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Google Wants To Replace SMS With A Better Messaging Platform 

Texting is long overdue for a makeover. The simple, utilitarian Short Message Service (SMS) has served our messaging needs well for more than a decade, but as our texts become increasingly crammed with photos and videos, it’s clear that SMS can no longer meet the needs of the average smartphone user. That’s where Rich Communications Services (RCS) comes in: the much-better platform that Google wants to put on your phone.

Are Full Stops At The End Of Texts Rude?

You’re texting your friend or SO, maybe you’ve sent a short paragraph about how your day was with a polite question at the end, and BAM. The response is “Yes.” Maybe your partner is just a fan of proper punctuation, but according to a new study, in this day and age that’s a faux pas.

Email Is The New Generation Gap

Two weeks ago, we surveyed 3670 people online about how they communicate. We discovered a remarkable difference between people over 41, who say they often talk on email more than they do in real life, and younger people who love in-person meetings and use a variety of apps. Is this our first digital generation gap?

Newcastle Uni Staff Can't Text And Walk Without Falling Over

Staff at the University of Newcastle received an odd “safety alert” the other day, when a message sent around warned about the dangers of texting and walking. The message was disappointingly not sent by text itself, but in a group email advising that “a number of University staff” have been injured as a result of using their mobile phones on the go.

Turn Off Read Receipts

Rumour has it, Apple wants to give you the option to use read receipts on a contact-by-contact basis in iMessage. This is a dreadfully bad idea that will undoubtedly destroy relationships, estrange friends, and piss off teens. Why? Because read receipts are awful, and making them more sophisticated is bullshit.

Bacon, Selfie And 36 Other Brand-New Emoji Are On The Way

It has already been a great year for emoji. Apple recently began supporting a refresh of certain characters, including more racially and gender-diverse people as well as a few new emoji like an Apple Watch and a taco. Now 38 brand-new emoji are coming!

Microsoft Has Given Us The F**k-You Emoji We All Wanted

Briefly: Insult emoticons have arrived at last, thanks to Microsoft. Windows 10 will feature the first wave of blatantly offensive emoji, a collection of middle fingers in full F-you salute. One sad step closer to Instagramese becoming the de facto language of humanity.

Apple's New Emoji Open Up A Whole New Realm Of Painful Awkwardness

Those who have updated their iPhones to iOS 8.3 have already seen the future: Among the many updates out today is a redesigned emoji keyboard with new and improved (and “diverse“) emoji. Basically, the plot of every Wes Anderson movie just got way easier to recap.

Ordering $500 Of Random Crap By Text Message With Magic

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I’ll take it as a compliment that Brent Rose saw fit to explore the wondrous and alarming world of Magic in this video short for Wired. Giz got a fish, but Brent got a much larger collection of impressively random things.

The Most Horrifying Texting App Shares Everything You Type In Real-Time

There’s a reason kids these days have a tendency to text whenever possible — not being able to meticulously craft your every last word is the worst. But now a new messaging app called Beam wants to take all that hard-earned neuroticism away from us. It shows people exactly what you type, as you type it. We’re doomed.

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