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Jon Stewart Is Not Amused By SXSW Homeless Hotspots

The other day we covered the brouhaha over a New York ad firm converting the homeless into human wireless hotspots. Now it’s time for The Daily Show’s always delightful take! And no, John Stewart does not approve.

Does SXSW Still Matter?

There’s a famous photo from SXSW taken 10 years ago, with just about every significant blogger at the time all gathered around one table. Many of them went on to form incredibly influential companies, like Flickr, Twitter and Gawker. Today, a lot of those same people are skipping the conference. And if you believe the backlash, South by Southwest has lost its cool. It’s just a marketing hypefest, where the most common achievement is barbecue bloat.

Homeless Men Turned Into Human Routers

SXSW, the annual vanity carnival of schmoozing, marketing superficiality and barbecues, has something new to offer Austin’s visitors: unalloyed human degradation. A New York ad firm has converted homeless people into 4G hotspots.

Instagram Finally Shows Off Its Android App

The breakout app from SXSW this year may be Highlight, or it may be Pinwheel. But the most exciting news? It’s about Instagram, which is finally sort-of showing off a beta of its Android app.

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