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The Secret Deals That Make YouTube Buffer

If you ever find yourself having to wait for YouTube to buffer videos — but ads load just fine — then don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s likely you’re on the receiving end of a corporate deal that limits how much you can enjoy online videos.

For Music Fans, Google Chromecast Is No Apple Airplay

About two and a half years after started taking Google to task over its lack of a super-simple wireless music solution along the lines of Apple’s AirPlay for zapping music to speakers around the house, Google unveiled on Wednesday what some are calling its answer to AirPlay: Chromecast.

Chromecast Is Google's Answer To Getting Web Video On Your TV

Meet Chromecast. This is Google’s vision for how Chrome can help unite your experience across all of the many screens we’ve got. And you better believe it’s all about video. Who knew a little $35 dongle could change the way you watch forever?

Report: Google Wants To Make A Streaming Television Service

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources that say Google has approached big media companies about licensing TV shows for a streaming television service it wants to launch. Intel and Apple have also been working on similar services.

Inside YouTube's Master Plan To Kill Lag Dead

There is a moment between when you click on a video and when it starts playing. That moment is the worst part of your day. The agony of waiting! The torture of anticipation! YouTube understands that, and on a visit to YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA, we got a look at what’s coming to make that awful moment pass before you know it happened.

What About Apple TV?

Yesterday, Apple put on one heck of a show. We got a snazzy new version of iOS 7, one big wave of an OS X update, and even a preview of the next Mac Pros. But where was all the news about Apple TV? Apple is seemingly ignoring the enormous potential of its set-top box.

YouTube Channels You Have To Pay For Are Here

In a blog post, YouTube announced that it’s launching a pilot program that will allow some of its partners to charge subscription fees for channels starting at $1 per month. Pay-to-view YouTube channels have been rumoured in some form or another for a while, and payments themselves certainly aren’t new to Google’s video service. You’ve been able to pay for video rentals and season subscriptions since last year.

Rumour: YouTube To Launch Pay-For Channel Subscriptions

The Financial Times is reporting that YouTube will launch a paid subscription model for specific, specialist video channels — as soon as this week. The report, which cites an anonymous source, suggests that the site has been developing the system for months, in order to help channels fund more content.

Netflix: Where We Set Up Shop, Torrenting Drops

The Chief Content Officer of streaming giant Netflix claims the modern trend for easily streaming legal content is impacting on the more hardcore Bittorrent scene, with pirate traffic dropping in countries when Netflix switches on its servers. According to Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, this is because “…people are mostly honest.”