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Is Thunderbird Dying?

TechCrunch has published an internal Mozilla email which says that the company will all but abandon its Thunderbird email client to the open source masses. Is this the end for the world’s biggest open-source email client?

10 Classic Sci-Fi Toys

If you grew up in the 60s or 70s, you grew up with the futuristic creations of Gerry Anderson on the TV. These toy replicas of his designs are screaming to be zoomed across the kitchen table and into the air.

You Can Blame The French Military For Any Thunderbird 3 Issues

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client, you’re in good company, as not only does the military use it, but they also contributed code to the latest Thunderbird 3. Alright, so it’s the French military…

Will Mozilla Messaging Breathe New Life Into Thunderbird?

In an attempt to revitalise Thunderbird in version 3.0, Mozilla has announced “Mozilla Messaging” which promises significant improvements to the email client—like calendar integration, better search, and a chat app. While the core focus will still be on email, Mozilla seems committed to developing a product that will offer a broader range of communications tools. Whether or not it will be good enough to get Thunderbird back on track remains to be seen. [Mozilla Messaging via Lifehacker]

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