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Make Sure All Your OneDrive Files Are Synced For Offline Access

OneDrive for Windows 8.1 shows you all the files in your locker — but they’re not necessarily all stored locally on your machine. If you want to make sure they are all synced and available the next time your Wi-Fi connection disappears, here’s how to do it.

Ford SYNC2 Hands-On: The Future Of Driving Is You

Ford has been riding high on its SYNC infotainment system for years now. But now, the platform it developed in partnership with Microsoft is starting to show its age. It’s a good thing that SYNC2 is ready for launch: the new, practically buttonless infotainment system that relies almost entirely on your voice.

Ford Fiesta ST Australian Hands-On: Boy Racer

What happens when you get a beautiful sports hatch, shrink it and make it smarter? You get the Ford Fiesta ST! We’ve been behind the wheel of this brand new speed machine, and it’s breathtaking.

SwiftKey Cloud Syncing Makes The Best Android Keyboard Even Better

SwiftKey is fantastic. It has great prediction, great personalisation, swipe-based entry options, and pretty much anything else you could want in a keyboard. Now, it’s getting even better with SwiftKey Cloud, which syncs your data between all your devices.

BitTorrent's Personal Cloud Service, Sync, Just Moved Into Beta Today

BitTorrent’s personal cloud service, Sync, just moved into beta today. And now, it even has its own Android app. If you need some online space the NSA can’t get at, go check it out. It’s free!

Ford AppLink Coming To Australia Early 2014, Developer Program Expands Ahead Of AppLink 2.0

Using a SYNC-equipped Ford (like the Focus LW MKII or new Kuga) for hands-free calls and voice-activation is well and good — but AppLink takes it to the next level. For a while now, North Americans have been using it to control their favourite iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, but Aussies (and Asia) are still waiting. Ford cleared that up here at Computex, expanded its Developer Program into the Asia Pacific, and previewed some of the functionality in AppLink 2.0.

Set Up Your Own Personal Storage Cloud With BitTorrent Sync

One of BitTorrent’s latest little tricks, a sorta-kinda-but-not-really cloud storage service, just grew up into a real app today. Bit Torrent Sync and all of its shared folder goodness just launched into Alpha today, and you can go check it out for yourself.

Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync For iOS

Having rolled out an auto-upload function for some Android users in September, Facebook is now testing the same photo-syncing system for iOS users too.

Facebook Testing Automatic Photo Sync For Android

Facebook is testing a new photo sync system which automatically uploads photos taken on Android handsets to the web.

'Power Nap' In Mac OS X Mountain Lion Syncs Your Computer While It Sleeps

Apple just announced a new feature to Mac OS X Mountain Lion called Power Nap. It syncs your computer’s email, keeps track of calendars, syncs to Time Capsule, and downloads App Store and system software updates — all while your computer’s asleep.

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