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What It Was Like Launching The Daily, The Doomed iPad Magazine

I was the 19th employee hired by The Daily. My first day was November 1, 2010, and the plan was to launch the next month. Needless to say, I was scared shitless.

The Daily Is Dead

In what should be a shock to no-one, News Corp’s experiment in iPad-only publishing is set to officially close down on December 15.

The Daily Might Be Dead By December

Remember when The Daily was launched by last year Rupert Murdoch? It was meant to save journalism by updating it with fresh, amazing content presented in a new and fancy tablet-only format. Doesn’t look like that’s working out so well, with reports pointing to the publication’s demise before the year is out.

The Daily: Rupert Murdoch's Tablet Experiment Heads To The iPhone

News Corp’s tablet-only publication The Daily isn’t exclusive to tablets anymore. The app, which first debuted on the iPad last February, is now available for download on the iPhone

The Daily Will Start Charging From Next Week

If you’ve been enjoying News Corp’s iPad newspaper The Daily up until now, you better get your credit card ready – next week, they’ll start charging for it. $US40 for an annual subscription, folks. [The Telegraph]

Free Access To The Daily Tablet Newspaper Extended

Last we heard, The Daily tablet newspaper would stay free until February 28. Now publisher Clayman tells paidContent the free trial will continue for several more weeks. Afterwards, downloads will be 14 days free, then you’ll need to subscribe. [paidContent]

Is The Daily Coming To Android?

One of the biggest selling points of Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, was the iPad-only part. That might be short-lived, with All Things D reporting that the digital news venture will arrive on Android as soon as this (northern hemisphere) spring. [All Things D]

Watch Stephen Colbert Smack Down The Daily

You just buy the app and you get all the convenience of using your iPad to read the news online, but without the internet’s annoying habit of being completely free. And that’s just for starters.

Free Access To The Daily Means iOS 4.3 Coming On Feb 28?

The Daily, the iPad Magazine app that you can actually read for free on a computer, just extended their free access until February 28. Why? Because users need iOS 4.3 in order to do in-app recurring subscriptions. [Macrumors]

The Daily Now Available In Australia

We weren’t sure how long it would take for Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper-saving iPad app The Daily to hit international iTunes Stores. Turns out it wasn’t too long at all, with the app hitting Australian iTunes over the weekend.

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