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How To Get Free Music For The Next Three Months

Apple Music is finally here! You know what that means? That means it’s time to cancel your other premium streaming services and listen to tunes on Apple’s dime. Here’s how.

Apple's Beats 1 Radio Will Start Its Never-Ending Transmission On Wednesday

Tuesday morning sees the launch of iOS 8.4, and with it Apple Music. And even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, there’s still some joy to be had in the world: the Beats 1 radio station, DJed by Zane Lowe and free for everyone with an Apple ID, will start its broadcast at 5pm Wednesday AEST.

Taylor Swift Confirms 1989 Will Come To Apple Music

Taylor Swift and Apple Music have spent the last week embroiled in a passive-aggressive Tweetwar over artist payments on Apple’s upcoming streaming service. Apple caved to Swift’s demands on the weekend, and now the singer has made good, confirming that her latest album 1989 will be coming to Apple Music.

Indie Labels Are Signing On To Apple Music. Also: Pharrell.

Following last weekend’s Apple Music/Taylor Swift tango, the most influential independent labels have signed on to Apple Music. Also, a Pharrell track will be the first Apple Music exclusive. That makes me happy.

Meet The Truthers Who Think There's A Taylor Swift/Apple Conspiracy

After streaming music nemesis Taylor Swift published an open letter to Apple on Sunday asking the company to pay artists during Apple Music’s free three month trial period, Apple quickly changed its policy to line up with Swift’s wishes. Almost TOO quickly…

Jay Z's Troubled Music Service Tidal Loses Another CEO

The latest boss of Jay Z’s floundering music streaming service Tidal has already washed out.

Why Your Favourite Independent Artists Aren't On Apple Music (Yet)

Some of the world’s most important independent record labels are calling bullshit on Apple Music. With good reason!

Apple Music Is Coming To Android For $10 A Month 

Apple is so hellbent on dominating the streaming music game, it’s doing something I never thought I’d see: Bringing its first app ever to Android. Starting at the end of the month, Apple’s new Beats-fuelled streaming music service will be available on Android phones. Apple Music is the first native Apple app to bust out of Apple’s walled garden.

Apple Music: Streaming Tunes From Apple And Beats At Long Freaking Last

We’ve been waiting forever for Apple Music: A real streaming music product straight from the heart of Cupertino. Will it work? Or is this just the latest crap.

How To Transfer Playlists Between Streaming Music Apps

Ditching Spotify for Rdio? Giving Tidal a try alongside Deezer? If you’ve got carefully curated playlists in one streaming service then you might be reluctant to start again from scratch with a new one, but Soundiiz lets you transfer your song lists between apps with the minimum of fuss.

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