximise your leverage when removing nails or prying boards at awkward angles.

Working LEGO Chainsaw Makes Short Work Of LEGO Forests

Custom builder František Hajdekr has managed to create a working LEGO chainsaw that includes a functional power trigger, a brake lever and a spinning chain blade. Without sharpened teeth on the chain the saw will be hard-pressed to cut even softened butter, but the miniature replica is no less impressive.

Photoshop's Magical New Crop Tool Automatically Fills In Missing Parts Of A Photo

Regular users of Photoshop have probably come across this problem before: After you’ve straightened a photo by slightly rotating it to one side or the other, your ability to then crop the image is severely limited without having to clone in missing corners. The next version of Photoshop, however, will do that all for you.

How Stones Are Cut And Shaped

Video: Need to split a giant rock in half? It’s surprisingly easy. Or at least, it is if you have the proper bad arse tools, like a petrol-powered cut-off saw with a diamond blade or a rotary-hammer drill with a masonry bit.

Deals: Save 27% On The KeySmart Key Organizer

Tired of your keys digging into your leg through your pocket and jingling on your old, bulky, key ring? Then replace it with the neat, tidy, and noiseless KeySmart Key Organizer. Gizmodo Australia readers can pick up this convenient, space saving device for only $21 AUD [$15.99 USD], a savings of 27% off the RRP.

This Modular Garage Door Opener Has More Features Than Your Car

The garage door opener is one of those forgotten devices in your home that’s only ever noticed when it breaks. But Ryobi wants it to be the focal point of your garage workshop with modular upgrades that vastly expand its limited functionality.

14 Netflix Hacks To Help You Binge Like A Pro

Netflix had some 75 million paying subscribers around the world — but how many of those people are getting the most out of their subscription? You can supercharge your viewing experience with these browser extensions and online apps that will take your Netflix game to a whole new level.

This Self-Propelled Circular Saw Keeps Your Fingers Completely Safe

When used with proper precautions, power tools are perfectly safe. But if horror stories about lost digits in shop class make you nervous about working with wood, a German power tool maker called Mafell has created a self-propelled circular saw that keeps your hands and fingers well clear while it cuts.

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