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The Subtitles Of Chinese Bootleg Movies Are Even More Hilarious Than We Thought

When we saw the subtitles of a bootleg copy of The Avengers, we couldn’t believe how outrageous they were. The subtitles butchered the English language to the point that it felt like a whole different movie. Turns out, a lot of bootleg movies have subtitles that bad. Just check these out.

Chinese Bootleg Copy Of The Avengers With Subtitles Is Hilarious

Some movies need to be seen in cinemas on the biggest screen you can find. Some movies need to be at least seen in home theatres, on the most comfortable couch you own. No movie should be seen using a black market copy with subtitles that butcher the English language like this copy of The Avengers.

Crowdsourcing Could Help Deaf People Subtitle Their Everyday Life

Subtitles make TV far more accessible for deaf people, but new research promises to give people with hearing difficulties the option to subtitle their everyday lives, too, using crowdsourced transcribers.

When Television Subtitles Go Seriously Wrong

Somehow this television commercial advertising for a local college master’s program ended up with such the subtitles as “It’s a dragon ripping the flesh off of a cow’s carcass” and “What are you, a woodchuck?” Awesome.

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