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Report: Key Indie Labels Sign On To YouTube's Rumoured Music Service

The Financial Times reports that YouTube’s rumoured streaming music service has hit a crucial milestone this week by locking down a deal with Merlin, the network that represents the licensing rights for a huge swath of indie labels.

Taylor Swift's Music Is Still Streaming Online Through Rdio

Jonesing for a Taylor Swift fix? Although you won’t find her albums on Spotify any more, all of the singer’s pre-1989 albums are streaming online through its number one competitor Rdio.

Vodafone Red Customers Will Get A Free Spotify Subscription

So here’s an unusual value-add for a mobile plan: if you sign up to a Vodafone Red Plan on a 12- or 24-month contract, you’ll get a free Spotify Premium account for the duration of the contract.

Taylor Swift's Spotify Breakup, In Her Own Words

You can’t hear Taylor Swift on Spotify anymore. The singer/songwriter/cat-wrangling priestess of modern romance is not a fan of the rates streaming services pay artists.

Report: Beats Music Will Fold Into iTunes As Music Sales Plummet 

The Wall Street Journal reports digital music sales in Apple’s iTunes will be down 13 to 14 per cent in 2014. That’s a huge hit to the recording industry’s brightest spot.

How Much Data Does Your Streaming Music App Eat Up?

A reader, Chris, wrote us yesterday with a very good question about streaming music services: “…how do they compare when it comes to data usage? How does Google’s compression compare to Pandora, Spotify or the Amazon player? Funky playlists and mood music is all well and good, but how much of my 4g/mo are they going to eat?”

Google Play Music Gets A New Look And Songza's Suggestion Superpowers

Today, Google Play Music gets smarter about the suggestions it offers, by taking into account the time of day, day of the week, and device you’re using. So when you’re dragging at the end of the work day, you get just the jams you need to get through it.

Bose's SoundTouch Wireless Systems Now Have Deezer Streaming Built In

A few weeks ago, fabled streaming music service Deezer finally made its way to America exclusively on Sonos systems, and exclusively in the form of its new, CD-quality Deezer Elite. Today, Bose gets in on the action too.

Report: YouTube Music Key Will Bring Offline Playback For $US10 A Month

Android Police reports that Google’s forthcoming subscription version of YouTube will be called YouTube music key. And even if there are lots of streaming music services out there, this YouTube offering sounds like it could be different in some exciting ways.

Steam Might Be Getting TV Shows, Movies And Music

A small update to Valve’s Steam software beta a few hours ago has added in some new app categories — including music, TV series, and films. Will you soon be able to buy and watch episodes of Gabe of Thrones through Steam?