The $30 Million Backyard Stadium You've Always Wanted Has Arrived

Sure, it’s a nice gesture to make — or even 3D print! — your loved ones a customised gift. But can your own pitiful trifles compare to the $30 million backyard stadiums one architecture firm is offering up?

Goodbye, Astrodome: Texans Reject A Plan To Save The Decaying Marvel

Houstonians might be eager to snap up pieces of the Astrodome’s turf and concession stands, but they weren’t prepared to authorise $US217 million in bonds to preserve the ageing stadium through a redevelopment scheme that would transform it into a convention centre.

Is The Long-Abandoned Astrodome Worth Saving?

When the Houston Astrodome opened in 1965, it was hailed as technological marvel, the first enclosed, air-conditioned stadium ever — and the “eighth wonder of the world,” according to some Texans. By 1995, it was so dilapidated that players refused to use it. Today, it’s an abandoned shell with a different nickname: “the lonely landmark.” And no one knows quite what to do with it.

How A Crumbling 1960s Stadium Was Resurrected To Host The World Cup

When the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil next year, matches will take place inside of Mineirão Stadium, a 50-year-old venue that was in ruins only a decade ago. But thanks to some careful renovations at the hands of BCMF Arquitetos, it’s new again — and ready for a little soccer action.

That Insane New Falcons Stadium Is Really Going To Happen

From a pair of ideas floated in April, the Falcons have chosen the official conceptual design for their new stadium, set to begin construction next year. It features an eight-piece roof that will twist closed — essentially an iris diaphragm. We hereby nominate, for a nickname, “The Sphincter”.

This Old-Fashioned Lego Stadium Is Beautiful And Multifunctional

The Green Gables Stadium never existed in real life, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the façade of this Lego model. The huge domed stadium, built by Lego maniac RedCoKid, looks just like an early 20th century ballpark, and it sports some cool features beyond looking really pretty.

Watch The Roof Of A Stadium Collapse While People Are Still Inside

Don’t worry, you can watch the video because no one was hurt in this freak accident. It’s crazy: a youth hockey team in Slovakia was actually practising in the hockey rink as the arena’s roof came crashing down.

World's Most Ridiculous Roof Lies Deep In The Heart Of Texas

The NFL lockout is finally over and we can all stop pretending to care about soccer. It’s time to revel at the altar of America’s Sport in the Mecca of Texas under the world’s largest single-span retractable roof.

Panasonic Creates 'Portable' 45 Square Metre LED Screen For Sydney Stadiums

Big sporting screens are nothing new, but Panasonic’s latest big-screen behemoth has something els going for it – the screen can be dismantled and moved between the Sydney Football Stadium and the adjacent Sydney Cricket Ground.