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Retracting Door Handles: Another Reason To Be Envious Of Tesla Model S Owners

The 2013 Tesla Model S is one of the most flagrantly gorgeous automobiles ever to taunt the unwashed masses. This 11-second video illustrates one of the reasons why you’ll never be able to afford one: retractable, motion-sensing door handles. Our eyes are currently green with envy (which only makes the car look cooler. Tch.)

Tesla CEO Thinks Capacitors Will Power Future Electric Cars

One of the biggest issues holding back not just electric vehicles but mobile consumer electronics as a whole is the lack of breakthrough developments in battery technology. According to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, that could change with a move away from battery technology altogether, into the realm of the humble capacitor.

Tesla Vs Top Gear: Executive Producer Andy Wilman Speaks

Andy Wilman, the executive producer of Top Gear, shares his thoughts on Tesla Motors’ recent lawsuit against the BBC’s motoring show and how the electric automaker’s blatantly using it as a PR strategy. —Ed.

Panasonic Invests $US30 Million In Electric Vehicle Maker Tesla

Looks like Panasonic has a great deal of faith in Tesla. The company—which happens to be a leading battery cell manufacturer—has invested $US30 million in the electric vehicle maker in hopes of expanding the EV market.

Funny, My Licence Says "WHERE2CHRG"

For only $US101,500 plus the cost of a custom plate, you too can laugh at the thought of using gas to run your Tesla Roadster. Just make sure the celebratory drive isn’t longer than 400km. [Reddit]

Tesla Building Electric Rav4 SUV For Toyota

In May, Toyota stated its intention to invest $US50 million in electric car maker Tesla Motors. Today the companies announced that Tesla will produce an electric version of the Rav4 SUV for Toyota in 2012.

Tesla Raises Enough Money To Last At Least Two More Years

Tesla raises $US226 million in IPO. That gives Elon Musk two years and two months of cash to burn through. [WSJ]

Tesla Motors Generates Profit For First Time Ever

Don’t look now but the stumbling Tesla Motors, the electric car company recently on the receiving end of a $US465 million government loan, has turned a profit for the first time in its six-year history.

Blockquote: Would A Sub $US10,000 Zero-Emissions Car Be The Greatest Consumer Gadget Ever?

Speaking at the Wired Business Conference in NYC, Shai Agassi, the founder of green transportation company Better Place, made a bold statement about what he felt would be the greatest consumer electronics device in history.