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Listen To An Oral History Of Nirvana's In Utero Here, From Spotify

Just over 20 years ago, Nirvana released In Utero. To celebrate the anniversary of the band’s final record, Spotify produced a majestically curated package of the history behind it. This is the goods.

Xbox Music Gets A Huge Design Overhaul Plus New iOS And Android Apps

When it launched last year, Xbox Music was trapped in a Microsoft-only bubble. Starting today, Xbox Music will expand its reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users with Android and iOS apps. And that’s just a piece of the update it’s getting leading up to the new app for Xbox One. Here’s what you can expect from the service on your computer, your phone, and the new console.

Spotify Connect: Sonos-Like Powers That Bend To Your Budget

Spotify is getting into the hardware game. The company is teaming up with a slew of great audio companies to bake Spotify right into Wi-Fi connected speakers. And it’s not just speakers — the new system makes juggling your tunes between your phone, tablet and computer a piece of cake too. Here’s the facile music experience you’ve been waiting for at a price you can actually afford.

Spotify Is Making Sharing Songs More Like Facebook Messaging

Over the next week, Spotify will roll out a few new features to its web and mobile interfaces that’ll make getting to the music you want faster. The coolest of the bunch is that Spotify it will be threading its music sharing features so that it’ll look more like a long conversation on other platforms.

iHeartRadio Launches In Australia Today

Fancy some more internet radio streaming in your diet, Australia? You got it: iHeartRadio is today launching in a beta capacity in Australia for the first time ever.

Hidden Spotify Features Show Discovery Could Get So Much Better

It looks like Spotify is about to launch an entirely new way for you to browse its catalogue with more sophisticated playlists. While the subscription music service hasn’t officially launched the features, they’re live on Spotify’s web player. If, like a lot of people, you get lost in Spotify’s catalogue, you’re going to love what could be coming soon.

You Can Get Xbox Music In Your Browser Now

We’ve been keen on Xbox Music, but the fact that it’s been locked down to Windows 8 devices has been a bit of a drag. No more! Xbox Music now has a home on the web, complete with 30-day free trial.

Pandora Actually Pays $1300 For A Million Plays, Not $16

Maths! It can solve a lot of problems. It can be made deliberately fuzzy. It can help us break down complicated things. Like artist music royalties from streaming music stations. When David Lowery revealed that Pandora paid him only $16 for one million plays, there was an outrage. But some deeper maths reveals that Pandora might actually pay a lot more than that.

WSJ: Apple's Radio Terms Are (Slightly) More Generous Than Pandora's

Apple’s new Radio service is now official, and Pandora is coming under fire for being tight-fisted. Interesting, then, to hear of figures dug out by the Wall Street Journal, which suggest that Apple is being ever-so-slightly more generous with its deal.

Xbox Music For Windows 8.1 Now Has Free, Ad-Supported Radio

No word yet on whether or not Xbox Music is breaking out of its Windows 8 prison and turning into a web app, but it now has a free, ad-supported radio feature where you can start a station based on a specific artist. You know, like Pandora.