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Tesla's New Model S Can Out-Accelerate A Ferrari

The ‘D’ teased by Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk is finally official. It’s the D variant of the Model S sedan, with twin electric motors and all-wheel drive. It’s an especially high-tech car, but one particular number in the specifications caught my eye — hitting 100km/h in 3.2 seconds, the Model S P85D can out-pace a Ferrari F430 or a V10 Dodge Viper.

Tesla Motors' Next Big Thing Could Be Assisted Driving

Tesla Motors has been so close to an Australian launch of its Model S all-electric sedan for so long. We’ve been keeping track of every little update, but we know for sure that it’s only a matter of days until the Model S officially launches onto Aussie roads. Further to that, Tesla boss Elon Musk teased a big announcement — and we think we know what it is.

Tesla Motors Lifted A Model S Into Westfield Sydney

Wait. They did what? The guys at Tesla Motors lifted a Model S — one of the first in Australia — up six storeys in mid-air, onto the top floor of the Westfield Sydney shopping centre.

Pimp Your Tesla Model S With This Unplugged Performance Body Kit

Buying a Tesla Model S? (Yes, me too, with that invisible pile of money over there.) If being one of the chosen few with an electric supercar wasn’t enough already, you can now be truly individual, with a Californian tuning house showing off its racy carbon fibre body kit for the Model S.

Tesla Motors Names Its Smaller, Cheaper Electric Car: Model III

The smaller, cheaper version of Tesla Motors’ Model S luxury sedan finally has an official name: the new mid-size car will be called the Model III.

Tesla Motors Tech Boss: 'I Might Love Batteries More Than Cars'

Even if its electric cars turn out to be a complete flop, Tesla Motors has an ace up its sleeve: the skills and tech and expertise to corner the world’s high-tech battery market. Tesla’s technology boss knows that, and it turns out he didn’t get into the game just to make cool new vehicles — he wants to change the entire energy landscape.

Tesla Will Build A Supercharger Network In Australia

Buying a Tesla Motors electric car in Australia just got even more attractive. The electric car company will build a network of its Supercharger high-speed chargers around the country, letting Tesla owners recharge their vehicles for free.

Retracting Door Handles: Another Reason To Be Envious Of Tesla Model S Owners

The 2013 Tesla Model S is one of the most flagrantly gorgeous automobiles ever to taunt the unwashed masses. This 11-second video illustrates one of the reasons why you’ll never be able to afford one: retractable, motion-sensing door handles. Our eyes are currently green with envy (which only makes the car look cooler. Tch.)

Tesla CEO Thinks Capacitors Will Power Future Electric Cars

One of the biggest issues holding back not just electric vehicles but mobile consumer electronics as a whole is the lack of breakthrough developments in battery technology. According to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, that could change with a move away from battery technology altogether, into the realm of the humble capacitor.

Tesla Vs Top Gear: Executive Producer Andy Wilman Speaks

Andy Wilman, the executive producer of Top Gear, shares his thoughts on Tesla Motors’ recent lawsuit against the BBC’s motoring show and how the electric automaker’s blatantly using it as a PR strategy. —Ed.

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