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Take Gizmodo's Early Adopter Survey And Win One Of Four $185 FPV Quadcopter Drones

Do you consider yourself an early adopter, or do you wait for new technology to become established before you buy? No matter which one you are, we want to hear from you. Fill out this short, 5-10 minute survey to get yourself in the running to win one of four FPV Quadcopter drones worth $185 each.

Go Complete XKCD's Random Quiz In The Name Of Arbitrary Science

Most surveys are written with the intent of finding something out. The XKCD survey, written by stick-cartoonist extraordinaire Randall Munroe, doesn’t have an end game — it’s just trying to collect random information from as many people as possible, and then find unlikely correlations.

Report: Twitter Is Not A Good Indicator Of Public Opinion

A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that relying on Twitter to gauge public opinion might not be too smart: the reaction on Twitter to big national and political news seems to differ wildly from that measured by surveys.

Facebook Beats Toilets In Survey Of 'Things You Can't Live Without'

To urinate or update Facebook with pics from last night’s drunken debauchery? That is the fundamental anatomical pop culture question for our time.

The Most Horrific Traffic In The Entire World

LA and New York must have the worst commutes known to mankind, right? Totally wrong. It gets, much, much worse — according to IBM’s recent global survey of automotive horror, those two cities are among the best. What’re the worst?

Android Users 12% More Likely To Own Pets, And Other Pointless Survey Findings

Normally we don’t like to give much credence to PR stunt surveys, but Hunch polled 15,000 people — FIFTEEN THOUSAND — and found some surprising results. Did you know that iPhoners eat rice bubbles, and Android-droids prefer Cheerios?

Why More People Watch Mobile Video At Home Than On The Bus

Smartphones and tablets are supposed to be mobile devices, but the freedom to watch movies on the go is apparently lost on many people.

Cheating Ladies Are Sexting Without Shame

A new study purports to show that women are actually more likely to engage in sexting than men are. But a closer look reveals a different picture of the findings.

The American Workforce Loves Its Porn

Surprising no one, it turns out Americans are watching porn at work. In a recent survey, 3 per cent of Americans who are online at the office reported watching porn from the comfort of their cubicles. Come on, people, we know better than this.

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