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Tesla's First Australian Inter-City Supercharger Is Open In Goulburn

As part of its Australian launch for the $100,000-plus Model S sedan, Tesla Motors committed to building a dozen different Supercharger stations by the end of 2015. The first station outside metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne is now open, in Goulburn near Canberra. It’s now possible to drive Tesla’s electric cars between Sydney and Melbourne, for free, without having to stop overnight to charge.

The New Tesla Model X: Everything We Didn't Already Know

Tease much? We’ve known Tesla’s SUV was coming since 2012, back before the Mayan apocalypse. Today, though, it has finally arrived, and I’m at the grand unveiling outside of the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA. A lot of information has already been released in the lead-up, but I am here to find out the things we don’t already know and to attempt to rub my face on this sweet-looking vehicle.

Watch Elon Musk Unveil The New Tesla Model X

Three years after the introduction of the all-electric, record-breaking, 103-out-of-100 Model S, Tesla Motors has a new car. The Model X is a larger version of the same technological underpinnings of the Model S, but adds rear ‘falcon-wing’ doors and some serious cargo space — transporting seven adults and their luggage in comfort. You can watch Tesla founder Elon Musk introduce it right here, right now.

Supercharged: Travelling From Sydney To Melbourne For Free In A Tesla Model S

Back in April, our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne took around 30 hours, and involved an overnight charge in Canberra and a four-hour charge on three-phase in Wodonga. Today, we did that entire trip in less than 12 hours — thanks to the recent installation of Tesla’s superchargers, all of which have gone live within the last two weeks.

A UWS Graduate Was Poached By Tesla Motors After Building A Car For The World Solar Challenge

The cool little side projects you take on at university can lead to big things. One of the members of Gizmodo’s 2013 World Solar Challenge partnership with Western Sydney University has moved to San Francisco to work with Tesla on a secretive engineering project.

Tesla's Robotic Charger Is A Little Bit Sexy

Tesla Motors has a prototype charger for its all-electric Model S that senses a nearby car and guides its high-voltage connector to the car’s rear-mounted port, all without any human interaction. And it looks… sensual.

Tesla's Model S Update: Faster, Cheaper, Longer Range

Tesla’s Model S all-electric sports sedan is a constantly evolving vehicle, with new features and upgrades constantly added throughout the three years of its existence. But today, there’s a big update that entirely changes the car that you can buy. Three new options come in the form of longer range, a lower starting price, and an even faster rate of acceleration.

Living With A Tesla Model S

Late last year, I wrote my review of the Tesla Motors Model S, after spending a couple of days driving the all-electric supercar around the city. I got to experience its instantaneous power, massive 17-inch touchscreen, and the froot, but not the advantages (and disadvantages) that come with having a giant high-power lithium-ion battery.

Tesla's Cars Have Driven A Billion Miles And Counting

1,000,000,000 miles is 1,609,344,000 kilometres. It’s also over 4,000 trips to the moon or a 2000-year-long road trip — and when you travel those kilometres in a Tesla electric car, it’s the equivalent of 570,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 10 years of petrol, and $225 million in fuel saved.

Tesla's Battery Gigafactory Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

Video: Just like the massive Apple Campus 2, Tesla Motors’ US$1bn battery-building Gigafactory is under construction — out in the Fallout wastes Nevada desert, rather than in the heart of Silicon Valley — and the building process looks like it’s well under way. A drone enthusiast took the opportunity to take a look at the nascent plant, and filmed the entire thing in 4K.

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