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How To Make Crispiest, Crunchiest, Perfect Potato Chip

Potato chips might come in every flavour under the sun these days, but all the jalapeño-cheddar dust in the world won’t make up for a soggy bag of tater goodness. And here’s the secret to the DIY crunch you crave.

The Cutting Edge Of Dessert: How It's Made At A Four-Star Restaurant

The Mast Brothers channel old-school artisanal techniques in their chocolate. Now, with our friends at Eater, we’d like to show you the other extreme: How Le Bernardin executive pastry chef Michael Laiskonis crafts one of his signature mind-bending desserts, Egg.

Inside The Little Chocolate Factory So Good Willy Wonka Would Kill Himself

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The Mast Brothers make chocolate in New York City. It’s one of the very few places that craft bean-to-bar chocolate. It is fucking delicious. With our friends at Eater, we’d like to show you how they make it. And their beards.

Eat At Gizmodo's

Welcome to Taste Test 2.0. This year’s theme: Cooking with science – it’s the new cooking with butter. We love food almost as much as we love tech – so we’re superhappy when they’re together.

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